The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community. (Community Pet Disclaimer)

Community Pets (Pets Who Need New Homes)




Pets Name: Logan

Age: 2
Breed: Pit/Terrier
Logan is neutered and chipped. We got him from the shelter in February, but now that we are down to one income, we can not afford to keep him. He's a sweet and lovable dog that’s good with kids. He’s ok with other dogs, but prefers not to be around cats. He’s housebroken and very sweet. He doesn’t bark. We will send all remaining food and treats with him to his new home, as well as his leash and collar.
Contact: Tim @ 904-349-0767 by phone or text

Posted 7/10




Hi, my name is Jazzy and I'm an 11 year old female Maltese. I weigh about 5 pounds, and I'm super easy going  and low maintenance.  My original mommy died 5 years ago from MLS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and since have been staying with family members, but they can no longer care for me.  


I will be an amazing companion for an older couple or even a family with small kids.  I currently live with 3 big dogs, so I'm good with it, but prefer to be loved and not chased! 

If you are interested in me, please email my owner with further questions and she will contact you. She must meet you first and make sure you meet my loving requirements.  Her email address is

.  Thanks for considering me!

Posted 7/10









Name: Bella

Age: 7 months

Breed: labrador/german sheppard 

Description: She is an eccentric family dog. She loves to play fetch and she gets very excited when she gets to meet new people. She is potty trained. At night when the outside door is closed, she has a designated area where wee wee pads are located for her to use. She has a certain time when she knows its time to go to bed so she goes herself, and doesnt move until the next morning when you wake up. She understands comands like sit, lay down, and bad girl seems to work more so than No. She  She loves attention. She needs a home where she can get the attention she deserves.

Spayed or Neutered?: yes

Your Name: Monica

Contact Info: 904-778-5673 or

Posted 7/1




Taylor is a sure DIVA!!  She is litter box trained and does well inside a home.  Additionally, she is spoiled rotten and hoards attention.  Therefore, I believe she would do well in a home without pets OR with kittens/cats close in age  with her.  She is playful and has a ferocious appetite. Moreover, she enjoys baths and use of the scratching post.  She is NOT declawed, and DOES NOT scratch furniture.  Most importantly,  she LOVES to sleep under the cover with you.  I currently have two senior cats in the home.  One is blind and does not do well with Taylors playful behavior...the other is more accepting.  I have noticed that once I allow the adult cats to go outside..she cuddles with me and is more interactive.  However, when they re- enter she is out of sight and acts timid.  She does talk to you and meows when her name is called.  She has a small frame/build. Please contact if you or your family are willing to give Taylor a loving, safe, and permanent home. 
Pets name: Taylor      A.K.A. Tae tae
Age: 7 1/2 months
Breed: Feline
Description: Predominantly black with white under belly
Contact information: Kimberly (904) 258-7266
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date

 Posted 7/1




Pet Species:    Dog

Pet Name:       Buddy
Pet Breed:       Mixed
Color:              Tan with white markings
Size:                Medium (60 lbs.)
Age:                11 months
Gender:           Male (Neutered)
Tag Info:         2015 Duval, FL Rabies/License 109375
Description:    Buddy is a very lovable and friendly puppy. He is very affectionate and playful and loves people and other animals. Buddy is very sociable and family-oriented and he considers himself a lapdog. He knows how to speak, sit, shake paw, lay, and walks well on a leash. He is medium-sized and almost a year old so he will probably not get any bigger than he is now (60 lbs.). He is currently an indoor dog and is housebroken. Buddy is neutered, up to date on all his vaccinations, and on Trifexis (heartworm and flea preventative). He has also been assessed for daycare and boarding at Pet Paradise and Coastal Pet Resort. We are very heartbroken to have to find Buddy a new home but recent changes in our work schedules and job responsibilities no longer allow us to spend adequate time with Buddy. We are looking for a person or family who can provide the love, attention, and time that he deserves.
Contact Name:            Allen Gardner
Contact Number:        904-729-6945
Posted 7/17



 Pet's Name: Willa

Age: 3yr

Breed: Terrier Mix

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Your Name: Andrea

Contact Info: - 618-978-0581

Description: Willa is a 3yr old girl who is spayed, chipped, heartworm negative, and up to date on all her shots.  She is fully house trained, and knows sit, shake, speak and lay-down.  She is energetic and playful, does great with our other dog.  She is not possessive or food aggressive and is genuinely a sweet girl.  Our only issue is that she does not get along with our cat.  Willa will come with remaining supply of heartworm preventative pills, leash, collar, and food bowls.​​​​

