The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community. (Community Pet Disclaimer)

Community Pets (Pets Who Need New Homes)


Little Bear and Carmine

Description :

Pet's Name: Little Bear

Age: 1

Breed: DSH

Description: Little bear is a beautiful playful black cat that loves to keep you entertained. He loves to play with almost anything that is not a "cat toy" so you do not have to worry about buying any toys. He also fetches anything that he is playing with. I often wonder where he gets his Dog like personality.

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered

Your Name: Darsheen Smith

Contact Info: Cell: 203-871-9196



Pet's Name: Carmine

Age: 1

Breed: DSH

Description: Carmine is a beautiful calico cat with the sweetest heart. She loves attention and massages. She will stay up under all day if she had the choice. She loves to cuddle right next to your heart.

Spayed or Neutered?: Spayed

Your Name: Darsheen Smith

Contact Info: Cell: 203-871-9196



I also have a litter box, plenty of cat toys, a poopie genie to dispose of waste, collars, brushes, nail clipper, and all paper work on both.


Thank you so much and I hope these beautiful cats find a great home.

Posted :11/2/15




Pet's Name: Hammy

Age: 3 years

Breed: Not sure

Description: Hammy is a lovable black cat with a bit of white fur under her neck.  We inherited her with the house we bought in Jax Bch 2 years ago as the previous owner was unable to take her with him.  We have 4 cats of our own and we tried to have them all get along for 2 years but Hammy is still not very happy with her space being invaded.  It continues to cause stress to the other cats as well.  She would be much happier in a home with no other cats.   Hammy is an indoor/outdoor cat and has had her annual checkup and shots at the Jax Humane Society hospital for the last 2 years.  She mostly eats dry food.

Spayed or Neutered?: Spayed

Your Name: Juzer Bannister

Contact Info: 909-717-3986



Woosty is his name , he is a light blonde Chihuahua about 4 years old  and is neutered. Shots are up to date  and is on sentential heart worm medicine. He is housebroken, friendly, loves walks on leash,  east dry food, laid- back not hyper. He is the largest dog and has been getting aggressive with other dogs and   can no longer keep him 
Contact: 904-238-0981

Asking for a re-homing fee
Posted: 11/3/15



Our cats name is Aleyah, 6 months old female, and has been spayed .

She is very lovable and friendly.  Is a inside cat.

Posted : 11/3/15




Pet's Name: Merle

Age: 8yrs old

Breed: Bull Terrier mix

Description: Sweet, loving bull terrier who needs to be an only dog. No cats. Great with kids of all ages. I have had Merle since he was a puppy, but he doesn't get along with our other dog. He needs to be re-homed into a home with no other dogs. He is up to date on all shots and has been neutered. I will include his kennel (doesn't have to be crated) and dog bed. He is fully housebroken and never chews up anything. He really is a sweet dog and it breaks my heart to have to give him up. 

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered

Your Name: Jessica Miller

Contact Info: 904-923-1353 




Descriptio: Arya is the sweetest, most loving pup! She is very affectionate and playful. She's a 7 month old plott hound mix. She's house-trained and crate-trained. She plays very well with other dogs and loves trips to the dog park. She is spayed and up-to-date with all of her shots. She can sit, give paw and lay down for treats!  I know she will make a wonderful addition to any home! 

Contact Info: Travis




Pet’s Name: Jax
Age:  3 Years Old
Breed: American Pitbull Terrier
Description:  Three year old American Pitbull Terrier. He takes some time warming up to stranger, but once he knows them he's extremely loving, obedient and best of all relaxed. He's more of a submissive dog and responds well to training. He's been house broken, doesn't chew and relatively low energy yet still able to play when needed. Does well off leash around the house, but I have not had enough time to teach him to go for walks off leash. Does well with other dogs and kids.
Spayed or Neutered:  Neutered, yes.
Your Name:  Rick
Contact Info:  9105816716


Remi                                 Remi  picture 2                                                    Jiggs

Description: Remi & Jiggles

4.5 months

Domestic short hair

Both are spayed/neutered & vetted thru NMHP

Would like for them to be rehomed together, they love each other’s company.

These are the last two from a litter of 7 I rescued from starvation at 3 weeks old.

They were bottle fed and raised around kids and small dog.


Contact Corey w/text @904-651-7553 anytime for more info

Posted :11/12/15




Description: Akita mix who needs a good, stable home. Bubba is about 9 years old and is completely blind with cataracts, so needs a predictable and quiet environment. We have had him for about 5 years along with our husky, but now we have a 10 month old infant who is getting very mobile, and are taking precautions to prevent any collisions/accidents. He is a well-tempered dog in general but gets a little jumpy when in a chaotic, unpredictable environment. Bubba neutered, up to date on all his shots and has his rabies license. 

