The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community. (Community Pet Disclaimer)

Community Pets (Pets Who Need New Homes)




My daughter and I are moving across country next weekend, as I'm starting grad school soon, and need to find a good home for our dog. We can't take her with us as housing doesn't allow pets and b/c our schedules will be so hectic. I've tried finding her a new home on my own, but haven't had any luck. None of my friends or family can take her . I tried surrendering her back to the shelter we got her from, but they wouldn't take her without her being seen by the supervisor first. Unfortunately, she wasn't there, and I don't have time in my schedule to set-up another appointment. I don't want to have to take her to animal control for fear of her having to be put down. So, I'm reaching out to you all to see if you can help. Chanel is a beautiful 20-month old pit, terrier, shar pei mix. She's fully house broken and crate trained. She's never bit or been aggressive with anyone, but she is shy and stand-offish until she gets to know you. She's not used to being around men, so they scare her a bit, as does thunderstorms. She's really good with kids and LOVES playing with dogs of all sizes. She also enjoys playing in the pool, fetch, having her coat brushed, lengthy belly rubs, and sleeping at your feet. She's also fixed and micro-chipped. Please help us find our sweet little pup a loving, patient/gentle, and caring forever home. We thank you sincerely for any help you can provide.

Contact Nita at


Posted 9/31






Peace and Smokey


This is Peace, a multi colored and white female fixed kitty with a micro chip. She is 3 years old. Friendly, sweet, liter trained, does NOT like to go outside, NOT declawed. She is super soft and sweet and like other pets. Very healthy. I will pay for first vet visit or whatever I need to. She's never been sick or to vet since a kitten. She eats dry food I leave out all the time.  My husband is having spinal surgery and we have two cats we HAVE TO FIND HOMES FOR ASAP. 


 We also have Smokey, a male grey cat we adopted 4 years ago.  He too is sweet but keeps more to himself.  Never sick. micro chipped.  Also do NOT like to be out.  Liter trained and neutered.   Will be happy to pay/donate what I need to help expedite this procedure.  I am sad to get rid of my kitties but I have to tend to my husband full time.  PLEASE HELP!

Steffi 904-403-3333


Posted 10/8



Saada , it means happiness in Arabic. She is a happy cat and has made my life happy since I had her.  But, unfortunately my youngest daughter is allergic to fluff/fur, making it difficult to keep the cat.  I have had her for about six months, she was previously owned by a family in Orlando for three years.  I am looking for a good, trusted owner to take care of her. The cat is declawed, and fixed. She is almost four years old.  She is healthy and had all her immunizations done.  Besides this, Saada is a very friendly and well mannered cat. You will love her!!!

If you are interested in adopting her, please give me a call at (904)208-1248 (myself, Shahira).  An additional number would be (904) 422-2125 (husband Omar).


Posted 10/6





  Meet JJ! He needs to be rehomed because his owners are moving out of the country. He is a shepherd mix. He is the most loveable dog you will ever meet! He is great with other dogs and cats. He is fixed and chipped. Please consider making JJ a part of your family- he only deserves the best!

If you can give this sweet baby a home, please contact Margarita at (904) 349-7600

Posted 10/11




Jake is 6-7 years old and needs a family that can give him all the love and affection he desires. He would probably prefer a home without small children because he gets a little excitable and edgy when there’s a lot of commotion. He is a really cool dog, we just don’t have the time and energy to give him the attention he needs and we love him enough to admit that he would probably be better off in a new home. Jake just needs a nice lap he can sit in and a face he can lick.