\Posted 7/17




 Mike is 8 years old, neutered, front declawed. He's a sweet cat who likes to sit in the window all day. He needs a home where he can live a super quiet, laid back life. He's not a sit in your lap cat, more of a sleep on the end of your bed, lay near you cat. He lived with other animals and gets along with all types (his bff here is a guinea pig) BUT he does not care for a super active, noisy house (full of kids). He is so unhappy here, even though we go to him and love him every day, he won't join us out of 'his' room. I just want him to be happy. TEXT Sharon (904) 708-1063

Posted 7/17




Pet's Name:   Charles Jefferson (Charley) 

Age:  4 years

Breed: Coonhound, tri-color, micro shipped

Description:  Charley is a very good-natured, laid-back boy.  He is friendly, food-responsive, loves attention, and walks on the leash.  He is not a very active dog and does not have much endurance.  Although he loves the dog park, he mostly does his own thing without interacting with other dogs, and will let you know when he is ready to go.  He just recently discovered chewy bones, and once in a while he will pick up a toy and drag it around for a bit.  He walks through the dog door and is not aggressive towards any other dog, he also likes cats – as long as they don’t attack him (then he gets terrified and hides). Rain and storms do not bother him, but he is an inside dog.  Charley listens when called, but he is a hound dog and should only be taken off the leash in a secured area.  He is not a hunter, does not dig and does not climb the fence, but he does not like to be outside without access to the indoors – I am guessing because of prev. experience.  Charley would be perfect for a townhome or large apartment, with a set schedule to go outside.  He is house broken and will start pacing back and forth when he has to go.  When his schedule cannot be kept he should have access to a training pad, which he will use.  Charley does not do well in a crate, but looks at it as punishment - but he has never destroyed anything in the house and does not need to be confined.  Charley is a quiet dog and only barks when he is excited, such as right before a walk or if you tease him with a treat, and actually he does not bark but bays (like any hound).  I currently feed him grain-free dog food and he gets milk bones for treats, his chew bones are beef hides, and he loves to get his veggies mixed with ground beef at times.  I am sad that I cannot keep him due to serious health issues and would like to find him a good and forever home.

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Your Name:  Kristina Contact

Info: 904-600-2241 (cell) , 904-517-5427 (work 8-4), 904-705-6606 (daughter)

Posted 7/17




Pet's Name: Coco

Age: ~ 4 months

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Description: Coco is up to date on his shots.  He was rescued after his mom had been hit by a car and was all alone.  We brought him in with our other fosters and he fit right in. Coco has the silkiest, shiniest coat I've ever seen and LOVES to be brushed.  He is very proud of it and is always grooming himself!  He is playful and enjoys playing with other cats.  He would make an excellent playmate for another kitty.

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Contact Info: Sherol Scarborough 904-607-5420

Posted 7/17



Pet's Name: Allie

Age: 2 years

Description: Allie is two years old, a 12 pounds min pin mix, hw neg, spayed, etc.  She came from a neglectful situation and is at times, especially with handling and sudden movements toward her, very threatened and frightful. Not an attacker, just shrill yelps and cowering.  "Allie"  will do well with time in a nonthreatening, quiet home.  Does get along with other dogs, likes the crate as a shelter.  With time she will improve.  She smiles!

Posted 7/17




Pet's Name:  Polly

Age: 9
Breed: Beagle Mix
Description: Small Energetic Loving Beagle in need of a new home.  Would love a fenced yard to run around in.
Spayed or Neutered?: Y
Your Name: Christina Seger
Contact Info: 904-742-5166
Posted 7/10




Pet's Name: Sophie


Breed: Blue Russian

Color: Dark Gray

Description: Loves to be brushed and having at least one other cat around; loves treats and soft food; we are moving and unable to take her with us.

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Your Name: Brad Cunningham 

Contact Info: 904-437-3553 or 

Posted 7/11




2 1/2 years old, female
pit mix (not sure exactly, she was found when she was 3 weeks old)
Sadie is fun, smart, loving & playful.  She is amazing with children but not with other animals.  We have 2 other dogs, a mother/daughter combo and she is jealous when you pay attention to other dogs.  She would be a perfect pet for a family that does not have other dogs.  Sadie is completely house broken and does not get into trouble. 
Jo Adcock

Posted 07/10




Pet name: Rosie

Pet Type: Dog

Breed: Lab Shepherd

Color: Black

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Size: 65 Lbs.

