The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community. (Community Pet Disclaimer)

Community Pets (Pets Who Need New Homes)



Hi! I’m Booshka, a 5 yr old boy cat. I'm the sweet, lovey cat that will greet you at the door every day after work. I like lots of petting and attention. If you sit for very long, I'll be over to investigate!! And to make myself comfortable in your lap!! Everybody who meets me LIKES me, (even people who say "I don't like cats.") LoL!! I like to play outside, but am mostly an inside cat.

Contact: Melissa Cash -- 904-229-9292

Posted 11/9




I am a sweet and loving dog, I love, love, love my people and love to run. I am house broken, up to date on all my shots, spayed, and microchipped. I love to go on walks and on car rides are the best! I was adopted 6 months ago by a loving family and I'm great with kids! I need to be an only child but I will stay close to my humans whenever I can, I can "shake" and "sit" and earned high marks in my training course.

If interested in giving me a "fur" ever home please call Jayne at 904-704-8302 or email

Posted 11/14




Unfortunately, I cannot have Lola in my apartment, therefore, I must give her away. I adopted her from the fair you guys hosted in April at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds and she has been nothing but a bundle of joy for me and my fiancée. She is great with other people and kids, but she does have issues with other dogs, especially smaller ones. She would bark, lunge at them and look threatening. She is house-broken and has a lot of energy. She simply loves being a dog.

In a perfect world, I would want a care and loving family for her. Somewhere where she can roam in a backyard all day long. I hope this happens for her because she is a great, beautiful dog that deserves infinite chew toys and belly rubs.

One more thing, please reply to Once again, please reply to

Posted 10/24





Hi, can you please post? Thank you!
Max's original owner relocated. I agreed to take him on the last day as an alternative to pound or abandonment. he's going through some anxiety, does best with crate to manage behavior, but is mellowing out more every day. Does great with other dogs, but not with cats, which is why i am looking for another home for him. neutered, on trifexis, vet records available.
Thank you,
Charlotte Matthews
352-256-4481 call or text

Posted 10/27


Boots & Mittens



This is Boots (Grey/white) & Mittens (Orange). They were rescued 3 years ago when found in the tracks of warehouse doors. They are 3 years old; neutered, front declawed, up to date on shots and clean medical history. Because they are brothers and never separated, I would like to keep them together. I truly feel they would not be complete without each other. Together they play and cuddle and call each other from across the house. Boots is more people oriented – loves to climb on you and lay beside you. Mittens – more of a quiet to himself cat. Likes to be pet, but a bit more skittish.

Please contact me, Jenn at 904-861-7157 with any questions, concerns or interest.

Posted 10/27




This is my beautiful Bitzie. I have had her for 10 yrs since she was 6 wks old. She is a very shy and laid back dog. She is spayed and her rabies shot was just renewed. She is not a barker, but she will bark if someone comes to the door. She hadsbeen raised with cats and other dogs and always gotten along with both. She is very gentle and has never tried to bite anyone. She hasn't been around little children so she might not be good with them. She is afraid of thunder, but she has a thunder shirt. Just scratch her belly and she will be happy. I have to move into a senior home and they won't take big dogs. She weights 60lbs. 

 Meta Johnson Phone: 904-537-2697 

 Posted 10/29



  Rosie is a one-year-old mixed breed (we think terrier and some kind of small sheep dog) who loves to run and play! She currently lives with a cat (who she loves maybe a little TOO much!) and two young children. She has so much love to give, and is very high energy. She would do well with a home that can give her lots of attention and fun. She is a little wary of strangers, but comes around quickly, especially if ear scratches are offered. She has attended formal obedience classes, is spayed, and up-to-date on shots. This little girl is so sweet and loving, and is looking for a forever home. 


Text only: 904-200-1769

Posted 10/29



I need to find a home for my one year old chow/retriever mix Mila. She is the sweetest, most beautiful fur baby every. She is not an aggressive pup but she is very dominant and does not get along well with smaller breeds (I have two chihuahua’s). She will be better in a home where she’s with other bigger pets or a one-pet home. She’s loving, obedient, crate-trained, great health, all shots up to date, spayed and chipped.

 Posted 10/31



Titan is a neutered male doberman mix. He's house trained, good with other dogs, and a good protector. However, he is not good with small children. He should be in a home with no children or older (teenage) children. He's free to a good home. Please call (904) 419-7041.

 Posted 11/9




Lily is a Female Spitz, age unknown. Lily is a wonderful, sweet, loving, smart, and well behaved dog that needs a full time home where she can receive sole love and attention. (we have six cats and another dog).

Evening contact is 904-241-2076 and day time below.