Please email Charlie at

Posted 9/25


Itty Bitty, Jean-Luc, Gimpy


I have 12 week old kittens that need a good home. I have been fostering them, but now they are ready for their forever home. They have been fixed and have had all their shots. They are kittens from a feral cat couple in my neighborhood, luckily they have been fixed now. “Itty Bitty” is a shorthair black female; she is very sweet and the runt of the litter. She wasn’t brought to me right away by her mom and as a result she was left on her own for a few days, but now she is doing great and is very affectionate (what a purr box she has!). “Jean Luc” is a handsome male and he knows it. He has somewhat longer fur, bicolored white with a beautiful grey swirl pattern. He loves to lounge around and look handsome! Jean Luc loves to suckle on his brother “Gimpy”. Gimpy is white and grey tiger stripe. If at all possible I would love for Gimpy and Jean Luc to find a home together.

Contact Natasha at  

Posted 9/25


Fusa & Coal


Please help me rehome these cats! They are both very sweet and get along with all types of animals (dogs, cats, ferrets, that I know of). Fusa (diluted torti) is 4yo and purrs constantly, she is a very loving and mellow cat. Coal is a black domestic short haired male and is a hoot. My 3yo son carries him upside down constantly and Coal never bats an eye, he loves the attention. Both cats are spayed and neutered and up to date on their shots. I am moving and I cannot take them with me, it is breaking my heart. Please help me re-home them so I do not have to place them into a shelter where they could be euthanized.

Contact Keely at

Posted 9/25




Amelia is a 6 year old shepherd mix that has been spayed. She is a great dog but needs to be in a home without small dogs/animals. She loves kids of all ages. She has had lots of training and is currently with a professional trainer while I find her the perfect home.

Call or Text me Paige 904-881-1848

Posted 9/25


Buddy Bear





Buddy Bear was adopted by us almost two years ago. He has been a great guard dog! He is super loving and does GREAT with children and babies. Just really behind in bills and can not afford to have any pets right now.

Posted 9/26





Dexter is a 10 month old Bulldog Pointer mix. He is full of energy and loves everyone young and old. He's great on walks and loves to cuddle. He lives to run and fetch the frisby. He's a great watch dog and is not aggressive toward other dogs. He's heart worm free and has had all his shots. He's had the best of care and is beautiful. I am a caregiver and it has become necessary for me to go out of town and spend extra hours at work. Dexter is crate trained but I don't like leaving him for so long. I live in Mandarin, in Jacksonville Fl. Please call or e-mail me and I will gladly arrange for you to meet Dexter.

Thank you,

Doris at or 904-982-8054

Posted 10/2





Tyson is a two year old Rottweiler mix who is a loving, energetic and social dog. We think he is a mix because he has white on the tips of his ears. He wants to play with other animals and be with people. He is micro-chipped, neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. As far as getting along with other dogs, seems to be fine with no issue when meeting dogs. He wants to play with small dogs or large dogs. As far as we know he is an outside dog; don't know if he is house trained. He has come in the house several times to hang out for about an hour or more with no issues. Loves to play tug of war and catch. He really needs a family that will take time with him, love him and not leave him alone for extended periods of time. He enjoys going for rides too. Big yard would be a plus...

Contact Dan at (904) 349-4232 

Posted 10/2




This is Bella. A 2 year old boxer/pit mix. She was rescued off the streets of downtown a little over a year ago. She was extremely emaciated and under weight, you could see every bone in her body. Bella now is a healthy, happy, goofy dog. She loves to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!! She would do best in a home with a strong owner and other playful dog(s). Bella is utd on shots, spayed, city license. Please call or text Steve 904-343-5402

Posted 10/04






Husky/Lab mix. 1 1/2 years old. He is fixed and his shots are up to date. Needs lots of love and room to run. He's inside and Outside. He's very smart and loving but he needs someone with lots of patience and time as he still has puppy in him and is very active.

Contact The Kisers at

Posted 10/04








Blade is a 2 year old neutered american bulldog mix that is just a sweet big ole buddy who needs a new forever home. Blade was taken out of a bad situation where he was chained 24/7 to a tree and often without food or water. He was infested with fleas, ticks and sores. Today Blade is one big happy goofy guy. He has put on weight his skin is clear and is learning some basic 101 and doing well. He is treat motivated which makes training easy too. He does well with the female dogs of the house and loves to play. He is learning how to be a loved and well cared for dog but because I have 6 other dogs I am unable to give him a permanent home. He was tested and is heartworm negative. I have kept him on heartworm and flea preventative.

