Community Pets

The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community. (Community Pet Disclaimer)

Community Pets (Pets Who Need New Homes)






Harry Potter (1st left pic) is a sweet boy who loves to follow his human friends around. He is always right in the mix of his other kittens friends and has a brother (He who shall not be named) (shown above) who is his best bud. Harry has been neutered and had his rabies and FVRCP vaccine. He is around 13 weeks of age and is looking for a forever home.

Latte (2nd pic) is a sweet girl who was shy at first, but now loves attention. She has a really cute calico tail and several calico spots on her furry body. She has been spayed and had a rabies and FVRCP vaccine. She is looking for someone who will take care of her and give her love forever. She is around 13 weeks of age.

Tabby (13 weeks) (3rd pic) is a shy boy who has taken time to win his love. He was worth the wait because now he is very agreeable to being petted and has even given us some purrs. He has been neutered and had a rabies and FVRCP vaccine. He wants someone who will be patient with him and win him over.

Cow (bottom pic) is a independent girl who wants you to work for her love. She has that independent kitty spirit. She is around 13 weeks and has been spayed, rabies and FVRCP vaccine. She needs someone to will take the time to get to know and love her for life.

He who shall not be named(Kitty on the right) is best buds with Harry Potter in this story. He loves to play with his kitten friends and is very friendly. He is around 13 weeks of age and has been neutered, rabies and FVRCP vaccine. He wants someone to play with him and give him a forever home. 

Contact Andrea at 904-662-6994

Posted 9/7




Jaxon is a 3 yr old male mix breed dog. He is shy and very sweet, a real snuggle bug once he trusts you. He was rescued from a high-kill shelter in western FL in November. He is UTD on all shots, current on HW prevention, HW negative, micro-chipped, neutered, house-broken, crate trained (he eats in his crate) and also good with other dogs. I feel there is a better home for him out there because he is wary/scared of some men, although not all men. Unfortunately for Jaxon, my boyfriend is one of those that he is fearful of and we live together and have since adopting Jaxon. We’d hoped that he would get over the fear, but he hasn’t in the 9 months that we’ve had him. He cowers from him and runs into his crate or to his bed. My boyfriend loves animals and has never laid a hand on him, so I believe that at some point in Jaxon’s life, he was abused by a male. It is distressing for Jaxon (and us) and I hate to see him with the anxiety & fear. He is wonderful with me, he snuggles, kisses and plays, so I am heartbroken that I have to find him a new home. He would do well in a female-only house with NO small children (he doesn’t like when people get in his face and many small kids will do this), and if there is a male in the home, he may do better with someone who has a good deal of patience and time to work with him. We both work full time and don’t have the extra time to give to him to try to rehabilitate him. Please contact Melissa if you’re able to provide Jaxon his forever home.

Call or text 904-742-4181.

Thank you! Melissa Clarke

Posted 9/7





Slena is a 4 year old calico female cat. We have raised her since she was a kitten unfortunately we have gone through financial problems and had to move in with my parents. We have now moved out and moved in a small one bedroom apartment but cannot bring her to the apartment. My parents have been taking care of her, but they cannot give her the care or attention she needs. We would like to find a new home for her, she is spayed, and is up to date. We have all her vet records. She will come with all her kitty stuff. She is playful and likes attention.

Contact Tiffany at 904-616-6301
Posted 8/18




Thumper is a beautifully marked tuxedo who is neutered, bob tailed and declawed (front only) so he must be kept indoors. He has a great personality, he's playful even at age four, but still loves his naps. He's lived only with adults and is scared of children but I'm sure he would adapt quickly in a child environment. He's very lonely these days... Thumper was my sister's cat and she passed away a few months ago. He needs a good home but not mine as I have family and friends who are allergic.

Cindi Bennett 904-298-3777 or 904-563-3291 or

Posted 8/18





1) This is a male 8 week old kitten. He is very loving and has a great personality. He loves to play. He is litter trained and ready for his forever home.

2) This is a female 8 week old kitten. Very loving and playful. She has a funny personality also very sweet. She is litter trained and ready for her forever home

3) This is a female 8 week old kitten. She is very friendly and loving. She has a one of a kind personality. She is litter trained and ready for a loving family.

4) This is a female 8 week old kitten. She is the small one of the litter and the coolest also very calm and laid back. She will cuddle with you for hours. She is litter trained and ready for her loving family.



Posted 8/18





Bugsy is an 8 year old American Staffordshire Terrier who is the most loyal, sweet, energetic dog. We have had him for 5 years and have enjoyed every moment, but unfortunately he isn’t meshing well with our infant, so we need to find him a loving home. He needs to be the only dog in the home and isn’t good with children, but will play with cats. He is very responsive to commands and walks well on a leash. He is house broken, crate trained and up to date on all of his shots. We are looking for a family to love him as much as we have and will only take serious applicants.

