The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community. (Community Pet Disclaimer)

Community Pets (Pets Who Need New Homes)



Age: 1.5 years
Breed: Border Collie mix
Description: Shiva is a wonderful and playful mix about 1.5 years! She is very smart and learns quickly. She would do best in a home that can give her the attention that she needs and deserves. She does well with dogs and cats!
Spayed or Neutered?: Yes and up to date on all vaccines
Your Name: Erika Fontana
Contact Info: (904) 501-5934

Posted: 8/28




 Great dog needs a good home. We are moving and also our commitments to family and life in other parts of the country have made us extremely mobile.  Cailin is an absolute joy and she deserves a stable home where she can be loved and appreciated.  She is a rat terrier, 10 yrs old, very smart, very well behaved and house broken. Please e-mail for more info.

Posted 9/2



Holstin was born in April 2015. He has been neutered. He's very sweet, he loves to play and loves attention! 

Please Contact Dannette at 904-993-5729 

Posted 9/2


Lilly May


Pet's Name:  Lilly May 
Age:  1 year 
Breed:  Domestic Shorthair (Feline) 
Spayed or Neutered?:  Spayed 
Your Name:  Patricia Bjorling 
Contact Info:  904-329-1179 
 Lilly Mae is so sweet and well behaved, but has recently lost her whispering human who suddenly passed away. She gets along okay with other cats and some dogs.  She has been spayed, is utd on her shots, and is licensed.  And an earnest donation would be appreciated.  She comes fully equipped with litter box, etc.   
Posted 9/2

Brian and Lulu


Both dogs are lab/pit mixes and 1 1/2 years old. They are from the same litter and have been together since birth.  They have had all their of shots and have been fixed. Due to circumstances beyond my control I am unable to provide them with the care and attention that they need. All of their possessions are included with the rehoming.  

Contact Info: David (904)599-4336 or (904)469-4227 call or text    

 Posted 9/2


Sammie and Skyler

These two kitties have been neutered, tested negative for Feline Leukemia, so all we need is YOU!
We would love to stay together because we just love to play with each other. 
If you are seriously interested call Leslie Smith at 904-372-7279 or email (THANKS!) 
Posted 9/2


1.5 years
Pit Bull
Diamond is a cuddle bug. She would be best in a home with no other dogs or cats. She is house broken and crate trained. She is up to date on her shots and has a rabies license.  
Michael Lockhart
(904) 704-1302

Posted 9/3



Age: ~12

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Description: Our girl is getting older and is not handling life with a toddler well. She is not getting the attention she deserves and craves. She is a very sweet and loving animal. She would do very well in a calm household with no other dogs or small children. She loves being outside and chasing lizards. If you believe you can give our girl a great home in her last few years please contact me ASAP.

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Your Name: Nicole

Contact Info: 904-327-1330

 Posted 9/4



 Bruno is a beautiful brown tabby and Maine coon mix. He is about 6 years old. He is a calm and loving lap cat. He is neutered, declawed and has a microchip. He has had flea control, FVRPC, deworming, and rabies vaccine within the past year. All care items included. He is looking for a loving home! Please adopt me! 

Posted 9/5



 Weimaraner mix. Age 1-2. Sweet and energetic. Fixed. Needs a lot of time and attention.

Please email if interested.

