The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community. (Community Pet Disclaimer)

Community Pets (Pets Who Need New Homes)




Name: Bella

Age: 7 months

Breed: labrador/german sheppard 

Description: She is an eccentric family dog. She loves to play fetch and she gets very excited when she gets to meet new people. She is potty trained. At night when the outside door is closed, she has a designated area where wee wee pads are located for her to use. She has a certain time when she knows its time to go to bed so she goes herself, and doesnt move until the next morning when you wake up. She understands comands like sit, lay down, and bad girl seems to work more so than No. She  She loves attention. She needs a home where she can get the attention she deserves.

Spayed or Neutered?: yes

Your Name: Monica

Contact Info: 904-778-5673 or

Posted 7/1




Taylor is a sure DIVA!!  She is litter box trained and does well inside a home.  Additionally, she is spoiled rotten and hoards attention.  Therefore, I believe she would do well in a home without pets OR with kittens/cats close in age  with her.  She is playful and has a ferocious appetite. Moreover, she enjoys baths and use of the scratching post.  She is NOT declawed, and DOES NOT scratch furniture.  Most importantly,  she LOVES to sleep under the cover with you.  I currently have two senior cats in the home.  One is blind and does not do well with Taylors playful behavior...the other is more accepting.  I have noticed that once I allow the adult cats to go outside..she cuddles with me and is more interactive.  However, when they re- enter she is out of sight and acts timid.  She does talk to you and meows when her name is called.  She has a small frame/build. Please contact if you or your family are willing to give Taylor a loving, safe, and permanent home. 
Pets name: Taylor      A.K.A. Tae tae
Age: 7 1/2 months
Breed: Feline
Description: Predominantly black with white under belly
Contact information: Kimberly (904) 258-7266
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date

 Posted 7/1








She is sweet natured, calm and full of love. She is a spayed mix breed dog (American Staffordshire Terrier mix)and is 2-3 years old. Please contact me if you would like to adopt her. We really just want a home for her where she will be loved and appreciated. She is an amazing dog.

Laurie Stanton 626-9145



Posted 6/17








MISSY - Domestic Short Hair - Calico - Female Cat

Missy needs a new forever home. She is a recent addition to our family due to her master's declining health, but she and our "only child" cat do not get along and the lady of the house is allergic to Calicos. Don't let her strange meow scare you. She sounds mean at first but once she accepts you she is a very loving and loveable animal. She loves to be brushed and she will even take the brush and brush herself. She is a very fun cat to have around. Missy is 8 years old, has been spayed and declawed (front only) and is up-to-date on her shots. Her brush and Litter Maid self-cleaning litter box are included.

Contact info:  Larry

904-813-8415 or

Posted 6/17


 Princess, Duchess, Duke, Earl and Baron



Pet's Name: Princess, Duchess, Duke, Earl and Baron
Age: 11 Weeks Old
Breed: DSH
Description: One female all black (Duchess), One female tabby with white Paws (Princess) , One male tuxedo with a heart shaped birthmark on nose (Duke), Second tuxedo with a small white tipped tail (Earl), Third tuxedo with only white on and around his nose (Baron).
Spayed or Neutered?: Spayed/Neutered as of 5/30/2015.
Your Name: Monica Rodriguez
Contact Info:904-510-5869

Posted 6/17






 Name: Buddy

Age: 1

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Description: I have a one year old American Staffordshire Terrier (possibly full bred, not sure) that I was given from a lady who had rescued him on Craigslist. His name is Buddy and he is house broken, neutered, and will come with metal crate, and remaining Advantix (2 months supply), leash and harness, and food bowls. Would be best in a home without other pets and small children.

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Contact Info:  Joseph McCoy (614) 307-316



Posted 6/17








Pet's Name: Walter

Age: 5 Years Old

Breed: Great Dane/ Rhodesian Ridgeback

Description: I adopted Walter( Great Dane/ Rhodesian Ridgeback ) from Nassau Humane Society around 9 months ago. I'm currently looking to place him for adoption. My family and I love Walter so much, he is the BEST dog ever. Unfortunately, Walter doesn't realize how big he is, and I'm starting to foster children ages 0-5 and to keep Walter locked in his cage is not the life for this precious boy. When we received Walter he couldn't even ride in a car or be walked, he had major, major anxiety when seeing a moving vehicle. Our family worked with a trainer and Walter is now riding in cars and being walked, we are So very proud. I currently pay for Banfield Vet monthly for Walters shots and needs and will do so until contract is up. Walter is currently on Trifexis Monthly and all shots are updated. If you know of someone who is interested or might suit Walter please let me know. I'd say Walter does great with other dogs and he loves my cat, but he isn't aware of how big he is, so small children I would hesitate, not in fear of biting or being aggressive but just knocking them over or down stairs. I'm so sad even writing this it breaks my heart.