Please email Alex at:


Posted 8/18





Everyone calls me "Highway" because I was found on a highway, abandoned and alone. My foster dad saved me, but he can't keep me so I have to find a forever home. I am very sweet and even though I am 75 lbs I think I am a lap pup! Big pups LOVE to be hugged! I love to cuddle, play fetch and go for walks. I like other dogs and good with kids (over 8 years old due to my size). I am crate trained and playful. I love to be with you and be your best friend. I am a Pittie mix- 2 years old, fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped. Adoption application required.

Please call Mike @ 704-4741.


Posted 8/18





Hello, I would like some help to rehome my pet named Buddy. I adopted him a year ago from jax humane society but unfortuantely I'm getting a divorce and do not have the time for him as I work 12 and 16 hours a day. He is currently with a family member who cannot keep him long term. Buddy is a year old hound mix. He is a light brown color. He is up to date on his shots. He has been around other dogs and is fine once he warms up to them. Buddy needs an adult home or home with older children. He has lots of energy and will jump on you. He knows how to sit, lay down, and roll over.

My contact info is kim robbins and my email is thanks for your help!

Posted 8/18




Pez is a sweet girl who needs a home! She's 2 years old, crate trained, and house trained. She is such a lover and great cuddler. She is great with all people, including small children. My apartment is just too small for her.

Contact Lindsay at 904-501-4322 or

Posted 8/18



Domestic Grey striped (tabby) that needs a loving home.

If interested please contact Ronda Brooks at (904) 444-8204 or Theo Brooks at (904) 444-1670

Thanks in advance

Posted 8/18




We have been calling him Oscar. The vet estimates his age at about 3 – 4 years. He is a male orange tabby. Very friendly, loves to be petted and just hang out with you. He showed up in our neighborhood about a week ago with a bite on his shoulder. We took him to the vet and he is now healing in our guest room. We also got him all of his shots. He was already neutered. He also has a chip, it just needs to be registered. We would keep him but we already have 6 cats (as we have taken in others) and just don’t have any more room.

Please call or txt; this sweet little guy needs you!

Beth 904-238-3360

Posted 8/18




I am giving my precious little kitten away with a 20$ rehoming fee. Her name is Ruthie but I call her Spaira! She is 3 months old as of 8/01 and has special needs. Her only special need is that she is missing her right eye. My living situation has changed and I am not able to keep her. She will come with a litter box, litter, all documentation from the humane society, a bag 3/4 ths full of purina kitten chow, food/water bowl, a scratching post, and toys! Legitimately everything! She is micro chipped, spayed, up to date on shots and rabies and 100% healthy with all documentation to prove it. Her medicine for her eyes are complete as of 8/18. And the cone must stay on till 8/21. (Shes a picker) I have only had her for 10 days as of 8/17. I am willing to meet the publix plaza at kernan and beach blvd or town center, or anywhere in south east/beach side jacksonville.

You can contact me at 772-643-3309

Posted 8/18







I'm looking to find a new home for my Tennessee terrier and brindle mix he is 1 year and 2 months old. He is well trained and very playful. He does well around kids and has not aggressively bit anyone since I have had him. He is about 46 lbs and is up to date on all of his shots and vaccines. I have heart worm pills he gets once a month. He has had a few accidents in his cage but he is still a pup. I do not have a big yard for him to play in nor the time due to my job being changed.

My contact information is Barrett Cooper 9043647560


Posted 8/24


Snowball, Bowser, Magic

Snowball is a white, female kitty, Hemmingway, who is 9 months old.  She was found in a trailer park fending for herself populating the world with a bunch of kitties! She is now spayed and vaccinated.  She is a demure little girl who is calm and quiet and loves to be held in your arms.  Her sister, Bowser was also found in a trailer park.  She gives “head butts” and loves to move her paws in and out in the air in an affectionate way.  Both are very sweet girls.  Magic is the black Hemmingway kitty who is all black except for some white tipping on her back toes. Magic is a female who is a little shy but is getting better about it.  Her fur is very soft. She is vaccinated and spayed and is up-to-date on her shots.  These kitties have also been combo tested.

Please contact Robin Phillips at 508-9917 if you are interested in giving these kitties their forever home.



   Snowball                                                                Bowser


 Posted 08/24



This is Tully! He is Siamese and the biggest cuddle bug around! He is about 2.5 years old and full of life. He loves belly rubs and affection. He’s a little cross-eyed which makes him 10x cuter! Re-homing because he does not get along with my dog but he is great with people and especially kids with his laid back personality. If interested please contact me, Sloan Phagan. My number is 770-510-3164!