Posted 11/9




His name is Lincoln he is about 70lbs and he is a 2 year old tan lab/boxer mix. He is such a friendly and loving dog. He always has his tail wagging when I get home from work. It is so sad for me to have to give him because I rescued him from an abusive owner. He was living out of a car in the heat of the Florida summer and I wanted him to have a loving owner. He is a wonderful dog and he needs a nice family with a big yard for him to play in. Please adopt him so he can have a loving family. I move out on November 22nd so he is in need of a loving home soon. Please help. He is neutered.


Justin Miller
cell- 904-75587

Posted 11/9




We need to find a good home for our Limburt. My husband is allergic and after years of trying different meds and many visits with doctors nothing has worked. We've also moved into a no carpet house and tried having the cat stay out of our room. It is hard to think about not having Limburt, but my husband is just miserable and I feel like we've tried all we can.
Limburt is a chubby grey cat that is very easy. He mostly just likes to hang out with us. He is mostly indoors, but likes to escape into our yard from time to time. He is fixed, uses the litter box, has no front claws and will be up to date with all of his vaccines. He is very protective of us and has done very well with our child (3 year old). He loved our dog (who passed) and used to sleep with him, so he may do ok with a dog. He comes when you call him by name which we think is funny. He has never lived with another cat.
We are more than happy to get any supplies that will be needed to take him in (food, litterbox, bowls, catbed...). We will also purchase flea/tick medicine if you'd like. We really want him in a good home and to be well cared for.
Please email with any questions or if you're interested.

Posted 11/9


Puff and Mama

I am fostering a small black kitten & her 6 ½-month-old mother and hope to find them both a loving home. The black kitty with brown eyes is named Puff because she’s the runt of the litter, and for a long time her body was so small all you could see were her feet and big puffy head. Puff is frisky, intensely curious, highly energetic and the cutest thing you’ll ever meet!
Puff’s mother, “Mama”, is still a kitten herself—a calm, nurturing, hazel-eyed grey tabby. She’s been a wonderful mother, and now that her kittens are weaned, is returning to her kitten ways—she loves to play with Puff, and loves being petted and groomed.
Mama and Puff are very attached to each—so it would be wonderful if they could be placed together or in a home with another cat/kitten. Like any kitten, Puff has a lot to learn, and Mama still has a lot to teach her.
Puff’s three siblings have already been adopted and are receiving rave reviews from their new owners—all are playful, loving, well-adjusted, and an absolute delight. They’ve been a wonderful litter to foster, thanks to the nurturing and care provided by Mama.
Puff and Mama are spayed and fully vaccinated. My name is Alyson and my telephone # is: 405-9125. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in providing a home for these little bundles of fun. 

 Posted 11/9




My name is keeva and Im a 2 1/2 year old akita. Im microchipped fixed and up to date on all shots. My mom is leaving the country and im looking for a forever home. I would prefer a place with a nice big backyard to run in. I'm very lovable please contact 904-646-7310 if interested!


Posted 11/9




Duke is a 5-year-old Weimer mix. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. 60 lbs, medium breed with short to medium hair. Tall and lanky :) Duke is loving and friendly, gets along with other medium/larger dogs after an initial sniff and greet. He doesn't care for cats. Loves attention and lots of space for running. House trained, and is comfortable hanging outdoors during the day and sleeping inside at night. He will bark at people he doesn't know, but warms up as soon as he knows they're allowed there. Doesn't show much attention to smaller children. Would probably do best with an older family and another dog to hang with. He comes from a loving home, however due to some family matters, he is looking for a new, loving forever home. I'd be happy to answer any other questions.

Thank you,


Posted 11/9




I have a mixed breed female dog (Half Hound half Dalmatian) Spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations that is looking for a home.
She is about 8 months old. She’s very caring, quiet and quite humble loving dog. Unfortunately “Julie” (her name) is too big for my wife to handle as my wife has a muscle condition that makes her weak most of the times and Julie becomes a big dog to manage. She is trained with bathroom skills and she will let you know when she needs to do her thing. She likes to fetch, play and be just lovely.

My mobile number is 904.704.5000. I live in Atlantic Boulevard Estates in Jacksonville.

Posted 11/10




She has been spayed and she really likes to sit with u on whatever u r sitting on she loves stuffed animals and rope we live in an apartment so she doesn't go outside much but when she does she loves it...the best way to contact me is 9046312347

Posted 11/10


Cinder & Dolly


These are sisters Cinder and Dolly. We rescued them about two months ago. They are 5-6 months old. They are so sweet and love to play. They are up to date on vaccines as of Nov. 25th. We would love to find them a forever home. We would keep them ourselves if we had enough room and money. I would love to see them go together because they would have someone to play with. But they would would be a great addition to any family since they love to be loved. Please give them a chance to win your heart.

