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The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community. (Community Pet Disclaimer)

Community Pets (Pets Who Need New Homes)




Jade is a 3 year old female Greyhound Shepherd mix.
She likes to run and play ball. She is gentle and walks on a leash. She loves people! She needs to be in a one dog household, or in one that can manage her food aggression, as she would need to be fed separately from other animals. Jade likes lots of love, she loves to give kisses. She lived with cats and did great with them. She loves to run around and would do best in a home with a large yard. She is an expert snuggler and sleeps in my bed like a queen!


 Posted 3/16




Beautiful young female cat with intense personality needs space to call her own with plenty of play. Has managed to get along with her companions with minimal fur loss and blood shed but, much like a Russian spy from a Bond film, would rather be out murdering things and seducing exotic creatures much like herself. Enjoys lasers, high speed chases and getting as close to you as possible for snuggles. Molly was recently taken into my home from her previous where she found out she had a flea allergy so her fur is still growing back to it's full form. She's up to date on all her vaccines and is treated monthly with Advantage. I will provide all her paperwork and her microchip information. She's a great loving cat!

Contact Amanda Stewart 561-301-9482

Posted 3/16





Hi my name is Isaac! I am a good boy! I am a 2 year old Beagle mix so I am a perfect size pup.I am housebroken, crate trained, get along with other dogs as well as cats, love people – very friendly, & good with kids.  I love to play fetch with a tennis ball and brings it back to you and play!  I walk well on a  leash and I am very well behaved in the house.   I am neutered, updated on vaccinations, and micro-chipped. Please call Carolyn if you think I would fit in your family: (904) 955-3082.  

Posted on 3/17





This is Albert! He has been a resident at our church. It just so happens that he is so loving that a member tripped over him! We have to find him a new home. 

Call Chris at (904) 725-8133


Posted 3/19




Hi, I am trying to find a home for my son's dog.  My son is 19 and moved out, but left his dog with us.  We already have 4 dogs and my son's dog, Parker, does not get along with my dog, Zen.  They continuously fight so we have to keep them separated.  Now, they are fighting through the glass door in the kitchen if one is outside and one is inside.  Parker is a sweet dog and gets along with my female dog, my neutered Chihuahua and my daughter's puppy, but not my 3 year old male dog.  At this point, everyone in the family has been bitten by one of the dogs when breaking up a fight and we are exhausted.  My son is not in a place where he can take his dog.  Can you help us find Parker a home?  He is 15 months old, 55 pounds and a Weimeraner Hound mix (at least, that's what we were told).  I think that he will make someone a great pet as long as they do not have any other male dogs. 

In the picture I had caught him eating, so he is giving me the "What do you want?" look. :)





Harley is a four-year old pure-bred male boxer. He is a lively, affectionate pet. Harley is neutered and has had regular care by a veterinarian. 

His current owner is ill and can no longer care for him. He needs an owner who will love him.


Please contact Janet a or call her at (904) 829-5113.

Posted 3/23




Max is a three-year old male mixed-lab. He is an active and affectionate dog who needs a new home.

Max is neutered and healthy. He has had regular vet care.

Since his owner died, he has been cared for by a friend who is now ill and can no longer keep him.

Please email Janet at or call (904) 829-5113.


Posted 3/23




Jamie is an American Staffordshire Terrier. She is 3 years old and weighs 58 lbs. Her records are at Gateway Animal Hospital. She has all her shots and is spayed. She is a beautiful brindle color! Jamie would be a great travel buddy, as she loves to ride in cars! She is wonderful with kids and adults. 

Please call Barbara at (904) 647-7502


Posted 3/23




Do you have a young cat who is keeping you up all night, playing with your toes under the covers and flying like a ninja around the room? Does your cat need a playmate? Meet Clementine! Clementine is a sweet, playful girl who simply adores other cats. She is being fostered with five other kitties (and one dog) and she can always be found near one of the five. She loves to play with the laser light and uses her scratching post.

Clementine is very shy around people. She spent one month with a potential adopter who reported her to be very sweet and a lap cat, but they developed allergies so she came back to us. In our home, she is very shy and will only come out for toys or treats. She doesn’t hiss or swat, she just prefers to hide.