 Located in Atlantic Beach

Posted 8/24


Ghost & Pepper


This is Ghost and Pepper, respectively. Ghost is a 4 year old male who is neutered and up to date on shots. great with kids and loves to play and swim. He is also dog friendly. He is house and crate trained. I can no longer keep him due to my living situation.  Email Justin Brown:

Posted 8/24






Briseis is a 4 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. She is a very sweet girl that loves her humans very much. She wants nothing more than to cuddle up with you in bed or on the couch. She is also very protective. Loves treats and is crate trained. We recently had a baby and she is having a hard time adjusting to the changes in our household. She is starting to show aggression toward the other dogs in our house. So she would really do best in a home with no other pets or small children. She is UTD on vaccines. Currently she is on medication to help with her anxiety due to her current living situation. It breaks my heart to have to re-home her but I know the stress is not ideal for her well being or the well being of the other pets in my house. My name is Shelby and you can contact me by email or by phone 352-238-2235


Posted 8/24





We are moving out of town to a rental that will not allow us to keep our dog. Kelev (Hebrew for "dog") is a healthy, neutered, mixed breed male dog. He is approximately 5 years old, and weighs about 60 pounds. Kelev is current with all of his shots, and has a microchip which is not currently registered. He's completely house broken. Kelev is affectionate, friendly, sweet tempered, and great with kids. He has a huge personality, and loves getting tummy rubs and all other kinds of positive interactions with humans and other dogs. He is very well behaved, and loves to jump. Kelev is a popular boy in doggie day care.

Please contact Ferne at 904-655-7222 for more information. Thank you!


Posted 8/24


 Sweet Kitten Sisters!


Sweet Kitten Sisters! These four little sisters are looking for some humans to love. Their perfect day is spent lazing in the morning sun, playing a little game of ‘kitten string’, doing some bird watching…then taking another nap. Two of them are especially sweet natured and love to cuddle. Two of them are somewhat aloof and think their names should be ‘The Goddess’ and ‘Little Princess’. They would love to be adopted in pairs, if possible. But each little girl would be a wonderful lifetime companion for some lucky family. They are about 10 weeks old and already have their initial/booster shots and have been spayed. They are prepared to be either indoor or outdoor cats, they always use their litter box, and have been socialized with humans and two dogs.

If you think you are the right human for one of these cuties…contact me. or 904-477-7001




I found this dog off Morse Ave in Jacksonville and I travel with my job and need to find him a family who can be with him every day ! I recently had him neutered and gave him shots at First Coast no more homeless pets.

He is very friendly. He loves kids and loves to play! We guess he is around 10 months old.

Contact Brenda at 904-613-4285


Posted 8/25




Hi I have a cat I am looking to rehome. His name is Oreo. He is fixed and up to date on shots. He is 10 months old. Most amazing cat ever! He has a mickey mouse head on this back! He is the most loving thing he follow you around. He loves water, well, not to be in water but to be around it. He loves to cuddle and play. He is completely fixed and up to date on his shots. If you have any questions please contact me... He is amazing with cats dogs and children. HE IS NOT AN OUTSIDE CAT HE WOULDN'T SURVIVE

Contact Maggie 412-925-3145


Posted 8/25


Suzi-Q, Cosmo, Missy & Daisy



My name is Suzi-Q. I am a 4 + month old Tuxedo kitten residing in Orange Park, FL. My foster mom has taken good care of me, but her own cat pride ( 5 of them ) is mad at her for taking me in. So I need my own forever home. I have been spayed, defleaded, dewormed and soon to get my rabies shot as I am the runt of the litter. My foster mom is asking for a $20.00 rehoming fee for my sweet and loving self. Please contact her at 509-1335 cell, 272-2718 home or if you would like to make me an addition to your family.

My name is Cosmo. I am a 4 + month old Tuxedo kitten residing in Orange Park, FL. My Foster mom has taken good care of me, but her own cat pride ( 5 of them ) is mad at her for taking me in. So I need my own forever home. I have been neutered, de-fleaed, de-wormed, and had a 1 year rabies shot. My foster mom is asking for a $20.00 rehoming fee for my handsome self. Please contact her at 509-1335 cell, 272-2718 home or if you would like to make me an addition to your family or any of my other siblings.

My name is Missy. I am a 4 + month old tuxedo kitten residing in Orange Park, FL. My foster Mom has taken good care of me, but her own cat pride ( 5 of them ) is mad at her for taking me in. So I need my own forever home. I have been spayed, de-fleaed, de-wormed and a 1 year rabies shot. My foster Mom is asking for a $20.00 rehoming fee for my pretty little self. Please contact her at 509-1335 cell, 272-2718 home or if you would like to make me an addition to your family or any of my other siblings.

My name is Daisy. I am a 4+ month old Tuxedo kitten residing in Orange Park, FL. My foster Mom has taken good care of me, but her own pride ( 5 of them ) is mad at her for taking me in. So now I need my own forever home. I have been spayed, de-fleaed, de-wormed and had a 1 year rabies shot. My foster Mom is asking for a $20.00 rehoming fee for my adorable self. Please contact her at 509-1335 cell, 272-2718 home or if you would like to make me an addition to your family or any of my other siblings.

Posted 8/25




Buddy is a 4-5 year old neutered male boxer pit mix. Due to a situation beyond our control we have to rehome Buddy. We had to move and now our landlords will no longer allow Buddy to stay with us. He is a good boy. He is a very loyal dog and he is very protective. He can not be in a home with small children as he isn't good with people pulling his ears, yanking on him/ his tail and jumping on him. He loves to play outside and run. He is a very good guard dog and will let you know if anyone comes near the house. He's very sweet and very loveable. He thinks he's a big lap dog.