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Contact Info: Sandy Powell

Posted 6/17





Pet's Name: Penny
Age: 7 months
Breed: terrier mix
Description: Hi my name is Penny. I am a loving and affectionate dog. I am great around children, dogs and cats. I am house trained, crate trained and up to date on all my shots. I enjoy playing fetch and going for walks or a jog. I am smart and know how to sit, lay down and learning to rollover.
Spayed or Neutered?: no
Your Name: Nick
Contact Info: 904-238-7287

Posted 6/17



I found a box of 11 kittens off of Mayport road. Please help me find them a good home! I have severe allergies and am already breaking out into rashes from barely handling them.


Here is a picture of each of the kittens! I estimate them to be three to four weeks old. It could possibly be two litters put together because some appear to be larger and have mane coon blood. Some are tiny and sickly and need lots of attention. They are crawling with bugs and probably have worms. Please keep this in mind if you have pets at home; these kitties need to be isolated until they get better. We will be happy to provide you with kitty food and toys and litter. 



Phone: 904-735-4003







Posted 6/17






Pet's Name: Marley


Age: approximately 12


Breed: boxer mix


Description: Marley is a sweet rescue dog that enjoys short walks and to be loved on.  She is house trained and gets along well with kids and other dogs.  She has no health issues and is up to date on her shots.  We are not home a lot and I would love to see her with someone that can give her the love and attention she needs.


Spayed or Neutered?: spayed


Your Name: Angie Dean


Contact Info: or 904-219-4441

Posted 6/13







Pet's Name:  ISIS


Age:  4 yrs.


Breed:  grey tiger-striped Tabby




Beautiful, friendly, silvery, tiger-striped, blue-eyed darling named "Isis" needs a loving, forever home.  Her human was in a terrible car accident around New Year's and could no longer care for her.  She has been lovingly fostered these last few months, but definitely needs to find a permanent home.  She is affectionate, playful, is socialized around other cats (although she can tend to be a bit of an alpha), and would make a wonderful companion (to an adult human, preferably)!


Spayed or Neutered?:  YES


Your Name:  E.J. Haley




Edward Stolte

(904) 551-8414


OR ...


E.J. Haley

(904) 844-8976


Posted 6/13








Jimmy is a 9-11 month old Chihuahua who was emaciated at 5 pounds, but is gaining weight quickly.  He has been neutered and completely vetted by his rescuers.  He is great with other dogs, but is not a cat lover!  Does love laps. Not yippy, but a good watch dog.   Linda can be reached by leaving a message at 904-894-4219

Posted 6/13








Pet's Name: Reid

Age: 5 years old

Breed: "Cavapoo" (King Charles Cavlier/Poodle Mix)

Description: I am a 5 year old male who is truly man's best friend ! I love to walk, run, or play. I am house broken and weigh approximately 20 pounds. I love my owners and quickly attach to those who take care of me.

Neutered/Spayed: Yes

Contact Information: Drew Upchurch (540-1866)

Posted 6/13






Pet's Name:  Baxter

Age:  6

Breed:   Lab-mix

Description:  medium sized (45 lbs.), short brown fur

Spayed or Neutered?:  yes

Your Name:  Margaret Strack     

Contact Info:  904-349-6712


Posted 6/13








His name is Prince, he is 6 months old, he is a lab mix, he like to run and play. His favorite game to play is catch. He's very lovable and playful.  He is neutered
My name is Val and my email is

Posted 6/13





Pet’s Name:  Max

Age:  1-1.5 years old

Breed:  Boxer - Male

Description: Brown with black and white

Neutered: Yes

Contact Info:  Robin Phillips (904) 508-9917


Max is an awesome dog, who is quite and disciplined.  I found him in North Riverside running around afraid.  He is micro-chipped, fully vetted, Heart worm negative (on heartworm preventative) no fleas, on flea preventative, has been checked for worms and wormed.  Gets along great with dogs but shows curiosity to cats.  He doesn’t seem to understand the cats.  I think he would be best in a home with no cats.  He is housebroken, crate trained and walks well on a leash.  I think he might be good with someone who jogs.  He has great strength in his back legs as they are full of muscles.  This dog is a keeper, but I have way too many already.  He also is very loving!

