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Community Pets (Pets Who Need New Homes)



Pet's Name: Forest
Age: 7 months
Breed: Pit Bull
Spayed or Neutered?: Yes
Your Name: Tirzah 
Contact Info: 443-465-5269

Seven month old puppy looking for his forever home after being rescued from heavy chain in the woods behind a low income neighborhood. 
He is now up to date on all veterinary care! He is neutered, has all his shots, heartworm preventative, microchipped, and his personality will steal your heart! 

He's wonderful with small children and other dogs, and when he's not full of playful energy he likes to cuddle on the couch. 
He is also now completely house broken and crate trained! 

Its so important that he goes to a loving and responsible home environment where he can be treated like a family member and never be mistreated again. 
Please feel free to contact me - He is currently in Jacksonville Florida, but transport is possible for the right home. 443-465-5269

Posted 02/06




Pet's Name: Luna

Age: 2 years

Spayed/Neutered: YES

Luna is a 'love bug'.  She is a laid back, gentle, and playful Domestic Shorthair cat who loves to be held or just sit in your lap and be petted. She also likes tummy rubs. Luna needs a quiet home where she will be an INDOOR only cat. She likes dogs and gets along good with them as long as they are calm. I think she would do good in a home with another laid back cat. Luna is FIV(Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) positive but she doesn't care about that, she just wants a loving, forever home of her own. She is healthy and doesn't require any medical treatment for the FIV. We give her Lysine treats, which she loves, to boost her immune system.

Here is where you can find out more about FIV- 

Luna is spayed, micro-chipped and up to date on all her vaccines and has been given a flea preventative(Revolution). There is a $25 re-homing fee. She will go to her new home with her toys, bowl, food, cardboard scratcher, collar with current rabies license tag, litter box, and any cat litter she has left.

If you are interested in giving Luna a great forever home and would like to meet her please contact Debbie at 904-651-1355 or Ashleigh by email-

Posted 2/25




Zara is a wonderfully loving and loyal spayed female, who needs a new home. She is an 80-pound lab/pointer mix who often likes to occupy laps. She is almost 3 years old and wants to be the alpha dog, something we can't give to her in our multi-pet home. She has never been around children, but I think she prefers it that way! Up-to-date on all shots and heartworm prevention, house-and crate-trained, and perfectly healthy except for the hip dysplasia she was born with and a back knee that pops when she walks. Pain meds keep discomfort under control, and we will be happy to give you what we have left. She can't wait to be the top dog in a loving home!

Call Bill at 645-6175 for more info or to arrange a meet and greet!

 Posted 02/01




Pet's Name: Jackson

Age: 7 years

Breed: Border Collie / Retriever Mix

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Hi! I'm Jackson. I am a very loyal friend that loves to cuddle. I have been through doggie boot camp and know a good bit of commands. My current owners have raised me since I was 8 weeks and are having a really hard time making the decision to find me a new home. They have a two-year old and are about to have another baby which doesn't leave much time for me now. I would like to be in a home with no children or other male dogs. I seem to be happier that way. I enjoy exercise and being loved on but also do well with structure and discipline. I am great in a crate and a yard, and completely house trained. I would make a great friend to the right home and my owners will only find me a new home if it's the perfect fit. They will even pay my first year of annual vaccinations and heartworm to help with costs if you want to make me your new best friend. If for some reason you feel I am not the right fit for your home, my owners will take me back so you don't have to worry about rehoming me. If you have room in your heart and home for a guy like me...I would love to meet you!

Name: Kelly

Contact Info: : or 9042078514

Posted 02/04




Pet's Name: Abby
Age: 9
Breed: American Shorthair

I'm pregnant with twins and I already have a 2 year old. I'm allergic to cats but have been managing the allergies by vacuuming daily but now I can't handle the extra work and I am not going to be able to have any time for her so I need to find her a good home.

Description: Abby is a sweet and independent cat. Doesn't need a lot of attention. She has been fine with our other cat (who I'm also trying to re-home) but I think her ideal would be to be an only pet. Protective of children, she has been our little watchdog with our son it's really cute.