We desperately need a home for him because we do not want to take him to a shelter. Please help us out. Thank you.

Jon 904-624-0892


Posted 8/26




Kimber is the most gentle and loving dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Unfortunately we are unable to continue providing a home for her. She is completely ball obsessed and is an amazing catch dog and is learning frisbee. She does have doggie anxiety but as long as she is loved and reassured you will be back she is fine. Kimber is completely house broken, knows she's not allowed in the kitchen and doesn't jump up on people or couches (usually). She is great with children in general even babies pulling in her tail. I would prefer for whomever adopts her to have a yard because she would love being outside all day! She also loves her two kitties and kimber LOVES the beach and any body of water.


Posted 8/26




Watsy was rescued from outside our apartment complex as a kitten. His shots are all up to date and he is neutered as well. He is an extremely friendly feller and loves to play. He loves to cuddle and loves attention. He gets along great with other pets and he loves dogs! We would like to deliver him to his new home so we can make sure that he still lives the pampered lifestyle he is used to. Please email us with any questions about Watsy and hopefully he can have a new, loving family soon.

Justin J. Bigham


Have a blessed day!

Posted 8/26


This 4 month old kitten is very playful and lovable. The calico gave birth to 4 other kittens and all the rest of them were placed in loving homes, except for this one. All she wants is someone to play with her, feed her, show her attention and spoil her. The mom cat is super lovable. Always wants to be in your lap and shown affection. She was a stray cat at one point until I took her in. She is fixed and been to the vet for her rabies shot and dewormed . I wish I could keep this beautiful calico but we already have two cats. I would love to see them placed in a home together, but if not that's okay too. All they want is a permanent place to call home and loving owners to take care of them like they should be.

Please call my cell if anyone is interested in taking them,my name is Amy. . Thank you. 904304.0487. Or email me at

Posted 8/26



This is O-Cat (o for orange!). He is around six months old and was rescued from the side of a busy road. He is very curious, adventurous, sweet and spunky! Also fully litter trained, neutered, and current on his shots. Great with other cats, dogs, and children. $20 rehoming fee.

Please call 904-707-5226 or email me at

Posted 8/26


Dog needs a new home. She is spayed and out to date on shots and flea and heartworm prevention. She is a loving dog good with kids and very energetic loves to play in pool and run in the yard. She is a lab mix about 9 months old and weights about 40 lbs. We will be moving and need to find her a good home. Melissa

Contact me by email

Posted 8/26





Mikey is: estimated to be about 6 years old, male, neutered, Front Declawed and Microchipped. Comes with a Litter Box and Food dispenser. Very Lovable and Sweet cat that is the biggest goofball, Maine Coon mixed maybe with Siamese because he loves to chat, loves his laser pointer, does not currently get on Kitchen Cabinets, Bed, Couches , gets on my dining room chair to sit next to you but have not seen him get on the Dining room/Kitchen tables. He doesn’t seem to be much of a lap cat but he will lay by your feet or somewhere close. He is a great cat for adoption. I don’t have any other pets in the home but 2 years ago with his previous owner he lived with another cat and a small dog. Unfortunately, I need to rehome him, I’m having a baby and due to allergies he cannot be with me anymore (not happy about it but I do not have a choice anymore). Please Help!!!


Posted 8/26




  Frisky, Shadow & Fluffy



Ann found these 3 kittens and has been fostering them. They are very sweet kittens and are fixed!

If you would like to take one home, please call Ann at (904) 994-0755

Posted 8/26




Stanley Cup


Stanley Cup is 2 1/2 years old, Chow and Lab mix, and weighs 60 1lbs.  He gets along well with other dogs his size and loves to get lots of attention from people.  He is also very good with kids that are 10 years old or older.  Stanley is house trained and also loves playing in the yard.

Please give sweet, lovable Stanley a new home by leaving a message for:

Rafael Hernandez, (904) 645-1877

Posted on 08/28/2014




 Max is an extremely friendly dog.  He rarely barks. He loves people and is very friendly with other dogs.  He has never bitten anyone, he has been neutered, and at his last comprehensive exam this year at Petsmart, the doctor advised he is perfectly healthy.

Please contact Jessica at 904-651-1879

Posted 8/30


Ivy & Dag


 Both of these pups need loving homes!

Contact  Rhona at for more information.

Posted 8/31




My husband got me a puppy when we got married last year. A few months later, we found out we were having a baby! We recently moved into an apartment, and have realized that we will not be able to handle a very active puppy and being first-time parents. We love her very much. She is extremely smart and a little mischievous. She is wonderful inside as long as she gets enough exercise during the day. We aren't really sure what she's mixed with, but we have been told husky/shepherd. Her name is Meadow. Wonderful with kids, and protective.

