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The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community. (Community Pet Disclaimer)

Community Pets (Pets Who Need New Homes)







She needs a home quickly. She is fixed and loves people. She is very smart. Likes outdoors and in, she's flexible. I hate to part with her but my living circumstances have changed. She is 7 years old.

Contact Georgeanne at

Posted 6/24









I found this beautiful stray and have been caring for her. However, I have many of my own and cannot care for another. She is a sweet cat who deserves a great home.


Contact Carolyn at 904-771-9229

Posted 6/24




Coffee & Creamer




Hi my name is Martha. Coffee and Creamer are two beautiful Cocker Spaniel dogs that I have taken in since December 2012 after the death their owner- a co-worker. She passed away of colon cancer. She was a fun and a truly giving case manager for the elderly. I was told that she had taken them in 9 years ago after one of her clients passed away. I am reaching out for someone to take them in. I already own a dog who I found 10 years ago.When I took them in I thought it wouldn't take long to find them a home. Well because of their age it has not been easy. The 2 dogs are brothers about 13 years. old. They are quiet at home and enjoy their own area. Creamer had kidney stones removed in 2012. Coffee unfortunately has stones and fed him 1 month's supply of Hill's Prescription Diet u/d Canine Non-Struvite Urinary Tract Health canned food to help dissolve the stones. In order to see how stones are I would need to x-ray and cannot afford at this time. He seems not to be in pain. They are quiet at home;enjoy their own space and soft music. They are affectionate and love music. Creamer likes to dance a little. They seem to thrive on routine. We walk at least once a day; an activity they look forward to, and seem now to demand (smile). They have brought me immense joy! Creamer runs like a horse at times! Coffee is very caring and I have named him "Grandpa". He is gently strong and only barks when necessary, for example when he really has to go outside! I have received wonderful assistance from the Humane Society for their food as needed but I am reaching for more help. The time and money to take to care of them is something I will not have and I don't want to take them to a shelter. Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.


God Bless all you do, Martha Mercado Quintero 904-859-7332


Posted 6/26







4 year old German Shepherd. Sport has been with our family since this December. Due to family health issues Sport needs new home.
Pros ++++++++ Well behaved family dog, indoor/outdoor, stays in fenced area, neutered, shots up to date, people friendly, loving dog, follows sit/lay/stay commands fairly well. Very loveable, loves attention.

Cons -------- 100 lb. rolling thunder, full of energy and needs large enclosed area, not leash trained for walking, have been training with gentle leader, escape artist (not ever left yard or jumped fence), not sure about socialization with other animals, although lived 4 yrs with female Shepherd. Prior environment had little outside activity or socialization. This is a beautiful animal and we seek home with children for play, large enclosed area and lots of love.
Contact Jimmie Moore 904-614-364 or Virginia Moore 629-6213

Posted 6/26


Very pleasant male cat in need of a new and “quieter” home. He is neutered and declawed so mainly indoors but loves to sit on the screened porch and watch lizards. Loves to snuggle and purr. Adopted approximately 8 years ago when he was estimated to be around 6 months. I now have toddler twins that torment him and my son is allergic. He is very tolerant to the tormenting but would prefer a much calmer environment.


Contact Emily at Emily.Kassel@CSNF.US

Posted 6/26




Dear Cat Lovers,

This is Lola the 2 year old. She is a one cat family she doesn't care for other cats. We have a new baby on the way August 1st and Lola needs a home. Lola likes to play with the smallest piece of paper when you crumble it up and throw it across the room. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. She just wants to be the only cat and center of attention. We live close to the Jacksonville Humane Society, 8464 Beach Blvd, please save Lola she is not used to the outside. I tried to leave her not far from my home but she found her way back now she is scared to even go outside for fear I am putting her out. She's already fixed no litter she just needs a home.

thanks cat owner 904-993-0936




Hi, I am looking for a new loving home for my husky mix. He will be 7 years old in July. He has had his shots and has been neutered. He is a very protective dog that needs a loving owner that will also be firm with him. He does not do well around children, but is great with people and does well if he is able to meet new dogs. He does bark a lot at other dogs when being walked. He has a very calm demeanor and loves being outside.

Contact Kristin Symons 904-309-1844 or

Posted on 7/1




We brought Molly in a little over a year ago. Vet said she was 5weeks old at the time. She has been fixed and declawed. She is very sweet but we must find a new home for her soon.