Contact: Please email Kelly at if you are interested in giving Bubba a new home!

Posted: 11/12/15




Age: 1 year
Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Hi, my name is Bagheera. I love hugs and curling up in your lap or next to you to be brushed and petted. I am named after the panther from 'The Jungle Book'. I'm playful but I can be laid back too. I prefer people and other cats to dogs but as long as they are quiet and very calm I would be ok with a dog around. I prefer to be in a quiet home.        
 Bagheera's adoption fee is $25. He is neutered, micro-chipped, and up to date on all his shots
Contact: Ashleigh  904-651-1355

Posted: 11/15/15



Age: 1 year
Breed: Domestic Longhair
Hi, my name is Gracie. I was a teenage mom so I am mature for my age. I like to follow you around (like a dog). I like toys but I'd prefer to be petted more. I think I would like another cat around as long as I can be in charge. All my kittens have been adopted but I'm still looking for a forever home. Please adopt me, I would love to curl up in your lap and make myself at home.      
 Gracie's adoption fee is $25. She is spayed, micro-chipped, and up to date on all her shots.   
Contact: Ashleigh

Posted: 11/23/15



Description: I am almost 3.

I am spayed. 
I am about 35 lbs 

I am  white and gold. 
I love to play,  but I behave. 
I am house broke. 
I get along with people,  dogs,  cats,  kids. 
I love water, toys,  walks, and sleep.  
My best  pal is a chihuahua,  and I will play dress up with you if you like!   Just spend time with me and I will be your best friend! 
I need a home, please pick me. 

Contact: tara c. 9047293619. You  can call or text. 

Posted: 11/16/15



Pet's Name: Oreo

Age: 10

Breed: Tuxedo

Description: This sweet girl is spayed and declawed on front paws.  She loves people, other pets and most of all to be close to you.  She loves to be brushed and doesn’t mind an active but does not like to be left alone for long periods of time.  She needs someone who is quite often at home.  If you work at home or are retired, she would be a perfect companion.

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Your Name: Regina Premil

Contact Info: 904-635-5190





Pet's Name: Willie
Age:6 years old
Breed: Border Collie/ Husky?
Description:I have a 6 year old Border Collie that i've had since he was one. He truly is the sweetest boy and it breaks my heart to have to sell him. He is great on the leash, loves walks, car rides, other dogs, utd on shots, fixed. He does not like young children though. Hes great with older kids and Adults but he isn't a dog where your toddler can love on him. Other wise he is perfect. Always well behaved and hes so handsome. If I wasn't about to have my first child we would be keeping him! 

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered

Please call/text/ email if interested.

Your Name: Kinsey Land

Contact Info: (904) 672-6059 call/text Email:




Pet's Name:  Luna
Age:  6
Breed:  Greyhound , Rhodesian Ridgeback mix
Description:  Luna is a very wonderful, loyal dog. I am sad to put her up for adoption, but she deserves a better life than the one I can currently give her. She loves to run and be outside. She loves to play and is great for a family. She isn't great with smaller dogs or cats but is fine with other dogs, please give Luna a chance, she is easy to love.
Spayed or Neutered?:  Spayed
Your Name:  Nole Nieman
Contact Info:

Posted :11/18/15



Description: Toby is a 13 yr old dauschand . he is very cuddly . Toby is neutered . 

please give Toby a good home !


Contact Info: 904-536-9818




Description: Danka is a pure breed German Shepherd. Danka is 10-11 years old. She is very loyal, loving, and smart. She loves attention and once she gets used to you she will follow you everywhere. She is off the leash trained, house broken, and very mindful. Danka loves the outdoors just as much as the indoors so she’s comfortable in any environment. All her shots are up to date and we have all the paperwork. She is heartworm free, on heartworm prevention, and we have 6 months’ worth to give to whoever can take her. She is also crate trained and we have a crate that you can take with her if you need it. She has also been given flea medication. She is great with cats as well.Spayed or Neutered: Spayed


Please call, text, or email:

Name: Jennifer or Shay

Contact Info: 904-608-9336 or 904-613-2367

Email: phoenixraintaj@live or





The one and only Ivan is about an 8 pound Chihuahua mix who was running in a rural area for a couple of weeks before someone rescued him.  He is 2 to 3 years old  heart-worm negative, neutered and so ready to make someone happy.  He jogs two miles with me, wants to stay in laps, is not yippy, great with my granddaughters.  He is completely vetted, and there is a re-homing fee.   


Contact Linda at  Thank you. 



Bebe and Miley

Description:Please meet Bebe(tabby) and Miley(Black)!hese are sweet, healthy, indoor, spayed, declawed cats. They enjoy sunny windows and lap sitting.Bebe will tell you when she wants something, Miley is quieter! 