As her foster mom, I am seeking a home for “Clemmy” where she can have another young cat companion and an owner who understands that she may or may not become a snuggly lap cat, but she will still make a wonderful pet. Clementine is microchipped, spayed, and up to date on all her shots. Her adoption fee is $20 to register the city license and she will come with a bag of food. Please text 613-6331 or email for more information.


Posted 3/25 



Coffee & Creamer


Hi my name is Martha. Coffee and Creamer are two beautiful Cocker Spaniel dogs that I have taken in since December 2012 after the death their owner- a co-worker. She passed away of colon cancer.   She was a fun and a truly giving case manager for the elderly.  I was told that she had taken them in 9 years ago after one of her clients passed away.

I am reaching out for someone to take them in.  I already own a dog who I found 10 years ago.When I took them in I thought it wouldn't take long to find them a home. Well, because of their age it has not been easy.

The 2 dogs are brothers about 13 years. old. They are quiet at home and enjoy their own area. Creamer had   kidney stones removed in 2012. Coffee unfortunately has stones and I fed him 1 month's supply of Hill's Prescription Diet u/d Canine Non-Struvite Urinary Tract Health canned food to help dissolve the stones. In order to see how stones are I would need to x-ray and cannot afford at this time. He seems not to be in pain.

They are quiet at home;enjoy their own space and soft music. They are affectionate and love music.  Creamer likes to dance a little. They seem to thrive on routine.   We walk at least once a day; an activity they look forward to, and seem now to demand (smile).  They have brought me immense joy! Creamer runs like a horse at times! Coffee is very caring and I have named him "Grandpa". He is gently strong and only barks when necessary, for example when he really has to go outside!

I have received wonderful assistance from the Humane Society for their food as needed but I am reaching for more help. The time and money to take to care of them is something I will not have and I don't want to take them to a shelter. 

Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless all you do,

Martha Mercado Quintero


Posted 3/27





Kali is an ADORABLE high energy 1 year old brindle Plott hound mix & a sweetheart that loves to play and be with you. She knows several commands: sit, down, shake, roll over and more!!!! She is obedient, great in a crate and housebroken. Kali needs a home where she can run and play and an active family-she is approximately 45 lbs. She is friendly with other dogs! Best in a home with no kitties. Kali is great with kids at least 8 years old or older (due to her energy level) She is micro-chipped, spayed, UTD on vaccinations. Adoption Application and home visit is required. Please contact Kim: (904) 305-4105 or Email:



Posted 3/27





Diego is a Chihuahua, Jack Russell terrier mix being fostered through ACPS.  He’s about two years old and weighs approximately 10 lbs.  He’s neutered and will be microchipped and fully up to date on his shots before going to his forever home.  He’s a bit skittish at first, but warms up quickly.  He loves car rides, going for walks, sitting/sleeping on your lap, and eating (his favorite treats are baby carrots)!  He does fine with other dogs and cats.  We are working on teaching him some commands.  He is crate trained; however, he really likes to sleep in the same room with you at night.  He is house-trained, but we always take him outside right after he eats—just in case!  He will need to either have a fully fenced in yard or will need to be on a leash at all times, as he likes to run.  Please contact Elizabeth if you’re interested in meeting Diego!


 Posted 3/27



I found Bode abandoned in a park over a month ago and have been fostering him ever since. He is a blue pit bull mix, neutered and fully vaccinated and micro chipped. He is about 1 1/2 yrs old. He gets along well with my 2 other dogs and I feel comfortable with him with my 2 yr old grandson. He knows basic commands and walks well on a leash.

 If you are interested call Beth at 904-306-6716.

 Posted 3/30





Blossom is a sweet 14 mo old pit bull mix. She was living with two dogs and five cats. She likes children and big dogs...rough with small dogs...really wants to be the only dog, as she guards her toys and treats. Uses dog door but likes to be inside at night and to sleep by your bed.  Needs constant love and patience. Only has one ear, may have been bait dog. She is very needy...wants a family to give her lots of attention, and allow her to grow old with them.  Has been spayed and shots are updated.  My niece gave her to me to find a home. I have six old dogs myself...I need help. Can someone adopt her?