Contact Info: Stephen 904-312-3188

Posted on 6/24





Pet's Name: Skipper

Age:1 year

Breed: Treeing Walker Coonhound

Spayed or Neutered?:Yes

Your Name: Eric or Kaley




Description: Skipper full breed loving, energetic hound, he loves to play with other dogs and kids, Since he is a hound he loves to always be outside, he will always sit for a treat, Overall a good dog, would be best with someone who has land, We are moving into a place that only allows one dog.

Posted 06/24




Pet's Named: Abby

Age: 5

Breed: Labrador

Color: Black

Description: Very loyal. Doesn't bark so much. Loves playing.  

Contact: Jordan at
Posted 7/10


Faith and Mona


Pets' Names: Faith and Mona

Age: 3 years

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Description:  Faith and Mona are two sweet girls who are the best of friends.  I'm unable to care for them anymore, as I am relocating.  They are good with other cats and dogs.  It would be best for them to stay together, if possible.
Spayed or Neutered?: Yes
Your Name: Kayla Smolen
Contact Info: or (904) 329-0200

Posted 07/10





Pet's Name: Zoey
Age: 3 
Breed: Shiba inu x shepherd mix
Description: Zoey is a super loveable, well trained and house broken dog. she gets attached to people extremely fast and has shown signs of anxiety toward loud noises ( thunder, fireworks etc. ). it saddens me to have to let her go but my cat recently injured herself in it resulted in surgery on her leg, all of my time, energy and money is currently being pooled into her vet bills and making sure she is comfortable. I can't provide the time and attention to Zoey like she deserves - with my financial situation at the moment my plans have also changed and where I will be moving I can't have her with me. she's good on the leash, gets along with other dogs ( given the chance to approach them ), cats and is very people friendly. she does get a bit defensive over her food but not aggressive. she is up to date on shots, micro chipped and on heart-worm medicine ( I'll provide the rest of the pack ). I'm looking for someone who will provide a forever home for her, give her the time and attention she needs.
Spayed or Neutered?: Yes
Your Name: Jenna
Contact Info: 832-221-7635 or

Posted 07/10



Halle is about 6 months old, she is vaccinated, spayed and micro-chipped. She is a really wonderful puppy and very smart. Halle is already great walking on a  leash, crate trained and housebroken! She is calm, fun loving and gets along with dogs, kids and cats. She is SUPER laid back!!! Halle would make a great addition to any home! An application will apply and she is $100 to adopt (to reimburse the cost to rescuer for her spay, etc..). Serious inquiries only, please contact Sheryl (904) 904-707-6934


Posted 07/10





8 years old spayed
Lab mix
45 lbs
Bella is well behaved dog. She does not like to cuddle and pretty much keeps to herself. House trained, furniture trained. She loves her bottom being rubbed. She loves the dog park and staring out the window at birds and squirrels. She will bark if she hears a strange noise or someone outside.



Posted 6/24








Beanie is a 10 year old (or so?) shepherd mix; slow moving and sweet.  Follows me from room to room.  House-trained, fully vetted, heartworm negative, a lovely older companion.  Gets along with other dogs and children.  Rehoming fee is requested to reimburse for medical.  Contact


Posted 7/11/15







Teddie is a Chihuahua, around 10 years old, who was found in poor condition and rehabilitated. He had his left eye removed and feels much better now! He is house-trained, fully vetted, a lovely older companion, slow moving and sweet. Gets along with other dogs.  A re-homing fee is requested to reimburse for medical.  Contact

 Posted 7/11







Missy needs a new furever home. She is a recent addition to our family due to her master's declining health, but she and our "only child" cat do not get along and the lady of the house is allergic to Calicos. Don't let her strange meow scare you. She sounds mean at first but once she accepts you she is a very loving and loveable animal. She loves to be brushed and she will even take the brush and brush herself. She is a very fun cat to have around. Missy is 8 years old, has been spayed and declawed (front only) and is up-to-date on her shots. Her brush and Litter Maid self-cleaning litter box are included.