Contact:Nancy Crain

Posted: 11/19/15



Description: Sampson is a straight love bug and loves to be close to his family.Age: 5 years old
Breed: American staffy He is very good around small and big children (especially newborns). He is good around other dogs  and is best to be fed separately. He loves to run and play especially with other dogs and kids. He is scared of tall men. I don't know why but when I took him in he was like that before. He will warm up to men after some supervision. 

Please if you can give this dog a new home, please contact me. 

Spayed or Neutered?: neutered
Your Name: Lynette odom
Contact Info: 904.576.6772 or email:

Posted: 11/19/15




 His name is Sunny because he is a bright solid orange color with white fur on his tail.Breed is Persian .He is an active five year old cat . He is playful, likes company and loves to be petted.Spayed or Neutered?: NeuteredSunny comes with a Kitty Shack,, and a Bag of Blue Health-Holistic Food for Adult cats.

Contact:Mary and Ernest may be reached at: preferably, or 904-768-5387




Description: Baby Kitty
Approx 3 yrs old
Tiger stripped

Very sweet boy!  Loves attention, good with small children!

My name is Christina you can contact me at 904-422-8481 (texting is best) or

Posted: 11/19/15




Pet's Name: Mango

Age: 3

Breed: unknown

Description: Mango is a VERY sweet cat who loves to cuddle and lounge around with you. He would do best in a home where someone is home often, as he gets lonely easily. He is the sweetest and best cat I’ve ever been around, but I’m moving in January and cannot take him with me.

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes( neutered)

Your Name: Charlotte

Contact Info: Charlotte 904-472-0812

Posted : 11/23/15



Pet's Name: Nala
Age: 9 months 
Breed: pitbull
Description: My name is Nala. I was rescued from being euthanized from a high kill shelter in Tampa and am currently being fostered.  I need someone with a yard to run around and play! I love to play with other dogs and fairly good with cats. My rescuer cannot keep my because a apartment does not fit my lifestyle needs. 

Spayed or Neutered?: yes (spayed)
Your Name: Isabella Crimmins 
Contact Info: 386-316-3691

Posted: 11/23/15



Pet's Name: Annie

Age: almost 2 (DOB: 12/4/13)

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Hound

Description: Annie is sweet natured and loves kids (young and old) and other dogs.  She enjoys playing outside with a ball and just being loved on.  She is house and crate trained. I'm not sure how she is with cats.  She doesn't bark much except to let you know when she wants to go outside or come back inside. 

Spayed or Neutered?: Spayed

Your Name: Morgan

Contact Info: 904-553-3302

Posted: 11/23/15



Pet's Name: Stitch

Age: 2 Years Old

Breed: Bombay Cat

Description:Hi there! My name is Stitch! I'm a 2 year old Neutered Bombay cat who loves head rubs and brushing. I can meow on command and I love company. I'm silky smooth due to my love for baths(which I don't mind getting) and I'm an inside cat. I love to just lay around and I was taught to not lay on couches if you don't want me to.

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered

Your Name: Robert

Contact Info: 904-415-9847 preferably text, but will take calls




Description: Hi I'm Oscar! My human really loves me....Please help me :( I am neutered and a 5 years old Stafford shire terrier 

 I'm super duper sweet and loving, but I don't like cats much. I like other dogs and I'm awesome with kids! Please take me home or foster me :( 



Posted: 11/23/15



Age: 4 years 
Breed: Domestic Short Hair 
Hi, my name is Mabel. I'm super sweet and affectionate. I enjoy tummy rubs. I like to lie down next to you to be brushed and petted. I like to greet you with a cute meow while kneading. I'm laid back but I can be playful too. I prefer people to other animals but as long as I can be in charge I would be fine with another cat around. I prefer to be in a quiet home.     

 Mabel's adoption fee is $40. She is spayed, micro-chipped, and up to date on all her shots.

Contact: Ashleigh 904-651-1355
Posted: 11/23/15



Pet's Name: Frankie


Breed:Miniature Pinscher

Description: Frankie is between 7-8 years old.  He is a great dog, but should be with a family who loves to give him the attention he needs.  He is a bit snappy to strangers, but is very affectionate towards us so we prefer he goes to someone with no young kids.  He is also very good with other dogs and cats! We are not asking for a re-homing fee, just proof that he is going to a good home.

Spayed or Neutered?:Yes

Your Name:Tim Boeni - cell 732.948.1225




Description: My pets name is Sophie. She is a 9 year old, Siamese mix and a one-home owner since she was rescued from Philips Garden Store on Herschel. She has been spayed/declawed and is up to date on all vaccines and rabies. She is timid until she gets to know you, but is very loyal and loving. She is used to small dogs, but I would prefer she goes into a home with other cats so she can socialize. We are a growing family and she is sadly not getting the attention she deserves! Please let me know if you are interested and I can answer any questions you may have.
Contact: or 904-613-4751



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