Contact information is Dana at or 850-246-2476

Posted 10/04





 Mikey is about 6 years old. He is front declawed and microchipped, and will come with a litter box and food dispenser. He is a very Lovable and Sweet cat that is the biggest goofball, Maine Coon mixed maybe with Siamese because he loves to chat, loves his laser pointer, does not currently get on Kitchen Cabinets, Bed, Couches , gets on my dining room chair to sit next to you but have not seen him get on the Dining room/Kitchen tables. He doesn’t seem to be much of a lap cat but he will lay by your feet or somewhere close. He is a great cat for adoption. I don’t have any other pets in the home but 2 years ago with his previous owner he lived with another cat and a small dog. Unfortunately, I need to rehome him, I’m having a baby and due to allergies he cannot be with me anymore (not happy about it but I do not have a choice anymore). Please Help!!!


Posted 10/06





Winston is a 3 year old green eyed handsome boy. He is very friendly, likes cats & dogs and loves to be petted. He is an indoor kitty only that would make such a loving companion! Litter box trained, fully vaccinated, neutered and ready for a home! His green eyes are stunning! Please call 904-305-4105 if you want to adopt this very special lover boy! Kim 904-305-4105 Application applies. $30 to adopt.

Posted 10/06





This is reaper. He is a very sweet loving 5 yr old German Shepard mix. He is neutered and still loves to play. I sadly am moving into an apartment and can not take him with me.


Posted 10/06


Blizzard, Bigfoot & Puff


I am currently fostering a litter of 2 white kittens and 1 black kitten for which I need to find homes. The amber-eyed white kitties are named Blizzard and Bigfoot. The black kitty has brown eyes and he is named Puff because he is the runt of the litter, and his body is so small all you can see are his feet and his big puffy head  These 3-month-old kittens are very active, healthy and love to play together. I have already had them spayed and neutered and vaccinated. I also hope to be able to find a home for their mother once she’s finished nursing (“Mama” is pretty much a kitten herself—a friendly, lean, hazel-eyed 17-week-old who has been spayed and fully vaccinated.) I think the kittens would be lonely on their own—so it would be wonderful if one or two could be placed together or in a home with another cat/kitten. My telephone # is: 405-9125. Please call if you might be interested in providing a home for a tiny white (or black!) bundle of fun.

Contact ALYSON MILLER 904-405-9125

Posted 10/8





Phil was a stray who was unclaimed. He is about a year old. He looks like a Pit mix, but not sure what he's mixed with.

He's a really good dog. He's learning some commands, and now knows how to sit. He's a puppy, so he's hyper of course and likes to jump up onto you and lick your face, and chew on hands, legs, etc. so he's probably not good with small children. He loves to run really fast, back and forth, across the lawn if you pretend you're trying to catch him.

He's eager to meet other animals, but 4/5 of my other dogs hate him (they're old) and have gotten into fights with him- even puncturing his left cheek. He still wants to be their friend.

He met an older female shepherd at the vets office and was great with her- she was very playful with him and he loved it. He gets let outside for long periods of time, about 4-5 times a day between the 4 of us at home. He's never peed in the house.

Please contact Aimee at 267-394-2115 or

Posted 10/8


Max & Milo


Hi, I'm Milo the good looking Black and Brown Dachshund this is my brother Max, we were born March 26 2013.We have wonderful owners in there 80's who love us both but are unable to keep us due to health issues. We need to find someone to love us as much as we are now. We have all our toys and our sleeping crate and are ready to play at your house, we have been neutered and are very healthy. We are house trained too! Please open your home and hearts to us.