Contact Marcos at

Posted 8/31




This is Chance. I rescued a male dog (apx 1 year old now) about 4 months ago. He was emaciated and in bad condition. He is now about 75 lbs of love and energy and we are trying to find him a new home. He gets along well with our 5 year old female (who is fixed) but could probably use more socialization with other dogs as he has only played with a few. He needs a strong person willing to take time to continue training with him. He is very energetic and loves to run and chew (he is still a puppy after all) and needs attention and/or a playmate. He is great with kids and super friendly but sometimes doesn't realize his size so small kids may not be a great idea, although he loves our 4 year old. He is spunky, somewhat clumsy, loves to cuddle, will drink out the toilet if given the chance, loves the beach and riding in cars and hiking. He is neutered and UTD on shots and flea prevention. Asking a small rehoming fee to cover vet bills. I can be reached via email or phone.

Contact Elizabeth at (334) 452-0908 or

Posted 8/31




My daughter and I are moving across country next weekend, as I'm starting grad school soon, and need to find a good home for our dog. We can't take her with us as housing doesn't allow pets and b/c our schedules will be so hectic. I've tried finding her a new home on my own, but haven't had any luck. None of my friends or family can take her . I tried surrendering her back to the shelter we got her from, but they wouldn't take her without her being seen by the supervisor first. Unfortunately, she wasn't there, and I don't have time in my schedule to set-up another appointment. I don't want to have to take her to animal control for fear of her having to be put down. So, I'm reaching out to you all to see if you can help. Chanel is a beautiful 20-month old pit, terrier, shar pei mix. She's fully house broken and crate trained. She's never bit or been aggressive with anyone, but she is shy and stand-offish until she gets to know you. She's not used to being around men, so they scare her a bit, as does thunderstorms. She's really good with kids and LOVES playing with dogs of all sizes. She also enjoys playing in the pool, fetch, having her coat brushed, lengthy belly rubs, and sleeping at your feet. She's also fixed and micro-chipped. Please help us find our sweet little pup a loving, patient/gentle, and caring forever home. We thank you sincerely for any help you can provide.

Contact Nita at


Posted 8/31




I am Nina and looking for a forever home as well as my siblings Nila, Buddy (the only male), Sophie, and Mia. I was taken in by my foster mom who has cared for us and tried to place us with an animal rescue group but that didn't work out due to kitten mania. I am 11+ months old, have been spayed, de-fleaed, de-wormed, and our shots are up to date. Our foster mom is asking a $20.00 rehoming fee to help defray our care expenses.

Please contact Sharon @ 509-1335 Cell or text, 272-2718 home or e-mail



Posted 8/31




Hello All, This is Trey, he is Shih Tzu/Poodle meaning he is calm and great with children. He is potty trained, house trained, and loves to travel. Trey was a member of Banfield medical (Petsmart) insurance his entire life. Trey has been neutered and micro chipped. He continues to be groomed on a biweekly basis. He is a great addition to the family.

Please feel free to contact Leslie Kiser at or 904-2480112.

We want Trey to have a loving home because he is an awesome friend and companion.


Posted 8/31




Sarasota is a beautiful husky mix that has been a wonderful companion.  I got him from the humane society when he was 8 weeks old and he is now 7.  He is extremely well-behaved, he does bark at other dogs while being walked so would need an owner that can be firm with him.  He does wonderful with adults and meeting new people but is not good with children.  He is completely house broken, has all of his shots and is neutered.  He has a very calm demeanor and loves being outside or laying around the house with me.

Kristin Symons, 904-309-1844

Posted on 09/04/2014







Sophia and Jack

On April 26, Wagsonville Wescue rescued a poor girl we'd rescued months before. Seeing the home was unfit and noticing how poorly she was being treated, I offered to take her in so she wouldn't be any more of a burden on her, "owner." Come to find out, he only kept her for the puppies. She'd never been to the vet in her entire life when he called me saying she had too many puppies. After I told him of Mom's heartworm positive results as well as hookworms and urged him to get his other dogs tested as well as the few of her puppies he insisted on keeping, he called back and asked me to just take the rest of the puppies.

Sophia, the little chocolate princess, is the runt of the litter. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in energy! She is kind of timid at first, not having had any human contact prior to my rescue. Since then I've invited friend after friend over to make the pups more comfortable around people. Once she warms up to you, though, it's all kisses, hugs (actual hugs) and cuddles from then on out! She loves to play fetch with her favorite soccer ball. Every dog that comes through my rescue leaves with his or her favorite toy and a blanket! I do this to try to ease the difficulties of adjusting to new surroundings. So this little soccer ball and her blankie will be going with her to her new home! She is 30 pounds, soaking wet at 6 months old. Pits are around this size by 12 weeks if this gives you any ideas as to her size. Once I was able to get Mommy, Layla, healthy…for the second time…she was around 45 lbs. So I don't estimate these guys are going to pass 50-60 lbs.

Jack, however, may get to that 60. Jack looks more like a pit than little Sophia does! Jack is all puppy! Hide your shoes and have lots of toys around for him because he likes to chew. He is one of the bigger pups and is a beautiful red boy! He LOVES to play…and this can mean anything. From something as simple as you whistling to actually playing fetch.