Thanks for any help,

Justin 904-403-8963

Posted on 7/1




Sheba is a very hyper puppy..she is 6 months old and would do very good in a home that has a hyper active owner....preferrably a young couple....due to her over zealous nature, she would be too active for kids younger than 7....please take her home...your energy and her energy would create Thunder-n-Lightning

Contact Judith Crooke

Posted on 7/1




Jaxon is a 3 yr old male mix breed dog. He is shy and very sweet, a real snuggle bug once he trusts you. He was rescued from a high-kill shelter in western FL in November. He is UTD on all shots, current on HW prevention, HW negative, micro-chipped, neutered, house-broken, crate trained (he eats in his crate too, and he will literally run into it to eat and also when I leave for work in the morning) and also good with other dogs (we have a 1 yr old female lab that he plays very well with). I can’t keep him anymore because he is wary/scared of some men, although not all men. Unfortunately for Jaxon, my boyfriend is one of those that he is fearful of and we live together and have since adopting Jaxon. We’d hoped that he would get over the fear, but he hasn’t in the 9 months that we’ve had him. He cowers from him and runs into his crate or to his bed. My boyfriend loves animals and has never laid a hand on him, so I believe that at some point in Jaxon’s life, he was abused by a male. We’ve done everything we can think of, he doesn’t look at, touch or speak to him when he gets home and he lets Jaxon come to him. He’s gotten down to his level and pets and speaks sweetly to him, he lets him on the couch to sit by him, but nothing has worked. He reverts back to cowering and being fearful & submissive almost immediately afterwards. It is distressing for Jaxon (and us) and I hate to see him with the anxiety & fear. He is wonderful with me, he snuggles, kisses and plays, so I am heartbroken that I have to find him a new home. He would do well in a female-only house with no small children (he doesn’t like when people get in his face and many small kids will do this), and if there is a male in the home, he may do better with someone who has a good deal of patience and time to work with him. We both work full time and don’t have the extra time to give to him to try to rehabilitate him. Please contact Melissa if you’re able to provide Jaxon his forever home. For a small re-homing fee that we can discuss, I’ll include his crate, bed and harness. Call or text 904-742-4181.

Posted 7/2




I know this is not a good picture, I'm going to try and get a hold of a camera to take a better one but it's surprising how difficult it has been to find one. Anyways, this is May. She's a domestic, medium haired cat who's been spayed and had some of her shots. She's a silly cat, and she's very much a talker. She's around 8 years old, litter trained, is comfortable both inside and outside of the house, and she gets along with other cats just fine. She's kind of the perfect cat, and I am sorry that I cannot keep her. You see, I'm losing my house to foreclosure and the place I'm going is surrounded by feral cats. As much I as I know May is good with house kitty's, she is much too friendly to be around a nest of ferals. She has trained her well in the way of the Kitty, she will serve your family well.

Contact Mark Graham Jr at (904) 600-8332

Posted on 7/2




Hi! This is Harley. He is a 4 year old boonie dog. We call him a boonie dog because he is a mix of several different breeds and he is from Guam. We brought him back to the states with us, but now are being stationed back overseas and are unable to take him with us. We've waited so long to surrender him because we've been trying to pursue every alternative, but we keep coming up short. Anyways, he's very sweet, loving, and protective. He's good with kids and other animals. He likes to run around outside some, but mostly likes to be comfortable in the house. He's got a loud bark, but he's very sweet. Please help us out. We need to find a home for him within the next few days.

Thank You,

Alyssa Neil


Posted on 7/8




Azrael is a a wonderful one person or couple's cat. She is a loner but still will like to come over for alittle love. She has never been outdoors and still has all her claws. She does not do well with other animals or small children. We hate to give her up but me and my husband are going to be having a baby and we can not have her here when the baby comes. We want to make sure she goes to someone who will love her and not abandon her. Like I said, she is a wonderful cat for a person or a couple who wants no other pets or has small children.

My contact information is Charrish Engell 904-589-1405

Posted on 7/8


I have a 1 year old male Whippet mix. 20lbs. High energy. Good with older kids. I just have an apartment he has to sit in all day. He needs a yard to run and play in. I have attached a photo.

Please contact me with any further questions.

Dan Taylor 813-892-9400


Posted on 7/8



Hello! I took two kittens one day and took them in. Now they are 8 weeks old and fixed, so they are ready to go to their new home!

Please call Patricia at (904) 398-8499 if you are interested in giving them a loving home.

Posted on 7/8



I need to find a good home for her. She belonged to a family member who passed away. She is spayed, current on vaccines, heartworm negative and on heart worm prevention. Great with kids and other dogs. Not good with cats... will not hurt them but loves the thrill of the chase. House broken, does not run away. Since she has stayed at my home she has not been on a leash once, it is not needed.