Posted 7/1





Name: Chianti

Age: 14

Breed: DMH feline

Description: petite front-declawed female gray tabby Spayed My name: Adrienne Brooks Contact 904-707-4626 or


Chianti loves people and is very affectionate. She doesn't particularly care for other cats. She wants your lap all to herself. Chianti is up to date on shots and is micro chipped. She's a wonderful companion, but I'm moving overseas and love her too much to have her go through the stress of flying and being in a kennel.

Posted 06/17





These playful, purring, kittens need a home!   They are all males. Born approx. 3/25/15. 

They have had their initial shot, de-wormer, flea treatment and have been neutered.  

Contact Elaine 904 619 4431, leave a voice message if no answer (no text msgs).

Posted 06/17





Pet's Name:  King

Age:  6 yrs old

Breed: Pitbull mix

Description: King is a 70lb pit bull mix.  King loves kids and is loyal to his family.  King is house trained and prefers to be indoors.  Shots are current and no heart problems.  Looking for a family that will take good care of him.

Spayed or Neutered?: No

Your Name:  Christel

Contact Info:

Posted 06/17




Hello, My name is Baby and I am 5 years old.  I am a love able and loyal girl with a laid back personality, although I do like to take walks, and play.  My current owner works long hours and is hoping to find someone who has more time to look after me.  I do like to give kisses, but I am very neat and I do not drool.  I've had several litters in my youth but now have been fixed.  I'll obey you with little prompting and I'll wait for you until your ready.  Unfortunately I was bit by a mosquito with heart worms before my owner found me.  I am currently being treated with monthly dose of heart guard per my Doctors recommendation.. I feel great though and my kidney and liver tests were normal.. I have plenty of love and companionship to give so please consider me.... Did I say I love kids.. I do absolutely!  You may email Cyndi
Posted 06/17





My pets name is Sophie. She is a 9 year old, Siamese mix and a one-home owner since she was rescued from Philips Garden Store on Herschel. Her mother was the resident kitty and had the cutest litter. She has been spayed/declawed and is up to date on all vaccines and rabies. She is timid until she gets to know you, but is very loyal and loving. She is used to small dogs, but I would prefer she goes into a home with other cats so she can socialize. We are a growing family and she is sadly not getting the attention she deserves! Please let me know if you are interested and I can answer any questions you may have.


9 years old

Siamese Mix

Medium size or 904-613-4751

Posted 06/17






Anna is a lovely 21 month old Black Mouth Curr. 

Sadly, she is in need of a FOREVER home!


Anna is very sweet, very affectionate and AMAZING with small children. She is not aggressive with other dogs and loves to play "catch" with them.  Anna is very active, playful, loves swimming and playing fetch. She is house trained, crate trained and knows basic commands such as "sit", "come", "stay" and "go to bed".  She will let you know if she needs to go out by sitting at the door and try to get your attention J  .

All her vaccinations are up to date, she is micro-chipped and spayed.  Anna will come with her crate, bed, food and water bowls, brush, leash and toys.

Re-homing fee is $60.00, but is negotiable for the right home.

Please TEXT Vadim at (904) 962-4595 if interested.

Posted 06/24




Pet's Name:  



1 year (approximately)





This is Chili.
She is a mixed pit bull and needs to be rehomed.

She is a good dog and is great with people. She responds well to a commanding tone, and is fairly disciplined though she is full of energy. She knows commands such as "sit" "down" and "off". She also knows how to fetch and can be taken off leash as long as the surroundings are quiet.

We have to rehome her because she does not do well with cats. We owned a cat before Chili, and while she seemed to adjust well at first, now she will not leave the cat alone. I would recommend her to someone who does not have any other pets.

We will send her with all of her toys, food, bowl, collar, harness, leash, two months of Frontline flea prevention, and a large kennel. She is already spayed and we have her vet records.

 Feel free to contact me if you are interested or have questions.


Spayed or Neutered?: 


Your Name: 

Bob Esposito 

Contact Info:  904-607-2152

Posted 06/24




Pet name: Rosie

Pet Type: Dog

Breed: Lab Shepherd

Color: Black

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Size: 65 Lbs.

Contact Info: Stephen 904-312-3188

Posted on 6/24





Pet's Name: Skipper

Age:1 year

Breed: Treeing Walker Coonhound

Spayed or Neutered?:Yes

Your Name: Eric or Kaley




Description: Skipper full breed loving, energetic hound, he loves to play with other dogs and kids, Since he is a hound he loves to always be outside, he will always sit for a treat, Overall a good dog, would be best with someone who has land, We are moving into a place that only allows one dog.