My name is Susan. You may contact me via phone or email. (617)785-0437 or

Posted 11/10


Juniper, Cosmo, Maximus, & Shalya


I have three 5 month old cats that have been fixed, microchipped and have licenses. They are Juniper(calico female), Cosmo(female white and grey), and Maximus(tiger male). They are wonderful cats and need a home as soon as possible as we have to move unexpectedly. There is also a Siamese mix that is white with black(Shayla). She is maybe 2 years old,fixed, licensed and microchipped.

Posted 11/14





We have to relocate immediately to an apartment that won't allow shepherds/mix and have no family or friends that can take her. She is a humane society adoptee, spayed and microchipped with heart worm medicine. She is 8 months, very happy, friendly and loving and is training easily on all commands. Please call 904.655.5639 or email

Posted 11/14






Need a home for our senior cat named Boo. We will be moving soon and he won't be coming with us. He is about 16 years old and still in good health. He is NOT kid friendly because he does bite from time to time so it would be for adult companionship only. I would keep him but we are moving in with my 76 year old father and I don't need him biting him or me any more for that matter.

He is neutered and is declawed. He spends most of his time lounging around. He will come with food, litter and pet carrier. We are moving in 2 weeks so we need to get him a home or surrender him to the humane society. He does not go outside nor does he want to.

If you have any questions call me at 378-3217 please leave a message because I am moving into our new home in the next 2 weeks.

Posted 11/14 




Hi, my name is Bella, but if you want to really get my attention and get me running holler Belly Button and I'll come running for you. I am a 10 month old lab husky mix with the intelligence of a 6 yr old. I know my parents love me very much but I'm just too active for there busy schedules. You see, they rescued me from a family that owned a farm and had 1 too many animals, but I got used to having running space. Unfortunately my owners downstairs neighbors don't appreciate my bouncy behavior. So now I am in need of a home with a large back yard and someone who will love me unconditionally just as my parents do now. I don't want to go, but I know that I need running space. I'm just a puppy, but am well behaved, potty trained, can sit and will learn quickly anything you teach me with a high energy personality. I do have a sensitive stomach and can only eat food with grain products. I do come with a rehoming fee, because my parents don't want me just going anywhere. I'll come with a kennel, food, toys, leash and collar. You can text, call, or e-mail my Mom for more additional information. Ask for Kelsey (360) 951-5458 or

Posted 11/14





He is a sweet, timid, 3.5 year old neutered American staff mix and utd on his shots. He was surrendered when his owner moved to an assisted living facility. He loves other animals and is crate trained. He is very shy at first (no signs of aggression) but after he warms up he is great dog.

Posted 11/14




I'm looking for a new home for my dog Stella. Shes super friendly and playful but unfortunately I can no longer care for her. She loves people and deserves a family who is home to play with her. Shes microchipped and fixed as well.

If anyone is interested please have them contact me at 941-539-6078 or

Posted 11/14


Mattie & Macy

Mattie (brown/black) and Macy (white) Shih Tzu's need forever homes. Both do well with children, dogs and cats. They were rescued a while back as we searched for theirhome, but now they need a NEW homes. Vaccinated and spayed. Would love for them to go together, but can be adopted separately.

For more info call Robin: 508-9917 Serious inquiries only. Application and adoption fee applies.

Posted 11/14



Winston is a super duper laid back boy that is about 3 years old. He has stunning green eyes and just a cutie. He is litterbox trained, neutered, fully vaccinated, and doesn't scratch furniture. He is social and loves other cats, kids and dogs. He is a cuddle bunny and a wonderful house cat (indoors only!). If your looking for a great companion that loves to be petted and loved. He is your kitty. Application applies. $20 to adopt. Serious inquiries only. Please contact: Kim (904) 305-4105 or

Posted 11/14




Ari is a energetic and gentle 7 month old puppy in need of a loving and nurturing owner. I am moving and want to provide a safe and nurturing environment for my puppy. He is crate trained if you stick to his feeding schedule and if it changes he adjusts pretty quickly. He is very intelligent and loves going to the park and socializing with other dogs. He also LOVES to cuddle! I am moving and can not take him with me and very concerned about his well being. He is a big teddy bear! He knows how to sit, stay, lay down, shake hands and we're currently working on rolling over. I can also provide the crate for him. He is also chipped. I also have a couple of obedience class coupons for him to attend as well. He is also neutered. His birthday is 03/25/2014.