Mike Bergin

(904) 613-5324


Posted on 7/8





Golden Lab needs good home. 3 years old. He is a big boy and should have a big yard to play in. He is crate trained and know's commands. He likes to play in the water, fetch, etc. We have pictures and video if you want to prescreen. There is another pet in the family but he likes all the attention. Because of that no other pet or children desired. We have a special needs child and he need a lot of care. So all that being said he need's to find a good home. We are sad but would like to know as much about the home he may go to. Shots current. Nutered. Rehoming fee $25.00 Inquire with full name and phone number if interested




Posted on 7/8




Pongo is an 8 month old Dalmatian. He is deaf, is very sweet, has been through manners class and follows hand signals and commands very well. He would benefit from a home with room to run and play as he is very active.

Contact Karleen at

Posted on 7/9



Hello, my name is Bucky and I am six years old and all Weimaraner. I am looking for a new forever home. I am 65 pounds and full of energy. I need constant love and attention. I am crate trained, housebroken, and can sit on command. I need to be with someone and don’t like to be left alone. I am not good with small animals or cats. I love children. I am social and looking for somewhere to run. Please contact my owner at 386-931-0658 if you need a new companion. Her name is Lisa Melzer.


Posted on 7/13



Kiera is a 3 year old female black labrador golden retriever mix. She is spayed and up to date on everything. She is very friendly and smart. She has been around other dogs, a cat, and children her whole life and has never had a problem. She is both an inside and outside dog, loves to play outside in the yard, and loves water. If you have any other questions or would like to schedule to meet Kiera to see if she is the perfect fit for your family please contact me at the number listed. Thank you. Rose Vazquez 9045898875

Posted 7/13


Gus & Shawn


Shawn and Gus. Male black and white (tuxedo) cats (neutered). 2 1/2 years old. MAY BE ADOPTED SEPARATELY. Strongly dislike dogs (to the point of attacking them) which is why we are trying to find a new home for them. Very sweet cats but cannot share our home with the dogs. Shawn is a talker and will turn somersaults when scratched behind his ears. Gus is smaller and more quiet and will suck his "thumb" to fall asleep. They eat 9 Lives Urinary Tract Health dry food (about $4 to $5 a bag which lasts them a couple of weeks). They will come to you with carriers and toys. My last attempt at rehoming did not go well as the person found out that she is highly allergic and so they are back with us and the dogs, and once again miserable and living most of his time confined to one room. If you have a FARM or something and maybe need cats to chase mice or just roam the territory, they would love it (although they may try to come into the house just because they love people, too!) I think they would even be fine outside with dogs who don't pay much mind to cats being around. This will be my third attempt at re-homing them and I am running out of options. What makes it even more difficult is I am moving very soon and into a house guessed it...another dog AND a person who is allergic to cats! Will someone please help these sweet boys?

Contact: Lisa

Posted 7/13



She is 6. She is a mix breed. We adopted her about a year ago. We are having to move and we can't take her with us. She is very loving. Great with kids and other dogs. Shee is some times skiddish We have potty trained her. But we believe she was a yard dog. Our two children are really hoping someone sweet takes her home.


Posted 7/16



Skweeky needs a home. We rescued her approximately 1 year ago when she was just 5 weeks old and was walking down a busy street by herself. We are no longer able to keep her. Skweeky is a 1 year old domestic cat. She is all black with a small patch of white on her lower belly. She is spayed, litter trained and flea treated. She also has her rabies shot. She gets along well with other animals and children.

Please contact if interested in adopting Skweeky


Posted 7/16



Miss Gracie is looking for a good home. She is a sweet and loving older cat who is fixed, declawed and up to date on all of her shots. Gracie is very low maintenance but due to allergies we are unable to keep her. She is an indoor cat who would like nothing more than to lounge by your side. If you are interested in adopting Gracie please give me a call at 239-290-9165 or shoot me an email at


Posted 7/16




Hi, my name is Sunny, short for Sunshine. I am an unusual combination of sweetness, intelligence, & energy all rolled into one. I can walk on a leash like a dog. I am fascinated with anything that involves water. I will climb into the shower with you if you will let me. Absolutely nothing scares me. I am very outgoing and love to do everything you do and I am very good at traveling wherever you go. I will keep myself entertained if you give me a spongy ball by rolling it down the stairs, carrying it back up, & repeating the process over and over again. I have hip dysplasia but it doesn’t hold me back at all, just gives me a super sexy walk! I am a great eater & have no problems at all with a litter box. I am 2 yrs old & already spayed & have had all of my shots. My owners love me very much, but after trying every trick in the book unsuccessfully for 6 months to help me get along with the other cats in the family, they sadly realized that I just need to be the ONLY cat in my forever family. Simply put, I am a “People Cat” not a “Cat Cat.”