Posted 06/24


 Sara & Sasha


Pet's Name: Sara (Brown/White) & Sasha (Black/White)
Age: 1 year
Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
Spayed & Microchipped

They love kids and playtime. I have to leave for Europe so they need a new home. No charge looking for someone who is going to take care of them. Call me any time

Contact Info: Goran

Posted 06/04


 Beau & Bootsie


Pet's Name: Beau & Bootsie
Age: Approximately 10 months
Breed: Tuxedo
Both are neutered and have shots

Very friendly and playful. They are brothers and they get along so well that we hope they can stay together. They play and entertain each other and are a lot of fun to be around. They were rescues and have done very well in a home setting. They would be best in a quiet home with no small children and they have never been exposed to dogs but they have done well with other cats. They are truly wonderful cats and the only reason looking for a home is that we have a household of cats and not enough room.

Contact Info: Sam Filson or 904-307-6647

Posted 06/04




Pet's Name: Lily
Age: 7 - born March 31, 2008
Breed: domestic short haired
Both are neutered and have shots

Lily needs a quiet home where she has lots of love and attention. My husband and I would like to move next year and with an infant in the house she doesn't get as much attention as she needs. She's a sweet cat and will sit right next to you on the couch. She loves her head rubbed. She will give you loving looks and meow at you for your love. She is currently an indoor/ outdoor cat and is littler box trained. Good with cats, dogs and children. It will take her time to warm up because she can be shy but she is a sweetie. Her last shots were given in 2013 and is due for an update and she is currently on flea meds.

Contact Info: Kansas
call or text 386-846-1627 email

Posted 06/04




Pet's Name: Chase
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Akita mix

He is a very shy, timid dog. He is 2yrs old. I have never heard him bark at all... He loves going for walks. He hates walking close to cars. He opens up to you as you get to know him. My job hours are different now and I don't have the time he needs to have him trust me completely. He is house broken and crate trained.

Contact Info:

Posted 06/04




Pet's Name: Maddie
Age: 5 years old
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Maddie is a sweet and obedient Rescue dog. Her age is not a deterrent to her temperament or playful attitude. She is good with children and gets along well with other dogs. Maddie prefers that cats stay away from her (breed was trained to hunt lions). She does not chase birds or cars. Maddie barks when anyone approaches “her “territory. She is very fond of males. She is content to sit quietly with you or play tug-of-war and fetch the ball for quite a while. She wears a leash well and matches her pace with the leader. She understands and performs at the commands of “sit”, “stay”, “outside” and “inside”. She eats very well and has no determined illnesses/ailments. Medical records are available. Sadly, due to a dramatic increase in our family size due to distress, my husband and I must part with Maddie.

Contact Info: Charlene Jung, 9043123906

Posted 06/07




Pet's Name: Moose
Age: 5 years old
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Moose is crate trained and house broken. His rabies vaccine has just been updated and he is also chipped. He is a very loyal companion that needs a single pet home. He is not suited to small children. He loves to play ball but is just as happy napping under a blanket. He enjoys a shower and cooling of in his pool. .

Contact Info: Sumer

607 744 9073


Posted 06/07





Name: Bob
Age : 5
Breed: Labrador retriever
Description: Bob is a sweet dog who needs to be loved and cared for all of the time. He is trained. He likes jerky, long runs, and swimming.
Neutered: Yes
Contact: Carol or Oscar
Phone: 714-290-1687 / 775-772-1386

Posted 06/27








Pet's Name: Cap

Age: 4 years old

Breed: Jack Russel Terrier

Description: Cap is a 19 lb, very high energy dog who needs a strong leader to give him lots of love and exercise. He is vaccinated, microchipped, and on heartworm/tick/flea medicine (trifexis, of which I will give you the rest of his pack if you want him) He is territorial and does not get along well with new dogs when he first meets them. Over time, when he learns that the new dog is part of his pack, he will be their best friend. He knows simple commands (Sit, stay, down, "holla"[shake hand], etc.). He needs strong rules and boundaries as he will get himself into trouble unless they are set. This dog is NOT for someone who will be overcome by his cuteness ad let him get away with it. contact me by phone or at if you want to have him or need more information.

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered

Your Name: Jonathan

Contact Info: 561-843-7458 or

Posted 06/13





8 years old spayed
Lab mix
45 lbs
Bella is well behaved dog. She does not like to cuddle and pretty much keeps to herself. House trained, furniture trained. She loves her bottom being rubbed. She loves the dog park and staring out the window at birds and squirrels. She will bark if she hears a strange noise or someone outside.



Posted 6/24




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