Both pups were raised out in the front yard and in the big back yard. So they are fine off-leash as long as there are no other dogs around. Jack loves funny noises and playing with just about anything! And both pups LOVE ice!!! They have a water bowl I fill up and a separate bowl for just ice! Both are so very affectionate. So, if you don't like doggy kisses, these babies aren't for you.

For more information on either puppy, please visit Wagsonville Wescue Paws on Facebook. Just search our name and you'll be able to see the rest of these puppies' family as well as more pictures of them! You can ask email me at or call 904-321-WAGS!!


Posted 9/4







Hunter is a sweet boy who grew up in a hard life.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances we have to rehome our boy.  He is around 2 years old with a heart of gold, just needs a no-kid family that will give him the time to work with him and show him that the world isn't out the hurt him.  He loves his back scratched and belly rubbed, cuddling and running around outside.  You don't even need to leash him once he gets familiar with you.  He is a very good listener and well behaved.

For more information contact Beret Dunn @ 425-903-6505 or

Posted 9/6








Domestic longhair cat in need of new home. Occasionally comes to (but usually ignores) the name Cinder. Cinder is a 7 year old, very loving, indoor cat. Spayed and microchipped but not declawed (has never scratched a person). Loves sitting in windows and watching geckos or curling up next to you on the couch for a nap and a scratch behind the ears. Favorite toys are rope on a stick, chirpy bird, crinkle ball, and any box you can find. All toys are rehomed with Cinder along with litter box, water and food bowls, and any food, treats, litter, and Advantage flea treatment left at time of adoption. Would do best in a child-free home. She has been great with kids visiting (ages 1 - 6 have played with her quite a bit) but has developed a sibling rivalry with our newborn, who we also suspect might be allergic. No health issues we are aware of, just looking for a loving home. She is still active and likes to play, but also enjoys a quieter environment. She's very loving and deserves a good home and an owner who can love and spoil her rotten.

Please email

Posted 9/6






Peace and Smokey


This is Peace, a multi colored and white female fixed kitty with a micro chip. She is 3 years old. Friendly, sweet, liter trained, does NOT like to go outside, NOT declawed. She is super soft and sweet and like other pets. Very healthy. I will pay for first vet visit or whatever I need to. She's never been sick or to vet since a kitten. She eats dry food I leave out all the time.  My husband is having spinal surgery and we have two cats we HAVE TO FIND HOMES FOR ASAP. 


 We also have Smokey, a male grey cat we adopted 4 years ago.  He too is sweet but keeps more to himself.  Never sick. micro chipped.  Also do NOT like to be out.  Liter trained and neutered.   Will be happy to pay/donate what I need to help expedite this procedure.  I am sad to get rid of my kitties but I have to tend to my husband full time.  PLEASE HELP!

Steffi 904-403-3333


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Fun loving girl whom I rescued from a life in a cage. her previous owners were both dual military and she was caged from 0500-11pm everyday, all day.  upon rescuing her she was insanely malnourished and untrusting. after months of working with her she is a completely different dog. She is great around other dogs, loves, absolutely loves kids of all ages she's been around newborns up to 6 years old, she loves to swim and jumps like a goofball when she gets in the water. the ONLY reason we are looking to rehome is because we are only allowed one dog on the lease and we already have a lab. our landlord gave us a couple months to re home her but with no luck we are now faced with eviction if she doesn't go. She deserves someone who treats her like family and loves her unconditionally. her favorite things to lay on bean bags, she is always stealing the kids' bean bags and laying on them. she is crate trained but only in her crate at night (due to chewing when bored) and when we leave the house (due to chewing when bored) she is house broken and loves to go to dog parks, car rides, and loves the puppy ice cream from the supermarket. she is fixed, chipped, and up to date on all shots. serious inquiries only and I am willing to travel to get her the home she deserves. rehoming fee of 50.00 to ensure both seriousness and safety of Lacey.


 Lindsay Hill:


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Two Kittens


Two female kittens that are 5 months old and are very cuddly and good around children. They were bottle-fed and really love people. They are very friendly. Both are spayed, micro-chipped (a great bonus) and have their shots. They are sisters and have done very well growing up together. 

If you any additional information, please let me know.


Posted 9/6



Saada , it means happiness in Arabic. She is a happy cat and has made my life happy since I had her.  But, unfortunately my youngest daughter is allergic to fluff/fur, making it difficult to keep the cat.  I have had her for about six months, she was previously owned by a family in Orlando for three years.  I am looking for a good, trusted owner to take care of her. The cat is declawed, and fixed. She is almost four years old.  She is healthy and had all her immunizations done.  Besides this, Saada is a very friendly and well mannered cat. You will love her!!!

If you are interested in adopting her, please give me a call at (904)208-1248 (myself, Shahira).  An additional number would be (904) 422-2125 (husband Omar).

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My 8 year old female dog, Dixie needs a home. Dixie has been with our family for 7 years now and needs a home. She is not adjusting well to the growing family. She would be better suited to be with a family with no other dogs and no small children. She does well with cats though.
She loves walks but also loves to lounge around and sleep. Please adopt Dixie, I would love to see her with a wonderful family.