Contact Joseph at (904) 821-8285

Posted 10/9



Gypsy is a 2 year old fixed and microchipped female lab/pit mix. I rescued her from a kill shelter, the day her time was up. She is a good dog who did not deserve to die. She is full of love and wants a forever home. Gypsy weigh 57 pounds. She is completely housebroken and can be trusted to be alone. She does not mess or chew when left by herself. She knows commands and readily responds, only looking for acknowledgement of "good girl". She gets along well with other dogs and had been sharing her enclosure with another dog at the pound. I do not have cats or young children, so I can't give any information about that. She is heart worm negative and on Trifexis to keep her that way. I have been fostering her for the past two months hoping someone would look at her picture and fall in love with her sweet face. I am unable to keep her as my husband filed for divorce and I am unemployed. Please help give this girl the family and love she deserves.

Please contact me: Kathy Parker (843)696-1010 or

Thank you!!

Posted 10/9



Hi! I’m Booshka, a 5 yr old boy cat. I'm the sweet, lovey cat that will greet you at the door every day after work. I like lots of petting and attention. If you sit for very long, I'll be over to investigate!! And to make myself comfortable in your lap!! Everybody who meets me LIKES me, (even people who say "I don't like cats.") LoL!! I like to play outside, but am mostly an inside cat.

Contact: Melissa Cash -- 904-229-9292

Posted 10/9



Hi. I'm Princess Clarisse and I’m a 7 yr old sweetheart! I like some attention and will come check on you a couple times a day, and will curl up all cute at the end of your bed, but I won't be a bother or underfoot. I know how to take care of myself. I like short trips outside, but am mostly an inside cat. Look at my beautiful eyes!!!

Wouldn't I be cute at your home?? Adopt me!!

Contact: Melissa Cash -- 904-229-9292

Posted 10/9


Charlie, Stewart, Pepper, and Nutmeg

Posted 10/10



Bashful and Happy


I have two sisters that I currently provide a foster home for. They have been in the family for about a year. They are a year and half old. They came from a rescue up North. My daughter could no longer keep them so I became the foster home until I can find a good home that would love to have these great dogs.

They were born in a litter of seven, thus the dwarf's names; this is Bashful and Happy. We believe them to be part Greyhound and part Husky. They are good with kids and other dogs once they get to know them. My son's family lived with me for four months and they had another dog and a one year old.

If interested, please contact me at


Posted 10/10






Daisy is a beautiful tiger striped tabby, about 2 years old. She is timid at first, but after that she is the snuggliest and sweetest cat I have ever had. She is a good natured kitty who doesn't bite, scratch or claw furniture. She doesn't get up on kitchen counters or into the trash. She is an inside cat right now who likes lazy days on the screened in porch and playing with her jingle ball. Daisy is up to date on all of her shots and has been spayed.

She has been with us since a kitten when I adopted her from Cat Angels. I have to find her a new home because I have been laid off and will be in a living situation where cats are not permitted. I am frantically trying to find her a home.

Thank you,
Jennifer Bardhi

Posted 10/17 




Mickey - Loving and Fun

Mickey is a fun and loving dog who likes attention and loves to be loved. He is great with people and kids. He has a cute spot on his side that looks kind of like a heart. He weigh 40 pounds. He is 1/4 dachshund but doesn't look like it. We're not sure what his dad was. We got him at the humane society almost 2 years ago as a puppy but unfortunately have to relocate to new place and we can not keep him.

Cliff Russ

Posted 10/17


Oreo & Ziggy

I am looking for a new permanent home for two adorable cats, Oreo and Ziggy. They are both 6 year old females who have been spayed and declawed (front only). They weigh about 6 lbs each. Ziggy is yellow with tan zigs and Oreo is black/brindle on top and white underneath. They are both very lovable and love attention. Ziggy plays fetch with socks, singing/purring as she retrieves it for you. She also likes to be held whenever you want to. Oreo is skittish but once she warms up to you, she attaches to her "person". She like to be held and get love in the mornings especially. They like to snuggle and lay with you if you are in bed or sitting around the house. They both are good with cats and dogs. I am looking for a new home for both of them due to going through a divorce. I would like them to stay together, but it isn't necessary.