Posted 9/5


Zorro, Bam Bam, and Saye


Pet's Name:             Zorro
Age:                         5 months
Breed:                      Half-Siamese/Half-Russian Blue, SHD
Description:             Spotted Black and White, SHD, born of a Siamese father and a Russian Blue mother.  Fine-boned, small and slender with the heart-shaped face of a Siamese, and the short, rich, soft non-shedding fur of a Russian Blue.   Agreeable and social, Zorro very much enjoys the company of all cats and kittens.  Especially loves to cuddle and play with brother Bam Bam and sister Flora.    Gentle and sweet, Zorro is a super quiet, beautiful little kitten.
Neutered:                 Neutered, Fully vaccinated, Complete set of medical records
Your Name:             Sarah
Contact Info:            904-405-9125 
Pet's Name:             Bam Bam
Age:                         5 months
Breed:                      Half-Siamese/Half-Russian Blue, SHD
Description:             Spotted Grey and White, SHD, born of a Siamese father and a Russian Blue mother.  Fine-boned, small and slender with the heart-shaped face of a Siamese, and the short, rich, soft non-shedding fur of a Russian Blue.   Agreeable and social, Bam Bam very much enjoys the company of all cats and kittens.  Especially loves to cuddle and play with brother Zorro and sister Flora.  A small cat Bam Bam will probably not grow much larger than he is now.  Agreeable and social, he very much enjoys the company of all cats and kittens.  Especially loves to cuddle and play with his brother Zorro and sister Flora.  Super cute, quiet, highly intelligent with no irritating vocalizations to keep you up at night.
Neutered:                 Neutered, Fully vaccinated, Complete set of medical records
Your Name:             Sarah
Contact Info:            904-405-9125 
Pet's Name:             Flora
Age:                         5 months
Breed:                      Half-Siamese/Half-Russian Blue, SHD
Description:             Silky black, SHD, born of a Siamese father and a Russian Blue mother.  A small cat with the intelligence of a Siamese, and the short, rich, soft non-shedding fur of a Russian Blue.  Social and loving, Flora very much enjoys the company of all cats and kittens.  Especially loves to cuddle and play with brothers Bam Bam and Zorro.    Gentle and sweet, loving and very attached to humans, Flora is a beautiful little kitten.
Spayed:                   Spayed, Fully vaccinated, Complete set of medical records

Posted 9/12



Dixie, Jackjack, and Mina

Still looking for the perfect homes for these 3. 
Dixie-shepherd mix female, 1 yr old,  needs grain free diet, doesn't do well left alone (needs dog or human companion), dislikes car rides, spayed/chipped/HW neg, house trained, good with cats and kids, nervous of new people. Great on leash. Knows sit, shake, go lay down. 

Jackjack-black and white pit mix male, 3 yr old, no diet restrictions, loves car rides and adventure, perfect in house, ok with some cats, great with kids, neutered/HW pos but on preventative. Knows sit, shake, go lay down. 
Pretty good on leash. 

Mina-small chihuahua mix 3 yr old. Spayed. LOVES people, kids, cats, other dogs, car rides, hogging bones, and sleeping under blankets. HW neg, spayed, mostly house trained, great on leash. No diet restrictions. Knows sit and go lay down. 
Text 9045532783

Posted 9/5


Luna and Zoey


Pet's Name: Luna and Zoey
Age: 3
Breed: Unknown 
Spayed or Neutered?: Spayed 
Your Name: Ashley Wilson
Contact Info: 904-708-6707
Description: As much as it pains me to give these 2 babies up, I have to. My baby is allergic and I cannot have them in the house anymore. The darker colored one (Luna) is 4 years old and the lighter colored one (Zoey) is 3, both females and have been together since the older one was 8 months. They are both very lovable and love to cuddle together as well. They are indoor cats only and have never been outside. They love people and children and never bite or scratch. 
Posted 9/5

Flash, Alfee, Felix, and Penelope

Looking for a good home! These adorable kittens are three months old, all tested negative for feline leukemia at Jacksonville Humane Society Animal Hospital, they have been spayed and neutered and are now ready for adoption! 

I rescued these little ones from my back yard where there were too many owls and hawks for them to feel safe. They are awesome kittens, all with fun personalities.

Meet Felix, Alfee, Flash and Penelope! 

Serious inquirers only please, these babies need good homes!

Call or Email me at:

Leslie Smith

Posted 9/5




Seeking an owner for our 8 year old manx mix cat, Misty.  She has been declawed on her front paws and has been spayed.  She is very affectionate, especially in the evenings.  She has grown up in a house with two adults, three children and a dog and gets along with all very well.  I have allergies and need to find a good home for her.  
Jilll Giesman



Husky! His name is Zeus he is 5 years old weighs 70 pounds. He is spayed/neutered. He has all his shots and is fully trained. Great dog who needs a loving family.