Posted 11/15





Bailee 1 yr old Pitty Mix Fully Vetted Good with dogs and loves kids Playful, friendly and smart

Anyone interested can contact either Debi at or Haley at

Posted 11/15




7 yr old Mastiff mix Fully Vetted Friendly, Playful and Good with dogs that aren't "crazy"

Anyone interested can contact either Debi at or Haley at


Posted 11/15




8 yr old Hound/Beagle Mix Fully Vetted Friendly, good with dogs and kids. She can climb 4' wire fence

Anyone interested can contact either Debi at or Haley at

Posted 11/15




3 yr old Boxer Mix Fully Vetted & Housebroken Good with bigger dogs, but not good with Cats or small dogs Loves kids! Playful, Outgoing and Smart

Anyone interested can contact either Debi at or Haley at


Posted 11/15




1 1/2 yr old Pittie Mix ?? Fully Vetted & Housebroken So Friendly!! Great with dogs and loves kids

Anyone interested can contact either Debi at or Haley at

Posted 11/15




2 yr old Pittie Fully Vetted Energetic & Playful! Friendly girl! Loves kids!

Anyone interested can contact either Debi at or Haley at


Posted 11/15




7 yr old Chow/Husky Mix Fully Vetted (Hw+) Gentle, Calm and needs quiet home Loves long walks Fine with other dogs

Anyone interested can contact either Debi at or Haley at

Posted 11/15




2 yr old Pittie Fully Vetted & Housebroken Friendly, Playful, Smart, Some basic training Good with dogs and loves kids!

Anyone interested can contact either Debi at or Haley at


Posted 11/15




Age: 12-18 months

Breed: Pit/lab mix

Description: Cooper is a wonderful dog that loves to run and play. He plays really well with my 8 year old son and his friends, but can get a little rough when too excited. He is very dominant, but also very sweet and loving. He doesn't mind cats, but is not too fond of other dogs. I would like to find him a good forever home with a big yard for him to run in. He loves to play tug o' war and chasing balls (working on having him bring them back).

Text Silke at (904) 318-7757

Posted 11/20




Age: 4 years

Breed: Maine Coon

Description: Satin is a 4 year old tortoiseshell Maine Coon, She is shy but very sweet once you get to know her. She does not like other cats, she isn't aggressive but prefers not to share her living space.

Call Tori at (904) 364-8730

Posted 11/20




Age: 2-3 years

Description: Hi! I'm Tinkerbell. I left my old home and found a house with lots of children who feed me. I became their outdoor cat! But when I was attacked by a feral cat, their father would not take me to the vet. So the nice neighbors took me in and brought me to the vet to help me get better. Now I am living in their Florida room while I get better and look for a new owner. I would stay, but their mother is allergic to me and they cannot keep me :( *******************************************

Tinkerbell is excellent with children young and old and does not mind when they play rough. She is not a picky eater and likes to snuggle on couches, pillows, beds, and anything soft. She loves her scratch pad and some toys, but she prefers human affection above all!

Text Bill at (276) 340-3282 or e-mail


Posted 11/20




Age: 14 years

Breed: Shiba Inu

Description: These 4 great pups are rescues from your local city shelter. They are all loving pups: fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered. All come with leash/collars and beds with adoption. These wonderful pups just need a chance to be loved and they will love you forever.

Teddy is male and 12-15 lbs: lap pup, sweet and laid back, loves to be scratched. Healthy senior pup.

If you are interested (serious inquiries only) please contact: Julie at (904) 607-2961 or Adoption fee and home visit applies.


Posted 11/20




Age: 8 years

Breed: Chihuahua

Description: These 4 great pups are rescues from your local city shelter. They are all loving pups: fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered. All come with leash/collars and beds with adoption. These wonderful pups just need a chance to be loved and they will love you forever.

Nugget is female and only 8lbs: likes other dogs and good with adults and older kids. Likes chew sticks.

If you are interested (serious inquiries only) please contact: Julie at (904) 607-2961 or Adoption fee and home visit applies.


Posted 11/20




Age: 3 years

Breed: Jack Russell

Description: These 4 great pups are rescues from your local city shelter. They are all loving pups: fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered. All come with leash/collars and beds with adoption. These wonderful pups just need a chance to be loved and they will love you forever.

Suki is only 6 lbs and female. Loves everyone! Happy and fun!

If you are interested (serious inquiries only) please contact: Julie at (904) 607-2961 or Adoption fee and home visit applies.


Posted 11/20




Age: 3 years

Breed: Jack Russell

Description: These 4 great pups are rescues from your local city shelter. They are all loving pups: fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered. All come with leash/collars and beds with adoption. These wonderful pups just need a chance to be loved and they will love you forever.