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Your Name: Jessica Riettie

Contact Info: 954-816-2141

Posted 2/5




Pet's Name: Max

Breed: lab
Color: black
Size: 85 lbs
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Neutered Male

Description: Max is very sweet and friendly he just needs room to roam. He is current on all shots and on flea and heartworm medication Max is good with other dogs. .If you can give Max a good home he is free.
Contact: Patsy, 904-275-2153

Posted 2/5




Green-eyed Scout is looking for a quiet home with routine and a warm lap. She needs patience and slow-moving approaches.She is a 6-year old spayed short-haired feline.


Posted 2/5


 Marshall aka Lapwarmer


Marshall (lapwarmer), a golden-eyed black shorthaired 12-year-old declawed neutered male feline.  He is looking for a house to supervise and a lap to protect and warm. He loves to be petted.

Contact: Lori -

Posted 2/5




Socrates, a green-eyed 6-year old declawed neutered male grey tabby with white socks feline. He spends a lot of time in contemplative retreat from society. He also will come out occasionally and quiz you. He is very affectionate and loves to be petted.

Contact: Lori -

Posted 2/5




Pet's Name: Siddalee

Age: 7 1/2

Breed: mixed

Spayed or Neutered?: yes

Description: Siddalee is a 7 year old pup I rescued from a shelter when she was 9 weeks old. It hurts me so bad to even think about giving her up but it is what I feel is best for her. I got her when I was 18 and had little to no idea what my future would be like. I now work 40+ hours a week and travel often, leaving her all alone. Sidda is very sweet and lovable, however she needs a home where she gets much more attention and preferably a home with a fenced in back yard so she can run around and excercise. She also needs someone who is assertive and dominating to control her as she is very much an alpha female. She will need to be in a one dog home as she has aggression towards animals, but NEVER people. I recently paid about $400 for a trainer and she made some improvements (or I should say I did by learning how to communicate with her) but with my busy schedule, and honestly, not being too fond of the  trainer,  we didn't complete our sessions. Again, I firmly believe that someone with enough time and ability to become the alpha will curb any bad habits in no time.  Please contact me if you are interested or have any more questions. This dog has been my best friend for 7 years but I want a better more active life for her!!

Your Name: Amy

Contact Info: 904.327.9437 

Posted 2/9




 Hello, my name is Ricky Lamberson and my family and I are in search of a loving, safe home for our dog Zoe.  Zoe is an 8 year old American Staffordshire Terrier (pure bred, blue nose).  She is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations and heartworm/flea prevention.  She has been a wonderful dog and great companion.  However, she has recently been showing signs of dominance towards our infant son.  When our son was a newborn she was very calm and gentle around him, but over the last month or so she has displayed some aggressive behaviors that cause us to be concerned about the safety of our child.

     We are trying our best to find a home for Zoe that will give her the love and attention that she deserves.  If you can help us in any way could you please contact me at this email or at (850)264-2248.  Thank you in advance for your help during this difficult time. 


Posted 2/9





I have a beautiful black lab mix named Bree looking for a great owner. She is 7 months and is house trained. Her training includes sitting and staying, shake and lay down, among others. She is great will all animals and kids! And she loves the water! Bath time is a breeze! I saved her from a puppy mill when she was little but I have recently fell on hard times and need to relocate. I am also working very long hours 6 day's a week with working two jobs. She has had all her shots, rabies shot/tag and flea meds. Please help me find her an amazing home with the deserved attention she needs!!!

Contact information...
Charity Banks

Posted 2/9




 Pet's Name: Wysp
Age: 17
Breed: Shorthair Tabby

Our children are very allergic to our pet cat and we need to find a new home for her. We are looking for a loving environment for her. She is an indoor cat with a playful personality. She loves people, she likes to be petted and played with. She greets you at the door and likes to be in the same room you are in. She brings you toys when she wants to play and she can even catch her toys when tossed! She is very sweet and would make a great companion.
She is spayed and has had all her shots.
Spayed or Neutered?: Yes
Your Name: Laura
Contact Info:

Posted 2/9




Pet's Name: Harper
Age: 5 months (Birthday is August 29th, 2014)
Breed: Pointer Mix/Mutt
Description: Black with white spotting
Spayed or Neutered?: Yes
Your Name: Kayleigh Osborne
Contact Info: 904-697-0522 or or

Posted 2/12




Pet's Name: BARLY



Spayed or Neutered?:NEUTERED
Your Name:JAMIE
Contact Info:9045838604

Posted 2/12




Pet's Name: Cody

Age: 8 Years

Breed: Mutt possibly part husky

Description: Very Sweet and just wants to be rubbed down and have room to run around! Does not seem to enjoy children and may be a little snippy so a home with no kids would be ideal. Loves to run around. In great health and is completely updated on all vaccinations.