Please contact if you are interested in getting to know more about me.

Posted 7/16


This gorgeous siamese cat needs a home! Very sweet and good with other animals. Will come with kennel, food, litter and snacks.

Please call/text 904-294-2282 or email thank you

Posted 7/16


3 Baby Kittens!


We had a very young female community cat in San Marco give birth to 3 male kittens, they are about 12 weeks old now. I took Mom and all three babies to No More Homeless Pets the weekend of July 4th and had them fixed. I am looking for homes for the 3 kittens. I know there is a large adoption this weekend and was in hopes that perhaps I might be able to bring them down and they could go to the adoption site. They are cute boys, loveable, I am afraid they will get killed being outside on their own.

Contact Brenda at 904-953-6424


Posted 7/16



Due to my recent medical diagnosis I am no longer able to provide the home that my beautiful cat, Penelope, deserves. She is just over a year old. She doesnt like to sit on your lap but loves to cuddle right next to you. She loves to be pet but her favorite is to have her tummy scratched. She is very scared of dogs. When I adopted her she did come into the shelter with another cat so I assume she is well with other cats. She has never tried to bit or scratch me. Even when I'm playing with her she keeps her claws and teeth to herself. She also has a very unique purr:) I love my Penelope so very much and I want her to go to a very loving home. She is not declawed and has never been outside.



Posted 7/17




My sweet fearless "Bumper" Kitty who is adventurous and loving! He is a 5 month old male/ neutered DSH kitten. He lost is eyesight to trauma and severe infections when found as a stray 3 months ago. He has only been fostered by a veterinarian who loves him deeply but one of her family members is allergic to him. Hence, trying to adopt him out to a loving home that isn't bothered by his handicap because definitely he does not let his blindness hold him back. He loves playing with feathers and balls. He plays well with other felines and canines. He is an Angel! Please help me find him a loving home who loves him as much as I love him.

Sincerely yours and heart broken,

Dr. Alicia Price Keener, DVM



Posted 7/17




These two stray kittens were rescued from the streets. They are very friendly and sweet! You may have one or both. They are already fixed and ready to go to their new homes!


Contact Jean at 904-330-9272


Posted 7/23




Bella is my beautiful black and white long haired foster cat who was found behind a Bailey's gym in December. She was already spayed but did not have a microchip. Since then she has had all of her vaccinations, tested negative for feline leukemia and aids, been dewormed and treated for fleas. She gets along really well with male cats and tolerates female cats. She would prefer to be an inside only cat and is against declawing. She is estimated to be about 5-7 years old. So if you are the kind of person who prefers older cats please call or text me at 904-874-2664. Diane


Posted 7/16




Hi there, Could you please post Kylie. She was rescued from my friend who is a nurse from someone that threw her outside. Thank you. HI! My name is Kylie-I am a front declawed indoor kitty that LOVES people. I am simply adorable and friendly. I am shy at first, but adjust pretty quickly. I don't have any animal friends right now but b/c I have such a GREAT personality I am sure I would be great with dogs and other cats too just like I am with people! I am 2 1/2 years old, UTD on shots and spayed. All I need is a loving home now!

If you are interested pls contact my foster mom:

Lois (904) 221-4918 or (904) 316-3441

Posted 7/23




These two cats are brothers. They are very affectionate and playful. They are inside cats but love to be outside as well. They are 3 years old and both are neutered.

My contact info is 904-535-0865 Thanks!

Tim Ballato

Posted 7/23 



Bella is a loving 3 year old dog with a cleft lip. She has no other health complications. She is crate, house and obedience trained. She is fixed and up to date on all flea,heart worm & shots. Bella has life-long obedience refresher sessions at no cost through bark busters. She listens and responds to many commands including "side" which means for her to sit and let other pups and people pass by on a walk. She needs to be walked at least 30 mins daily but would love more! She would also love at least two hours of 100% attention from her favorite human. She loves car rides and ice cubes as a treat. She has been around other medium/large dogs with no problems. Bella just needs a family who will love her, walk and play with her, and be her pack leaders. We need to find her a home as quickly as possible!

Posted 7/23




Kayne is a 6yr old full german pedigree rottweiler. He is neutered and microchipped. And all shots are up to date. A 3 yr rabies is not due until maybof 2017. Kayne loves to be with you. And gets along with other animals. He does not like cats though. We cannot give the time he needs anymore, due to our busy schedules. We want him to have quality to his life.