Elsa is female and only 6-8lbs. Sweeheart that is great with other dogs and kids. Affectionate and a lap pup.

If you are interested (serious inquiries only) please contact: Julie at (904) 607-2961 or Adoption fee and home visit applies.


Posted 11/20




Age: 10 Months

Breed: Pit mix

Description: Buster has been fixed and up to date with all his shots. This big pup loves the outdoors and kids. We unfortunately had to move from a house with a yard to a small apartment and we can no longer care for him the way he deserves. He is a loveable boy and loves attention. He has a lot of energy to burn and loves the outdoors. We just want a good home for him.

E-mail Laura at 

Posted 11/20


Age: Adult

Description: This little girl came up to my door last night staring inside at my indoor cats. When I walked outside she came up and although severely emaciated she immediately started purring, rubbing up to me and even laying in my lap! A neighbor said people just take kittens like this one and throw them out in the woods to fend for themselves, so I am pretty sure that is what happened for this poor girl, the problem is, she isn't an outside cat at ALL. I would make her mine in a heartbeat, but am currently already over the 2 animal law my condo enforces. : / I’m letting her stay inside for 2 days because of the cold and she used the litter box almost immediately, snuggled, gave me kisses, and purred on top of me all night...this cat REALLY wants a warm forever home indoors and simply for someone who can love her. 

 She is spayed and vaccinated. Please text /call me if you have any questions or know of anyone who might be able to save her.

Call or text Dana at (904) 200-1648 or e-mail

Posted 11/20






Age: 6 years

Breed: Miniature Dachshund


Stitch is a very sweet and kind hearted dog. He is really looking for companionship and LOVES other dogs and people. He is energetic and loves to run around the yard.

We rescued Stitch from a pretty bad situation from a previous owner, one who left him in a crate for most of his life. He is definitely thankful to be out of that situation and very loving to those who choose to give him the time of day.

Being a Dachshund, he cannot help but to nest in a pile of blankets, pillows or the perfect mixture of both.

Stitch enjoys long afternoon naps, sun bathing, cuddles with anyone, and late night beef-flavored multivitamin snacks. Please give this sweet pup a chance, he is such a lover and he is eager to make up for the love he lost out on in the earlier years of his life.

Unfortunately due to our busy work schedules, we cannot give him the attention he needs and truly deserves. It is our wish that he finds a home where he is loved and cuddled everyday, he deserves a good life where he can be pampered... Something that we unfortunately cannot provide for him.

It saddens us greatly to give him away, but we believe there is someone out there who would pair well with him and take care of him like he needs.

 Thank you for taking the time to read about Stitch and I hope you will consider meeting him:)

Call or text Samantha at (904) 568-2801 or e-mail

Posted 11/20






Age: 8 months


Moe is a Blondie with bengal markings. He's got such a strong personality. He will demand your attention, nuzzling himself under your hand and pawing you until you pet him. His tail is broken at the base, we were told it was broken when he was just a baby, but it doesn't slow him down any. He plays, terrorizes, and knocks things off the counter like any normal cat.

He is neutered and up to date on his shots

Call or text Kristal at (904) 401-2213 or e-mail

Posted 11/20


Marco & Polo


Pet's Age 1.5 years

Marco & Polo are in need of a new home. These brothers are great companions and enjoy both inside and outside time. They are litter trained and never have accidents. They enjoy playing with ribbons, balls, and each other. They typically do there own thing but prefer to be in the same room as you. They like to snuggle up to you when you are still. They are great with kids, other cats, and dogs. I sometimes let them sleep in my bed and they don't bother you. Other times I lock them out of the room and they are okay with that also. They don't do well with aggressive cats. They need a new home and they will make the you happy for years to come. I will provide all of their belongings. Cat tree, scratching post, Omega Paws litter box (best thing ever), litter genie (second best thing ever), ceramic food and water dishes, various balls and ribbons.

Call, text, or email Karen

Posted 11/21


Brother & Sister


Pet's Age 6 months

Two lovable kitties need immediate homes!
They are so sweet and affectionate. They love hanging out together and playing.
They were born under our porch and we brought them into our sunroom at around 1 month. They have been fixed and had their first round of shots.

Due to allergies, we can't keep them.

Email Tiffany at 

Posted 11/21




 Chelsea Jean


Pet's Age 2

Chelsea is an energetic loving pup. She loves to run and play. Her favorite toy is the tennis ball. She is great on car rides, loves to be around people, and loves to learn tricks with treats involved. Please contact me with interest. Chelsea is looking for a loving home, preferably with a backyard she can play in : )
Thank you-

Email or call Wes at or 904-772-4285

Posted 11/21


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