Posted 10/17




This is Shady. He's about a year old. I found him outside in the rain. Or should I say he found me. He ran up to me one day that it was raining and after drying him off and giving him some food he's lived in my patio looking into the house wanting to be part of our family. Unfortunately my 2 female adult cats are very territorial so when I let him in I have to separate them in a different room. Please help me find him a permanent home. I took him to get neutered and he's up to date on all his shots. I have all his records. This Kitty truly does not want to be an outside cat. He spends all day in the patio and even uses a litter box I set out there for him. If someone is interested please email me at:


Posted 10/17




Im Chopper A Bulldog Mix I Am 6YRS Old And Looking For A New Home Im A Loving House Dog Semi-Potty Trained But I Dont Do Well With Other Pets If Interested In Welcoming Me Into Your Home You Can Contact My Current Owner Sierra @ (904) 414-9305 or

Posted 10/17




Meet Sweet Little Bella, she is a 30 lb Boston terrier mix: spayed and vaccinated. Bella knows commands like sit, gets along with cats and dogs, & loves car rides. She is crate trained. She is housebroken. She is one year old. Her adoption comes with 5 months of HW preventative pills. Very sweet girl with enormous cute ears! Adoption application and adoption fee applies. Please contact Robin at (904) 508-9917 if you are interested in Bella.


Posted 10/17




Wally is a 6 year old, neutered Chihuahua. Wally has been with us since he was four months old - he just turned six in September. He is a pure bred Chihuahua - his parents are AKC. We never paid to get his AKC papers, however, because we had no intention of showing him. He is a sweet boy and lap dog. He is house trained and good on a leash. He does not need a "pee pad." He is not possessive of us like many small dogs are and only barks when the doorbell rings.

We now have a mobile 8 month old son and have discovered that he is not good with small children. It pains us to have to rehome him, but we think it is best for everyone. He has never been aggressive with adults and has lived with another Chihuahua for the last four years and with a Boxer mix before that. He is microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. His only medical issue is skin allergies. They come and go depending on the season. He does have medication for the allergies, which can be filled with generics at any pharmacy.

Wally does not require a lot of long walks, one a day is plenty for his energy level. He would be a great companion for adults, as he was to us for the last six years. We are asking a $25 rehoming fee and for you to provide a reference. Call to set up a time to meet him. Ingrid: 617-947-5616 or

Posted 10/17



He is very sweet and loving, calm indoors, housetrained (with normal walking schedule), can sit and lay down on command. Crate trained. Needs a yard to run around in. Ok with kids-but probably not little ones. Tends to get too rough when playing. Would be good family guard dog-protective and close to those he lives with. Gets along with other dogs (after a meet-n-greet). Not sure about cats. Loves to run with joggers. Up to date on all his shots. Comes with all vet records, heartworm medicine, toys, food and bowls.


My contact information is

Posted 10/17




Tommy is a sweet pleasantly plump tom cat looking for a forever home. He likes to loaf around in fluffy blankets and dream about whatever it is cats dream about. He is a loyal companion and likes to stand guard by his human wherever they are. The way to his heart is food and chin scratches...but mostly food. Please share his picture and my contact info far and wide so we can find him a forever family! Tommy has been at Animal Care & Protective Services since November of 2013 and in foster with me since February. He has been through 3 mega events and is still searching for a home. (no dogs, kittens or small children) contact Aminah at

Posted 10/17


Angel Vicki


I am a sweet, gorgeous fluffy Medium Haired ANGEL-with a fluffy tail!. That's my name! I am super duper cat! 1 year old, fully vaccinated and spayed. Gets along great with kids, dogs and other kitties. Angel loves to play with toys and is so laid back she can be a lap kitty too! Do you have room in your heart for her? If so, please call Vickilynn (904) 687-4786! Make sure you dial 904. Application applies.