Please contact, Emily Darr at
Phone: 904-228-6202 

Posted 9/6

  I have a kitty that I found as a stray my dad will not let me keep her. She is a very sweet cat and I don't want her to go to the pound. I was given your email in hopes that I could find someone to adopt her.  She has already been fixed.



Posted 8/12







Buck his is a three year old Collie/ Mix! Neutered. He Loves Kids of all sizes and his favorite toy is a tennis ball! He will play fetch as long as you will throw it for him! He knows simple commands such as sit and easy when given treats and He loves any positive attention! He is crate and house trained, but he has not been an inside dog for about a year. We need to find buck a new home because my fiance and I both have full time jobs and a 1 year old little girl. Therefore he doesn't get the attention I think he deserves. Buck does have a flea allergy which I normally give him a bath at least once a week to help with the irritation. Confortis helps with the flea control as well. We hope to find buck a forever loving home where he will get plenty of love and play time My Name is Ashley and my number is 904-828-9290 Or if you would like to meet Buck please contact me that way we can set up a time for you to meet him. 

Posted 9/10








I am a sweet loving dog . I love my people and love to run! I am house broken, up to date on all my shots, spayed, and microchipped. I love to go on walks and on car rides are the best! I was adopted at 6 months by a loving family and I'm great with kids. I need to be an only child, but I will stay close to my humans whenever I can. I can "sit" and "shake" and earned high marks in my training course.

If you are interested in giving me a "fur"ever home call Jayne at 904-704-8302 or email at

Posted 9/10



I’m looking for a home for a 4.1lb black n white male Tuxedo Kitty. He found us @ 2 weeks ago in our subdivision. FCNMHP Vet says he’s about 4 months old. He’s very scared and timid when he’s outside. It took only a few days and some cat food of course for him to let his guard down and begin to trust my daughter and I. What the CUDDLE BUG he has turned out to be OMG and he purrs so loud when you pet or hold him. He has purred himself to sleep in our arms quite a few times these past few days while we were socializing him. He has been neutered and has had his shots and flea treatment. He will need a booster shot in 3 weeks. I will gladly pay for that. He’s very playful and gets along well with our neighbors kitty. I believe that it would be best to keep him indoors as he doesn’t like loud noises etc.

If you would like to give this cuddle bug a forever home please contact Jennifer at 904-386-6153 or

Posted 9/11







Princess Socks

Her name is Princess Socks, she is a pointer lab mix, we have tried to find her a new home but the two different family's that took her brought her back. (They said they had room and time but didn't) We can not keep her because we live in an apartment. We recently lost jobs and can not care for her. The last time she was at the vet was about two years ago but the then owners did not give us paperwork. This is a last hope of finding her a forever home before I call the humane Society which has a waiting list and fee. She is a loving, sweet mix, about five or six years old. Because she getting old she will need older children to play with. She is okay with cats, she is neutered, she is a little hyper but that is because she has live in R.v., small town house, an apartment, and trailer. SHE NEEDS A YARD! If interested must be able to take care of her, take her to the vet and care for her.

Posted 9/11



Sasha is approximately 6 years old. We adopted her from the Nassau County Humane Society in Feb 2009. They said she was around 1 years old at the time. Sasha is a black lab mix. She is spayed and microchipped. She is a very loving dog who loves kids, and her belly rubbed. She is house trained and does not like to be outside for you long unless she is out running. She gets along well with other dogs, but does not like cats. We can not keep her where I live, so she has been living with my oldest daughter for the last year. Unfortunately, she can no longer care for her. We have brought Sasha here temporarily, but need to find her a home soon before the landlord finds out.

Thank you for helping us find our baby Sasha a new home.

Contact Rosalyn at (904) 548-7323

Posted 9/11





I need to try to find a home for my cat Roses. She is about 9 lbs, multi-colored, is spayed and up to date on all her shots. She has no known health problems and is 7 years old. She's a very sweet, lovable cat that loves cuddling. However she doesn't do well around dogs as she scares easily.

My name is Ashlee Jenkins and my contact number is 904-742-7059.

Posted 9/11




I got the puppy in July (animal shelter/spayed) for my niece which as it turns out has dog allergies. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or energy to care for a puppy. Pit bull mixed with Lab, 7 months old. She loves running, jumping and fetching. She is definitely a house puppy, she loves to curl up at your feet.

Deb Burns 407-701-5249

Posted 9/11



Female Feline has been spayed, very friendly with kids and adults. When you call her she comes running and answers you back with kitten talk. She likes being indoors or outdoors.

For more information call Donald (904) 701-9059 or (904) 443-7207 After 05:00PM.

Posted 9/11


 Mr. Pickles



I sadly need to rehome my cat. He is a 6 year old orange mackerel. He is neutered, litter trained and declawed. He can be an inside or an inside/outside cat. He is extremely affectionate! He loves to be by your side or in your lap. He’s on the smaller side. He is animal and kid friendly. He is all around a wonderful cat. Unfortunately, one of my dogs keeps trying to get at Mr. Pickles and I feel for his safety, he would do better in a different home. Please help this beautiful boy find a home!