Please contact 

Posted 7/23


Jimmy Choo


Jimmy Choo is a sweet boy who I rescued, but my older cat is not playing nice with him, and he needs a new home. He's a beautiful gray maine coon who is more like a dog than a cat -- super playful and cuddly and great with other pets (he has been around other cats and a dog) and children. He's neutered and up to date on all shots (has been to the vet within the last 6 months) and is a healthy, happy boy.

Please call 904-327-7234 or email

Posted 7/23


Plunket & Sheba

Owners moved out of state. I offered to take these two cats. Plunket is tan & white male, neutered & declawed. Sheba is black freckled female, spayed & declawed. I have had them since Nov. My two cats have claws and attack them. My male cat has been spraying all over my house. they were raised together and are aprox 8 years old. Inside cats. I do take Plunket in fenced back yard and he will now stay out about an hour. They are both very affectionate cats and are great with little children. My grandchildren 3 & 5 play with them all the time but cannot take them since their father is allergic to cats. Sheba loves to get brushed and be with you. Hard keeping her off my keyboard! They were raised with two dogs although when I got them they were terrified of my very docile dog. They only now will walk past her. I need to find a home for both of them or get rid of my male cat.

I can be reached by email 904-545-1921

Posted 7/23



My name is Noelle and I husband and I are hoping to find a home for a puppy before having to surrender her to the Humane Society. She is a 7 month old German Shepherd/Black lab mix who is very, very sweet and gentle. She's great with our son and our other pets and mostly friendly towards other people. She's timid around strangers for the first few minutes. She's crate trained and great on a leash. We are in the process of training her to sit and stay and she's catching on very quick. She was recently spayed on the 18th of July and we've still got the vet receipt to show if necessary. We really hope to find a good home for her as she is too good of a dog to just sit in a shelter for weeks without getting adopted. Please help us find her a home! Thank you!

Contact information: Noelle Hayes (910) 368-1205 Justin Hayes (910) 382-2450

Posted 7/24





Don saved a momma cat from the streets. She turned out to be pregnant! The first photo is from their first day alive, the second is at about 3 weeks, and the last is around 5 weeks. They are now 9-ish weeks, spayed, and ready for their forever homes! Don has decided to keep the grey one, but the rest are up for grabs! They are all female and have grown up being handled by loving people so they are very, very friendly!

Please contact Don at (904) 739-7522 if you are interested in giving one or more of these kittens a forever home!

Posted 7/24


 Punkin Kitty


Hi my name is punkin kitty, I'm a 1 1/2 yr old female cat. I am spayed and my shots are up to date. I am looking for a new home due to my owners allergies. I am an inside cat, have never been outside. I'm a very sweet, playful, and loving cat. I even will let you rub my belly. I also liked to be brushed. I just have one issue I have never been around dogs so I don't know how I would do with them. I would really do well with a person who is single. I would make a very loving pet for your home.

If interested in me please contact my owner Selena Hunn 9043471159

Posted 7/24



Shae is a 3 year old Red Nose Pit Bull. She has been spayed but is not current on shots. My husband and I are getting divorced and I am having to rehome her because I am moving into an apartment. She is housebroken but usually only comes in at night or when it’s raining. She has a one acre fenced in back yard to run in right now but with adequate exercise she would be just as happy with a smaller yard I’m sure. She sleeps in a large kennel inside which I will include with her. She has been raised around children and other dogs but I would recommend older children only as she is very energetic and jumps up on people when she first sees you. She is very calm in the house. With more training and attention Shae will be a great dog and I really want to give her an opportunity to shine and not be thrown away to a shelter.

I can be contacted at if you have more questions.


Posted 7/24



We are looking for a new home for our cat. His name is Leo and he is 11 months old and also fixed. He is absolutely adorable and loves attention. He is very playful, and has never scratched anyone. He nips at you when you play with him but more in a playful manner of young kittens. He behaves very well with children. We have no very young children at home but when they come over he treats them very well, even when you can tell he's annoyed he still won't bite or scratch. He has a very unique personality, he hasn't changed a bit since we first got him at 2 months. He'll make adorable cooing noises when you throw him a toy to chase after. He's an indoor kitty and only has been outside on the porch. He's very clean and knows how to use his litter box. All he needs is some love and he'll return it 10 times over!

Please find our wonderful Leo a good home.

Contact Yasmine 904.477.2443 (primary) or 904.377.1523



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