Posted 10/17



  I have a 3 year old male cat named Jinx. He is a Ragdoll breed. He is very sweet and playful and basically thinks he is a dog. He follows you around, lays in bed with you, and loves attention. Before we moved he played with our puppy too. Since moving, we had to leave behind our dog with a family member and he is lonely. He desperately wants to play and chase something, and my girls are little and think he will "get" them. As much as we love him, we are not home enough anymore and want him to be happy again playing and chasing things. He warms up quickly to other animals and likes everyone he meets. He is neutered and will come with two cat trees. Please email or call at the following if you think your home would be perfect for sweet Jinx.

Melanie Young

Posted 10/18




 Hi, my name is Rebecca Sares. I am hoping to find Reesie a great family. She is all up to date on shots and has been fixed. She is a pit mix and about 45 pounds. She is very loving.

My email is and my cell phone number is 904 207 3340.

Posted 10/18



  This is Fred. He is about 7. He's very sweet. He lives with children. He cannot live with cats, but he does live with another dog. He needs to be walked daily. He tries to get out of the yard and run off. He also tries to take food from people. He's a great pet for someone with a nice sized yard who is good at training dogs.

My phone number is 738-5675 or email

Posted 10/18




 My name is Natasha. I would like to re-home the cat in the attached picture.

She is about two years old and has been spayed. She is a good cat she has an excellent temperament, all of her shots and is litter trained.
She was my best friends cat and my best moved to Texas. I was only supposed to keep Ohana for a few months until my best friend could come back and get her.. Unfortunately my best friend has decided not to keep Ohana.

I already have two other cats and cannot take on another. Therefore I would like to re-home Ohana.

You can reach me on my mobile (904) 270 9839.

Posted 10/20




I am a sweet and loving dog, I love, love, love my people and love to run. I am house broken, up to date on all my shots, spayed, and microchipped. I love to go on walks and on car rides are the best! I was adopted 6 months ago by a loving family and I'm great with kids! I need to be an only child but I will stay close to my humans whenever I can, I can "shake" and "sit" and earned high marks in my training course.

If interested in giving me a "fur" ever home please call Jayne at 904-704-8302 or email

Posted 10/20




 Spayed. Crate trained, potty trained, will sit and shake on command


Brian Bradley 904-210-9793

Posted 10/20




 he is approx 8 months old, has had all his shots and been neutered, and he's an adorable, playful little scamp! You can reach me by email or 9044168352, thank you for any help you can give in finding him a great family!

Posted 10/20




Unfortunately, I cannot have Lola in my apartment, therefore, I must give her away. I adopted her from the fair you guys hosted in April at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds and she has been nothing but a bundle of joy for me and my fiancée. She is great with other people and kids, but she does have issues with other dogs, especially smaller ones. She would bark, lunge at them and look threatening. She is house-broken and has a lot of energy. She simply loves being a dog.

In a perfect world, I would want a care and loving family for her. Somewhere where she can roam in a backyard all day long. I hope this happens for her because she is a great, beautiful dog that deserves infinite chew toys and belly rubs.

One more thing, please reply to Once again, please reply to

Posted 10/24




 I took this cat temporarily for a friend who moved in with a boyfriend that had allergies. I have been unable to find her a home. I am unable to keep her at my house. She is a spayed, declawed, very friendly tortoiseshell Calico cat. She (her name is Bella) is litter box trained and only uses the litter box. No accidents in the house. She really is a very friendly, sweet cat. Her picture is attached.

Please let me know if you can help. I can be reached at 904.228.5470.

Posted 10/24




 Paris a American bull dog/ Boxer mix, she is house broken but she is still a pup. She will be 1 yr old November. She has taken the beginners obedience school, so she will do some basic commands. Ms Paris is a diva.

Contact Edwin Arce 904-343-9992

Posted 10/24


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