 If interested, call Kathy Mason at (904) 241-0160 or  (904) 535-5998


 Posted 3/30





Aponee is approx. 5 years old spayed and up to date with all her shots. My roommate rescued her from an animal shelter in Hawaii approx 2 years ago. She has since moved with me to Florida from Hawaii due to my roommate going on deployment. She is big boned(fluffy is what we call her) but we are working on her getting to a healthier weight. She was with approx. 30 other cats and dogs inside the open spaced shelter, since leaving the shelter she hasn't had any other contact with cats but we do have two dogs and a bird that she ignores. She comes with her liter box which is only 2 months old, small cat scratcher, food, travel crate and small food and water bowl. I have developed allergies to her that were tolerable in Hawaii but since our move here have gotten worse so she is in need of a new home. I am not in a rush and I want to make sure she is going to a good home. She loves going outside but is not an outside cat. She sleeps in the bed with my daughter or me. Please feel free to call me with any questions 619-729-2739 or 904-524-8118.


Posted 4/1


Domino & Checkers

Domino and Checkers are two peas in a pod! They're brothers and would like to stay together forever. They love toys, strings, and long days in front of the TV! They are looking for that special someone who will give them time to let their personalities shine. They prefer to be petted on their terms. They are shy at first but warm up with food and attention. Then, they are very sweet and appreciate your time spent with them. I will set them up with litterboxes, toys, and medical records. They are wonderful little kitties but I have multiple kitties already. My phone number is 904-955-4241.
Posted 4/2

Gus & Shawn

Two male black and white (tuxedo) cats (neutered). 2 1/2 years old. Brothers, but CAN BE ADOPTED SEPARATELY.  Neither one likes dogs (to the point of attacking them) which is why we are trying to find new homes for them. They DO have their claws but are not into scratching furniture. Very sweet cats but cannot share our home with the dogs. Shawn is a talker and will turn somersaults when scratched behind his ears. Gus is very quiet and likes to suck his "thumb" (paw pad) to fall asleep. They eat 9 Lives Urinary Tract Health dry food (about $4 to $5 a bag which lasts them about 2 weeks or so). They will come to you with a variety of cat essentials, carriers, and toys.  My last attempt at rehoming did not go well as the person found out that she is highly allergic and so they are back with us and the dogs, and once again miserable.  If you have a FARM or something and maybe need a couple of cats to chase mice or just roam the territory, they would love it!  I think they would even be fine outside with dogs who don't pay much mind to cats being around.  It's just the dogs they live with pay TOO much attention to them and they constantly feel threatened.  This will be my third attempt at re-homing them and I am running out of options.  What makes it even more difficult is I am moving very soon and into a house guessed it...another dog.  Will someone please help these sweet boys?


Contact:  Lisa -

Phone:  813-361-9886


Posted 4/15





Abby is an eight year old Shepherd mix. We adopted her from ACPS when she was eight weeks old and very skittish. She has calmed down quite a bit, but gets so excited when we come home. She is still full of energy and life. She is spayed and up to date on shots. Abby does NOT like cats, but gets along great with our other dog that she has grown up with (also on the community page), Lilly. She is an inside dog and loves being outside and taken on walks. She gets along well with my three year old. As this is heartbreaking for us, we must find a forever home for her as myself and my son's allergies have take a turn for the worse. There will be a small rehoming fee. Please contact Mandy at (904) 524-7424


Posted 4/6




 Lilly is a seven year old Boxer/Bulldog mix. She is the most loving, 40 pound lap dog you will ever meet. We have had her since she was a puppy and she has grown up with Abby, also on the community page. They get along great, but they do NOT like cats. Lilly is an inside dog, but loves going outside and taken on walks. She gets along well with my three year old. She is still full of life and energy. This is something we did not foresee and it breaks our hearts that we must find a loving forever home for our fur babies, but due to the severe allergies we have developed, it is a must. There will be a small rehoming fee. Please contact Mandy at (904)524-7424.