My contact info is
Shane Bluestein (954) 856-0966
 (413) 668-7097 or



Pet’s name: Marlowe

Age: 3-4 years (?)

Breed: Canaan Dog Mix

Description: Marlowe is a sweet, loving boy who needs a family who will be able to spend time with him. He is high energy and gets along well with older children. He loves to play and fetch and cuddle. He is an escape artist, however, and will need a home where he is either inside most of the time or is not confined to a very suburban area. He loves to run and would do wonderfully where he has some space to roam. All shots up to date.


Ashley Choate


Posted 9/12



Belle needs a new home
Plotthound/greyhound mix, Brindle, 60 lbs, 2 yrs old, Female
A very loving dog who is professionally trained, spayed, microchipped and up to date on shots.  Very good with cats, shy with other dogs.  Older owner recently moved to Florida and is moving into condo that doesn’t allow dogs.  This pup is very good in the home and loves to cuddle up next to her human.  She needs a yard to run in and loves playing fetch with her ball. 
Contact: Janice
Posted 9/12

Rocky, Ginger, and Sophie

Rocky (laying on the floor)
12 year old male cat adopted from the JHS in July 2003 as a kitten, fixed, has claws
He is my biggest cat weighing approx. 22 lbs. He is a calm cat that tends to hide if anyone comes over. He is very nervous of the car and will pant and drool if I have to take him anywhere. He's very calm in general though, and mostly just likes to sleep a lot.
Ginger (sitting on the chair)
12 year old male cat adopted from the JHS in July 2003 as a kitten, fixed, has claws
He is my medium size cat weighing approx. 20 lbs. He's a sweet cat that LOVES to get his hair brushed. He's good with kids that come over to visit us. I can give the kids a cat hair brush and he'll follow them anywhere around the house.
Sophie (sitting on a little rug)
8 year old female cat, fixed, has claws
She is my smallest cat weighing approx. 18 lbs. Sophie is adorable. She doesn't seem to know how to meow, but she squeaks and chatters to make noise sometimes, like if I sneeze or cough. She has the softest fur of the three, and she gets dirty ears but lets Ginger or me clean them when needed.
They all eat only dry food, and they get along very well but don't seem particularly attached to each other. Rocky and Ginger had hepatic lipidosis about a year and a half ago when I took a vet's advice to try to switch them to wet food to help them lose weight, and after that health scare, I just let them eat the dry food that they like and be happy fat cats. Is there anything else that I can provide to help them find homes? I can see if that can work out in the next couple of weeks before trying to contact the other shelters because you probably are right that they would not handle the stress of a shelter very well.

Kristen Justavino

Posted 9/12



Pet's Name: Lucas

Age: Little over 1 year old

Breed: Jack Russell, Australian Cattle Dog, maybe some Italian Greyhound

Description: Lucas is a sweet and submissive dog, he loves to cuddle up and relax with you. He likes to play but not to high of energy he is more of a couch potato but he still needs bones or things to chew on as he is still a young boy. Lucas is pretty small no larger than a 3 feet tall. Lucas is a little weary of people more so men than women but once he warms up he will be faithful. He is crate trained and for the most part he is potty trained he sometimes has accidents but with a little patience and work he could be 100% potty trained. Lucas is good with most dogs, cats, and most people. He would do best in a home with someone who works from home or has someone who stays home.

Spayed or Neutered?: Lucas is neutered

Your Name: Maryann but I am posting for someone: His name is Wade Gnann

Contact Info: (352)672-7754 or (352)745-6217 either one works

Posted 9/12



MISSY - Domestic Short Hair - Calico - Female Cat

 Missy is 8 years old, weighs 14 lbs, has been spayed and declawed (front only) and is up-to-date on her shots. Her owner's health has declined and she is in need of a forever home. Her brush(she loves to be brushed) and Litter Maid self-cleaning litter box are included. Contact Larry at 904-813-8415 or

Posted 9/14 






This is Alice. She is a 5 year old domestic short air. She is an inside cat, has been on the patio once but never outside to run free.  She is spayed but still has her front and back claws. She is super sweet and affectionate. We are looking for her a new home due to the baby being allergic and a new baby is due at the end of the year.