Thank you,

James and Amanda

904-402-5852 or

Posted 9/11





Goldie is a mixed breed who is sweet, lovable, playful and energetic. Great companion. House trained. Needs to be only pet home.

Contact Candy at <>

Posted 9/11





Hi,my name is Katie Flury, i have a beautiful stray cat I'm currently fostering. We found him outside our house,very malnourished and weak, and I took him in to nurse him back to health. As you can see he's made a dramatic change into a very healthy and playful young cat! He's gotten all his shots, he has been neutered, and he is approximately 6 months old. I would love any help to find him a safe and happy permanent home! You can reach me by email or phone 904 416 8352. Thank you so much!

Posted 9/11




My name is Sadie, I am a rescue dog from a kill shelter. I am a very lovable and friendly pittie mix (pocket pittie 35 lbs). I am a little shy, but once I trust you-I am playful and fun! I am great with other dogs & kid friendly. I would LOVE to be homed with another doggie friend! I am loyal and sweet. I am 11 months old and fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed. I am longing for a home where I am safe and loved. Application Applies.

Please contact Julie if you would like to meet Sadie and give her the chance she deserves (904) 607-2961 or

Posted 9/11



  “Peaches” because I am so adorable- you can just eat me up! I am so cute! I am so very playful, fun and I literally LOVE EVERYONE! Fantastic with other dogs and kids! I love to be around you, petted, rubbed and just LOVED! I am still a puppy 8 months old-and will be a good size pup when I grow up as I am a Shar Pei/lab mix. You really have to see me in person I am mostly Shar Pei and have a personality of one too! I am so very friendly, housebroken and eager to please. Fully vaccinated, spayed and micro-chipped Please adopt me!!! Application applies.
Contact: (904) 607-2961 or

Posted 9/11



  Dutchess is a very calm, submissive lap Boxer/Bulldog that is fully vetted and spayed. She is about 1.5 years old and she is approximately 40-45lbs. Perfect size! She is a total sweetheart that loves people and other dogs. She is friendly, affectionate, healthy and “sensitive” she is shy and likes everyone around her to be calm and relaxed. Dutchess was abused pretty badly before being rescued. She has a forgiving soul. Please contact Margo at (904) 463-0343 if you are interested in her. Application and home visit is required.

Posted 9/11



  Meet JJ! He needs to be rehomed because his owners are moving out of the country. He is a shepherd mix. He is the most loveable dog you will ever meet! He is great with other dogs and cats. He is fixed and chipped. Please consider making JJ a part of your family- he only deserves the best!

If you can give this sweet baby a home, please contact Margarita at (904) 349-7600

Posted 9/11



My husband and I recently bought Paulie from PetSmart because we wanted a little extra company around the apartment. Although we realized soon after we got him that we wouldn't be able to give him the undivided attention that he wants wants/needs. As we both have full time jobs, he is left at home all day. He's a beautiful kitty that loves to cuddle and play! He's all up to date on his shots as well. If interested, please contact Laura Flores at (904) 910-2067.


Posted 9/15



This is Jade. She's about 5 years old, spayed, and a 100 % indoor cat. Very sweet, LOVES attention. Should probably be in a single pet household.
My living circumstances are changing and I will be unable to take her with me. Hoping to find a good home for her, with someone who can give her the love and attention she deserves, so she can continue her "fat and happy" kitty life.

Jessica D.
(904) 635-7135

Posted 9/15




This lovely lady needs a loving place to call home. She is a gentle, affectionate and playful cat. She loves to play outdoors so she will need space to roam around. If you have a backyard your set! She loves resting out in the sun but also loves to play indoors as she adores attention. She needs freedom to do both. She is 4 years old, born March of 2010 – Approx. We have had her since she was a kitten. Unfortunately we have to give her up because we are moving out of state and are not able to take her with us. She is spayed and up to date with her shots. She comes with all her stuff like littler box and food bowls. 

Please contact Karla @ 541-613-8026 or

Posted on 09/16/2014


Older spayed female beagle needs home asap! Very sweet, house broken and loves her crate. Found her and we can't have dogs where we live. We don't want to her to be stuck in a shelter. If you can adopt or even foster that would help.



Posted 9/16



 Olaf, Kristoff, Sven

I found a litter of kittens abandoned under my house at 3 weeks old. They are now 17/18 weeks old and parasite free, FVRCP and rabies vaccinations, city license and spayed/neutered. As well as been socialized with kids and dogs. All are litter box trained, indoor kittens, loving and ready to find a permanent home. They currently sleep with my 3 year old daughter. Please consider one to add to your family.  Thank You!

 Olaf Olaf

Olaf : Is a female calico shy kitten. Once she warms up she is a cuddle bug. Calm but playful willing to love on you.


Kristoff: Is a black male energetic, playful, vocal kitten. He is good for hours of playful fun.


Sven: Is a tortoise shell female kitten. She is a loving kitten always up for cuddling and being your shadow. Fun and playful.


Contact me at

Posted 09/16 

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