Posted 4/6





Betty likes to play. I have many toys for her and she has a little bear that I gave to her when I first got her, that she loves to play with. She likes to curl up on laps and likes to be rubbed on the head and ears. She is quiet, does not talk much unless she wants something. She likes to play with paper, if you wrinkle the paper and throw the paper she will go after it. She also likes to play with grocery bags. Please keep lotions away and cotton swabs cause she likes to eat them. She has a unusual personality, it takes her a little time to get used to people she don't see often. But she is funny and smart. I'm sure there is someone that will enjoy her. Thank You for finding her a home      

Contact Migdalia Rodriguez at 904-879-9694


Posted 4/6





Dennis is a sweet, handsome, grey/black striped, neutered male, who was abandoned by his owner, and has now become a neighborhood favorite. 

He loves to greet everyone with a morning headbutt and a cheerful meow!

We believe he is approximately 1-2 years old.

Dennis is a good boy, who deserves a loving home of his own.

Please contact 904-476-9565 if you are interested in Dennis.  Thank you very much!


Posted 4/6


Mr. Big


  Amazing loving puppy, who I sadly don't have the time for with my work schedule changing. He deserves the world, I spoil him with things but that doesn't make up for play time. He is healthy, has a puppy plan at pet smart. Neutered and healed. Loves new people and all animals, especially cats which he plays with. Comes with his crate, bed, toys, food, treats, clothes, leash & collar. Adoption fee $200, so I know you're serious and able to take care of him. As well as friends name and number as a reference. Heard horror stories of people adopting out their dogs and he deserves unconditional love since that's all he gives! :)

Jessica 904 982 6212

Mr.Big Tan- Chihuahua - 7 months young - 8 lbs

Posted 4/6





With a heavy heart, we must rehome our 5 year old brindle terrier mix. Our daughter who is also 5 has severe asthma & allergies; Buju's dander is only insulting her illness. We've managed this long with air filtration & obsessive cleaning but this year's pollen season has been nothing short of rough on her.  The hardest part is our daughter is essentially Buju's 'master'. I cannot however continue to jeopardize our daughter's health. He is great with kids and my daughter will play dress up with Buju; he wears her tutu too often!


He is great with other dogs and NEVER the aggressor, ever. We've had other dogs his entire life and loves to play. We lost our eldest dog due to cancer last May and I think that was rough on him as well :( We also have an outdoor, stray cat we've adopted and he is great with her as well.


We adopted Buju @ Miami Dade Humane in 2009 and his life started with a rancid beginning; his mother unfortunately did not survive whatever they endured. *No one knows for certain why but  he is afraid of new men. My husband is a huge 6'3" Hawaiian & he does not fear my husband in the slightest. Yet, if he does not yet know you, he will run and hide into his house. His crate is his safe place & NOT to be used a punishment! I do not believe animals are to be adopted if you just leave them outside & this cannot happen to Buju!


He is housetrained, crate trained and would be a great family dog. He LOVES to run and could play for hours retrieving a ball. A fenced backyard would be ideal for him. He's about 45-50 lbs & his annual shots are due in June.


Crystal Hart

(305) 890-3580


Posted 4/8




Rocky is a very loveable brindle and white boxer/pit mix that was found running near a busy neighborhood street. His owner was never found and now he needs a loving forever home! He is very sweet and gentle and loves attention! Rocky is very good with other dogs and cats. He is also very gentle around the elderly. He LOVES to play and needs a home with a family that can spend lots of time with him. He is very eager to please and is already learning very quickly basic commands such as sit and lay down. He has been fully taken care of at the vet including all of his vaccinations, neuter, microchip and heartworm prevention! If you choose to adopt this sweet man he comes with all of his records, heartworm prevention, leash and collar and of course his favorite chew toy!!


If you would like to meet Rocky please call Krista at 904-446-5370.


Posted 4/8




Daisy is a 3 year old Dachshund. She loves to play outside with a basketball and run free. She also loves to snuggle up and watch tv with you.. She also loves FOOD!! and loves for her belly to be rubbed. She came into our lives when she was only 5 weeks old. She was born on June 28 2011. She takes a while before she warms up to new people, but when she does she will be your best friend. She is an inside dog. She has grown up with 3 kids and My husband and myself.    