Mechelle Hernandez


Posted 9/14 



One male, one female both declawed and fixed.  Need to stay together as have been for  whole life. Are approx. 9, took in from friend who moved to Texas and couldn't take with, now I have to move and can't take. 

Janis Lilley <>

Posted 9/30




Age: 4 years
Breed: Chihuahua
Description: I’m a little shy, but I love playing with my sister.
Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered
Your Name: Peggy
Contact Info: 904-703-4491
Posted 9/19


Age 4
Affectionate, energetic, alert and watchful, likes kids, not fond of cats or small dogs, needs lots of affection, house broken
Posted 9/19

Maggie & Charlie


We have two German short haired pointers. They are Maggie and Charlie. Both of them are 4 years old and both have been fixed and up to date on all shots and current on monthly heart worm and flea prevention. They must stay together when adopted. They have tons of energy and love to play and love to be outdoors. They will require a lot of exercise and need a large fenced in yard. They are indoor dogs but also enjoy a lot of time outside in the fenced yard.  Please call or text 9043146095


Posted 9/30



1½ years

Black lab mix

Spayed, microchipped, current shots

 Knows basic commands, is super sweet, smart, affectionate, crate trained, housebroken, good with other dogs and children. Owner has breathing, allergy, problems. Good in home and loves to cuddle and play. Needs a fenced yard to run

Contact info: Peggy 904-619-6400

Posted 9/19




Age: 5 Years old

Breed: Hound Mix

Description: Griffin is a lovable dog who loves everyone. He is up to date on his shots. He is neutered and micro chipped. Griffin needs a home with a big back yard and room to run.

Spayed or Neutered?:Yes

Your Name: Jennifer Inman

                      (904) 674-1201
Posted 9/19


Pet's Name:Simba                  


Breed: Orange Long Hair      

Description: Incredibly friendly and loving plump orange long haired kitty. He loves sleeping, playing and food(don’t we all).Can be a bit afraid of dogs if they are all over him but will be friends with them quickly if they are nice to him. I have lots of food and a couple of months of preventative flea medicine for him. 

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered        

Your Name: Annabella De Las Casas

Contact Info: 772 333 7940. Feel free to text me at any time!

Posted 9/30




Female 6 years old
Lab mix
Up to date on all shots
loves to go for walks and runs
would make a great dog for a single person or family with teenage kids
contact Gena Bradley at 904 487-5454
Posted 9/26

Roxie and Callie

We have two kitties we need to find homes for.  House is being sold (short sale) and we can’t take them with us.


1.       Roxie is orange and white.  She is 17 years old.  She is vision impaired (not completely blind and has been since we rescued her).  She is sweet and will sit on your lap for a while being pet.

2.       Callie is the calico.  She is 12 years old.  She is a typical “aloof” cat except when she wants to be pet or snuggle with you!  She has no health issues.


Both cats are used to dogs, we have two small dogs and my daughter has two big dogs!

I hate having to do this, I just can’t afford the additional pet deposit or take the risk that they will either claw or ruin carpet that is the house we are renting.

We need to find them a home ASAP, I have contacted several cat rescue agencies and they all say they won’t take them and have even gotten a little huffy with me.

posted 9/26


Jack Daniel and Charlie Daniel

904-302-3770  (ARLINGTON)
I am almost 70 and a cancer survivor.  Have two more surgeries scheduled soon and want to find a good home for my pups before I become unable to give them proper care.  They are brothers and have never been separated, and I prefer to keep them together.  They sleep on top of one another, eat from the same bowl, play together, and seem to have their own language.   However, I will separate them if we find good homes that have older children who will give them lots of attention.  