Contact info:  Larry

904-813-8415 or








Pets Name: Seven

Age: 6

Breed: German Sheppard Mix

Description: She super loving and caring. She makes wonderful jogging partner. House and crate trained. Unfortunately I am unable to keep her due to conflicts in my household. I will be moving to Key West soon and I won't be able to take her with me. It saddens me to leave her but I would love to see her go to good and loving home.

Spayed or Neutered?: Spayed

Your Name: Alva

Contact info: email:

Phone number: 208-680-9351 








Our cat Enzo is 6 years old. He is neutered and front declawded. He has long hair and he is a very light caramel color. He is about 7lbs. He has been leaving with our 3 other cats but he is now very stressed by the new dog we added to our family and the two younger children.

He has all his vaccines up to date. I have all his paper work. My name is Christelle Rouse. He hides under my bed all day. It is not a good life for him. We just want him to be happy again. Thank you for your help.







Pet's Name: Max

Age: 1 year old

Breed: Lab/border Collie Mix.

Description: Super well behaved, playful, respectful TRAINED Puppy. He will adjust to your schedule and respect your rules. He deserves the best home possible.  He is up to date on shots for a full year, no ticks or fleas, preventive treated, no heart worms or other health issues. 

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered!

Your Name: Karolina

Contact Info: 347 -685- 8323








Pet's name: Bodie

Age: 1 year old

Breed: Scnhoodle (schnauzer-poodle mix)

Description: Our playful, loving 1 year old male schnoodle Bodie is looking for a new home. He loves playing fetch, chase, and getting lots of pets. Unfortunately our new baby is allergic to Bodie so now Bodie is unable to have the full range of the home he deserves. Bodie is very friendly and good with children and will make a loving pet to his new family. He is up to date on all shots, potty and crate trained. Please call or text if interested to arrange a visit before adoption.

Spayed or neutered: Yes

Your name: Kerry

Contact info: cell 904-705-3024 call or text please









Pet's Name: Mason

Age: 2

Breed:  Pomeranian

Description: Sable colored male - Good with all ages.  Good companion. Free to good home.

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Your Name: Shane Hayes

Contact Info: (904) 349-2309








Lily Bean








She's a beautiful Yorkie mix and has light blonde silky hair around her face and more course hair on her back that's a reddish brown. She's a very sweet dog and gets along with other dogs. She loves to play. She doesn't like big dogs (over 30 lbs) because she gets scared. 
I got her from a local shelter and was told she was crate trained, and she's not by far. She will use the bathroom outside but she can walk around outside for an hour and then come right into the house and poop on the floor. She's been very hard to train and I've even taken her to the vet twice to make sure nothing was medically wrong with her. She has a nervous pee when people approach her to quickly as well. She really needs a fenced in yard to run around in. She cries all day wanting to go outside even if we've just come in. After 4 month my fiance and I are exhausted. We just can't do it anymore. I have 2 other dogs that are very well behaved and I don't want her habits rubbing off on them anymore. All the info will be below. Just let me know the next steps. We are sad to see her go but our quality of life isn't the same and neither is hers. 



Pet name: Lily (Lily Bean) 
Age: almost 3 years old 
Breed: Yorkshire terrier mix
(possibly chihuahua)
Description: white and reddish brown 
Silky hair, beautiful teeth and is about 10lbs. She loves to cuddle and is very loving. Had all of her shots up to date and is currently on Trifexis  for heartworms.


Spayed: Yes
My name: Brian Regnier 
Contact info: 229-376-6105 











Meet Milo, a 3 year old, male, neutered tabby cat. Milo has a very sweet disposition and enjoys attention, sleeping, or his scratching post. Milo prefers being an only child and will run and hide from dogs. He may be a little nervous at first, but warms up pretty quickly. Looking for an ever after home for him.

Contact Jada helmer at 618-571-0628 or I extended my lease until the end of August in attempts to find him a safe home.

Thank you



Biscuit is a one year old male. He's very energetic and playful. He has a big personality, but does not get along well with my other cat who is an elderly male. He needs to be in a home with no other male cats, however he does do well with dogs and is great with my 7 year old daughter. He likes to be carried around like a baby and is a big snuggler. He is neutered, declawed, updated on shots, and is very friendly. He's a sweet boy, and we are very sad to let him go. 