Contact Winfred at

Posted 4/8




Sweet baby girl, loves the outdoors and other dogs, she does wonderful with children of all ages, but not so great with cats. Macy tends to bark at cats and accidently scare them. She loves to play with other dogs and run around large yards with them. Due to certain personal reasons I am unable to keep her sadly, I am trying to find her a forever home that is perfect for my sweet girl. I have already tried a home that didn't work out for her best interest and I now have her again and I hope to have more luck in the present. She is fixed, microchipped, kennel and harness trained, shots all the way to a year I think. (The humane society has her records) She is a wonderful high-energy addition to a family, but she does take a lot of care and attention too! Please spread the word and help me find a wonderful home for her.

Contact Erin Apunte 904-434-2319

Posted 4/8




We have a bulldog mix that was rescued March of '13.  AJ is a 50lb male, neutered, up to date on all shots, and on Advantage Multi.  He was found in a ditch and was extremely scared and timid.  My husband and I have 5 children and 1 other dog.  Our oldest son has Angelman Syndrome which causes him to walk with a wobbly gate.  This makes AJ nervous along with the loud and busy nature of our home.  AJ is a very loving dog who desires a happy home.  An individual or family with teenage kids would be ideal for AJ.  He is not overly active, actually a bit of a lounger. We hope to find a family that will love him and help him find his perfect fit in a family.



Contact Melissa at 904-386-4838 or 


Posted 4/8



I have a 2 year old Dalmatian/Brindle Pit female that needs a good home. She has been fixed, has all her shots and picture is attached. My husband and I are moving and cannot take her with us. I would like to find a good home for her. She is black and white, potty trained, playful, and kennel trained as well. I hope that organization can help me. I can be reached at this email address, my personal one or my cell number 904-563-3245. If you have any questions or if anything is needed please, do not hesitate to contact me.  



Posted 4/8




We adopted scribbles (formally known as Marcus) at the adoption fair in december. He is a basenji /boxer Mix and is neutered. He needed a lot of training when we first got him and now does well with commands such as sit, stay, lay down, kennel, and no. We adopted him as a friend for our current dog but scribbles is pretty moody towards other animals and due to this we have to kennel him anytime we leave which I wish not to do. He is protective of the house and new people and would be more vocal than a normal basenji. We have had a biting incident with him therefore we must find him a new home, because we rent. However he is a sweet boy and just wants to relax with you and becomes a shadow wherever you go. He really is affectionate and would be perfect in a home with no kids or other pets.

Contact Kayla at


Posted 4/13




Quinton is a 7 year old, 70 pound Boxer. I am searching for a new home for him due to a promotion at work that will greatly increase my travel. He has been my dog for 7 years as I rescued him when he was less than a year old. He is neutered and house trained. The rescue organization told me he was full Boxer, but when he is excited and smiling he looks to have some Pit. He is a rambunctious, but very loyal pet. I would like to find a home with a backyard he can run and play in. If you have the energy to play tug of war with him, he can go all day. He is also a good walking/jogging partner.

Please contact Eric at 904-955-4647 for more information.


Posted 4/13




Hello, I need to find a home for my dog Tucker. He is a 1 year old male, neutered, brindle, pit bull terrier mix that I rescued from Putnam County AC last August. He is a very good natured dog, affectionate, playful and smart. He lives with two other dogs, one of whom is far smaller and whom Tucker is submissive to. He also lives with cats and has shown no aggression to them, although they are not thrilled with his high energy. He weighs about 50 pounds, is crate trained, mostly house trained, and knows sit, drop it, bring it, and off. He does need further obedience and leash training. He is up to date on his vaccinations and is microchipped. Due to his need for regular activity combined with personal medical issues that prevent me from providing this for him, I need to rehome him. He would do well with an active person or with a family with older kids and a fenced yard and will make a wonderful companion for a lucky new owner. I can be reached at 904-891-0041 or via email at Thank

Please contact Eric at 904-955-4647 for more information.


Posted 4/13




Bella is a seven year old Australian Shepherd mix. I adopted her in Reno Nevada in Jan 2011. We moved to Jax in Sept 2013. She is very loving and loves her walks. The problem is the thunderstorms. They were very rare in Nevada and she gets very stressed when they occur.She needs a home forever where someone is at home when storms occur. She has been a great friend and with a heavy heart I have to let her go.