They are very loving and playful.  They understand the commands to sit, down, lay and stay.  They are only 6 months old and love to chew and dig.  I bring them in the house for awhile every day.  They have never had an accident inside.  Charlie loves to be inside, but he is curious and can get into things.  Jack explores his environment and then lays at my feet.  Jack love attention and needs lots of affection. Charlie is more self sufficient.  They are both smart, as evidenced by the clever ways they have found in getting out of my fenced yard.  They escape, then go to the garage door and bark to be let back in, as if it were a game.  They are not at all aggressive. Their shots are up to date. 

If someone will take the two of them, I will include their cedar doghouse, pet septic system (for disposing of poop), their feed and water systems, any food I have on hand, and their toys.

I dearly love these boys and they love me.  It breaks my heart that I am not able to provide for them and I hope to find a home for them that will love them as much as I do!  Please try to help us.
Posted 9/26


Deja Vu

Pet's Name: DEJA VU

Age: 2

Breed: Lab Mix

Description: 45 lbs tan and white

I love to curl up in front of  window and watch the world go by.  Good with other dogs and people, but cannot be in a home with cats or unsecured neighboring cats.  I am great at catching treats in the air.  I am house trained and accustomed to being indoors during business hours and walked on a leash a few times per day.  I like to get in a  good run at the dog park or any open space at least once per week.

Spayed or Neutered?: Spayed

Your Name: Randy

Contact Info: (912) 690-2664

Posted 9/26



Pet's Name: BALI

Age: 5

Breed: American Bulldog

Description: Brown 45lbs 

I love soft blankets and chairs and sleeping all day.  I am house trained and used to being inside during the work day and being walked on a  leash. Up to date on vaccinations.  I get along well with other dogs and people, but cannot be in a home with cats or with neighboring cats that are unsecure.  I do not bark much.  I love to cuddle.  

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered

Your Name:  Randy

Contact Info:  (912) 690-2664

Posted 9/26



Harlei (male) 6 months, Lab/Retriever mix, Tan with black spot on nose, neutered, current shots, good with other dogs, even small. My apartment is changing their pet friendly policy.
Harlei, is a great family pet, he loves to run and play and curl up with his owner. Great with kids. Please contact me via email
Antionette Taylor
Posted 9/26


 I'm a 3 year old husky mixed with a German Shepard. I love to play fetch, ,swim and hunt. I'm not always good with other animal since I'm an alpha. I'm great with kids once we have passed the introduction stage since I like to jump when I play. I am neutered.
I am in need of a new home since my current owners have a very busy life and can't always play with me and give me the attention I need.

Annie or Jose


Posted 9/26



Age: 2 years old
Breed: Lab Mix 
Description: Buster is a great dog who loves to play, go for car rides, and have his belly rubbed. 
Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered
Your Name: Claudio Espinal
Contact Info: 904 307 5256

Posted 9/26



: 1year old
Breed: Miniature Dachshund (Mix?)
Description: Zoe is spayed, utd on shots, good with other dogs, and crate-trained.    
 John & Susan Campanale

Posted 9/26


Jaws and Scratchy

This is Jaws (grey female 6 years old) and Scratchy (black male 8 years old).  They are spayed and neutered.  Their daddy got married recently and can no longer care for them.  They are up to date on their shots and are in good health.  Please call Andrew DeVore at 904-226-6669 or to see if you would be a good fit.

Posted 9/26



Pets Name: Jeans

Age: not sure (3-4 months)

Breed: domestic, short hair

Description: Sweet and playful; loves kids

Sprayed or Neutered: Neutered; all shots up to date

Your Name: Tiffany

Contact Info: 601-452-2191 or 

Posted 9/26



Pets Name: Michelob

Age:1 year

Breed: Boxer Mix

Description: Michelob is sweet, gentle and loving. He is crate trained, house broken and he is neutered.  He is up to date on his shots.
I am moving and am unable to have a dog in my new place.

Sprayed or Neutered: Neutered; all shots up to date

Your Name: Bobby Elkins

Contact Info:904-304-2802 or 904-254-4611

Posted 10/03


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