Please contact Amber @ 904-219-9545



Pet's Name: Ellie

Age: 3

Breed: American PitBull

Description: Her name is Ellie and she’s a beautiful tan color (photos attached). She is one of the most loving dogs towards humans I have ever met. You instantly fall in love with her perma-smile once you see her. She has lived peacefully with my roommate’s dog, who is a mastiff, since the day I found her. They play and love on each other all the time. She is easy to take care of/incredibly behaved in the house. I would love to continue to care for her if I didn’t travel so much or had a bigger yard. She is neutered, micro-chipped and update with all shots and vaccinations and I have the vet paperwork I can provide.

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered

Your Name: Meagen Franks

Contact Info: Phone: 863-944-0364



Pet's Name: Sonny

Age: 8 Weeks

Breed: Cat

Description: Sonny is very playful and cuddly.  He’s the perfect pet if you want a buddy to snuggle up with at night.  He was found outside of a bank at 3 weeks old and was bottle fed back to health.  He has a great personality and is litter box trained.  I wish we could keep him but we already have two cats (one with severe anxiety).  He really is the best little kitten and deserves the best home.

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered

Your Name: Carly & Andrew Wallick

Contact Info: (724)944-6404


Little Kitty

I would like to get my foster cat Little Kitty on the website if possible. She has been in foster for over a year! She is a 15 year old, declawed, DSH calico cat.
She was surrendered over a year ago at ACPS and did not do well in the shelter. She needs a calm home. She is good with cats and dogs but would probably be best with only one or two more animals. She is very sweet and would be a great lap cat.
My number is 904-881-2977.
Thank you in advance! Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Gucci and Tiger

I am currently fostering two male cats Gucci and Tiger. They are both two years old, UTD, and neutered. They were abandoned by their owner a month ago, and left with the owner's daughter. I took them in because she wasn't able to care for them. They are shy at first, hiss at other cats, but have not growled or fought. They tend to stay to themselves around other animals. They are great with adults and older children. They love to cuddle and be petted. Litter trained (but need the deep litter box, because they tend to get litter on the floor). They would be a great addition to an older owner, or someone who has older children, as they are very calm.

Pet's Name: Gucci, Tiger

Age: 2 years

Breed: cat

Description: black short haired, and Striped short haired.

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered

Your Name: Tiffany Losco

Contact Info: 904-616-6301




Pet's Name: Marley (male)

Age: 5months

Breed: Deshaun Mix

Description: 13lbs beautiful coloring black/brown

Spayed or Neutered?: Y

Your Name: Debbie

Contact Info: 813.810.4765


Marley was adopted from the Jacksonville Humane society as a mixed Chihuahua - I was looking for a new pet under 20lbs to fill a void for the loss of my beloved Yorkie.  After taking him to the vet he is going to be about 25lbs  and I am disappointed and heartbroken.  He is crate and paper trained, lovable - playful - all the characteristics wanted in a puppy.  He is great on the leash no tugging or pulling.  He SITS on command, and we are practicing STAY at this time.  He plays very well with my 14yr old dog as well as a super playfulmate with my 3yr old dog.  Marley loves everyone and is loved right back.  He will be a joy and wonderful addition to any household.  He listens well to commands DO NOT STRIKE HIM there is no need! All is needs is work on being housebroken and he is just about ready for it………he comes with his crate, ball, a few rawhide bones as he is NOT left to himself in the crate when I work or am gone for a while and needs something to teeth on and this teaches him the correct things as opposed to your shoes.  His training is well on the way………he will just be to big for me and the bigger he gets the harder the paperclean up is for my back (I am partially disabled)




Spot, Skyler, and Shelby

Meet the first three; Spot (black nose), Skyler and Shelby

I have socialized these cuties with my dog and spend a lot of time with them, they are very happy kittens! I rescued their mother and her babies from certain death by a family of hawks that live behind my house. They are approximately 11 wks old. (1)

Next are four kittens that I also rescued from the hawk family; they are seven weeks old and if adopted right away I will take care of the spay/neuter and shots at Jacksonville Humane Society Animal Hospital since they are two young at the moment. (2)
And meet Tootsie and Lucy (3)
I would love to find the best home possible for these sweet babies! 
if interested email me at or leave a message with your contact information at (904)-372-7279. Thanks!





 Jasper is a 2 year old, neutered, American Fox Hound mix. He is playful, loving, and loves to play fetch! He also enjoys car rides and long walks! He is up to date on all shots and currently is up to date on flea prevention.  If you are interested please contact Kristina at 904 738 1574.



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