Posted 4/13




Hi, my name is Chico. I am a very affectionate 9 month old, 40lb mixed breed male. I was just recently fixed at the vet and had all my vaccines administered. I love going for runs but can also be a couch potato all day.  My brother found a new home in Maine and my current owners work offshore on ships and will be gone for weeks at a time. I'm a little shy at first but am very friendly to those I know. Please call or text 631 4316076 if you would like to come meet me or see me on walks in South Jax Beach.


Posted 4/15




This is Luna, deaf, albino American Bulldog. She is about 6 or 7 and fixed. Very sweet, kinda does he own thing, keeps to herself. So she would be very easy to take care of. She has always been an outside dog, she is also very good with my son. We are moving and sadly can't take her with us. We need to find her a forever home by June 1st. Please contact Nikki Deese @


Posted 4/16




I wandered up to this loving family’s home over several nights checking out the people after seeing how well the Cats that lived there were doing.

The humans took me in and to my surprise fixed my roaming desires and need to find female companionship.  That was ok because they were so loving to me even though I want to be the boss of their Cat Clan. This did not go over well since they already have seven cats who have been together a long time.

I quess this is why the humans have my picture and rap sheet up here on this site.  I love humans and just want to be with them as I said in the beginning I have been fixed and received my rabies shot here at the Jax Humane Societies, a great group of humans by the way.

If you would like to get to know me better please contact my adopted humans by one of the following methods.


                Phone: 904-724-2965


Posted 4/16




I came wondering up to this Family’s home after I was sure they could be trusted. You know a girl has to be sure who they trust these days.

The humans took me in clean and combed my matted long silver gray hair and I just melted into their arms.  I so love being held and petted and combed. Then they took me to see the doctors at Jax Humane Society and had be checked and to my surprise fixed my desires for male companionship and even got Rabies shots.  I was going to hang around this place it was the good life but they already have seven cats and some of them thought I was pushing and taking their territory.  They also had the nerve to say I talked to much, well you know a girl got to speak for herself. I am about 6 to 8 months old.

I quess this is why the humans have my picture and rap sheet up here on this site.  I don’t really want to leave but they have been so nice to me and I know if they find me a home it will be even better than theirs.

So if you like my picture and would like to meet me in person and get to know me better please contact my adopted humans by one of the following methods.


                Phone: 904-724-2965


Posted 4/16



My name is Bear! I am a 4 month old Coonhound mix puppy. I am very lovable, cuddly and fun to be around! I like kids and other dogs & love to play with toys! I am learning commands and already housebroken, good in a crate & walk on a leash!  I long for a family that is looking for a cute puppy that will be approximately 45-50 lbs once fully grown. I am good  & happy boy! Vaccinated, Neutered and currently 26 lbs. Please contact Carolyn at 904-955-3082 or


Posted 4/16



Kissy, Babe, & Tiger

At my home are currently 3 cats, all of whom have been walked on a harness & leash arrangement. This was the only way they have gone outside since my late mother & I adopted them. the 3 cats are TIGER & BABE and KISSY.


I dearly love these furry people, but I'm having a life change that requires my moving out of Jacksonville.
TIGER & BABE are twin brothers who of course look nothing alike. They are about 3-4 years old & are fixed & microchipped. These 2 are a BONDED PAIR so they must go to the same loving home. TIGER of course actually does look like a tiger & is very outgoing &  explores everywhere. BABE is the sensitive scientist who has been mistaken for a female & with his black fur & green eyes possesses a "very loud stare." These 2 were adopted from a neighborhood where they learned to fear strangers but they are very loving & trusting to their family, as those who adopt them will soon learn. TIGER will ask for affection & BABE will open up a little later.

KISSY is about 5-6 & she was a stray, adopted as my late mother's cat. She is very easy-going & loves to purr. She looks like gold dust sprinkled over black velvet. She is allergic to fleas & so would make a great indoor cat. Kissy practically talks herself when being talked to. She is also fixed & has been microchipped Their current owner may be contacted at (904) 576-6203 & at



Posted 4/16



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