Spayed or Neutered?: neutered

Your Name: Kathleen

Contact Info: (904)-327-2030
posted 2/14


 Renegade (Renee)


Breed: Boxer Mix

Age: n/a

Spayed: YES

Her name is Renegade for short we call her Renee she’s five years old she's a boxer mix and she’s spayed she gets along with cats, dogs, and great with kids . She needs a home with a back yard and someone to give her the loving attention she deserves . Please contact me if you'd like any more info about her. 

My name is Kayla . Phone number is 904-365-1529 

Posted 2/16




Breed: Boxer/Terrier Mix

Age: 1 year

Spayed: YES

Piper is a VERY loving and sweet girl,all she wants is lots of love and to be next to you,she is very playful and loves to run,a fenced in yard is highly recommended.
She also enjoys water and baths,more water than bath,:)
She is housebroken and is very smart and knows a few basic commands,sit,shake and lay down.
She has all of her shots and they are up to date,she is also fixed and microchipped.
She loves children of all ages,but is rough with smaller dogs,she chases cats,and is rough with them also,she hates chickens. 

She would be fine with dogs her size but not smaller and anyone who loves to play or go outdoors.

If you think she is for you, please call me 

Trudi Allphin,904-583-7204, or my email is

Posted 2/16




Pet's Name:Andy

Breed: Spaniel

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

He is full of energy and needs a fenced yard, however he is a house dog and sleeps in my bedroom on a carpet at night. There has been no interaction with cats, but I think he would give chase. I have had him neutered and he has just completed heartworm treatment. He is up to date with all his shots. Andy seeks attention and affection and returns it. A good dog for an older person where he is the top dog. I have a dog rescue and currently am looking for homes for a few of them.

Name: Billie Hatten


Posted 2/17




Pet's Name:Tara

Breed: Bulldog Mix

Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Tara wandered onto my property about a year ago, starved. Someone had beaten her as she had several marks on her. It has taken several months for her to trust but now she is a very affectionate dog and has never shown any signs of aggression. I have had her spayed and she has all her shots. She is heartworm negative. I have several other rescue dogs and need to find a permanent home for her. SHE NEEDS A FENCED YARD.

Name: Billie Hatten


Posted 2/17



I'm looking for a new home with caring owner!

My name is Pearl and I'm blackish short-haired 5 year old
male Tabby feline; I am healthy, lovable, playful, and
neutered! Being house trained and well groomed, I can accommodate new owner's expectations. I'm reasonably
teachable in healthy environment. Well trained by present
owner but he is moving into deep North and employment that
cannot accommodate cat-care. Be my salvation!

Contact name: Dennis Heinz
Contact number: 904-619-9040



Pet's Name: Keelo
Age: 6.5 years
Breed: Pit mix
I am a neutered male who is in need of a home ASAP. I am not comfortable where I live with two new babies in the house and have shown some slight aggression, despite professional training. I will eventually be surrendered if I don't find a home. 
I am great with adults and love to play and follow the commands I know. Regular walks would be a dream come true! I have received professional obedience training in the past, and I need someone to keep me lovingly disciplined in what I learned.
The perfect home for me consists of a single adult, couple, or a family with older children/teens that would appreciate my company and return my affection. I'm super friendly and sweet, and I just need attention and exercise and discipline and love!
Spayed or Neutered?: Yes
Your Name: Wesley
Contact Info: 904-566-7300

Posted 2/19




Pet's Name: Ellie
Age: ~ 1 year
Breed: Unsure
Description: Ellie is as sweet as sweet can be. Unfortunately a family friend can no longer care for her like she deserves and we took her in with the intent of finding her a safe, loving home. Ellie is extremely shy. She gets nervous around loud noises and new people but with time, she warms up, and the rest is history. She's great with other cats as well as dogs. In fact, another cat around the house may just give her the confidence she needs to come into her own. Ellie needs a family that can understand her needs and be patient with her until she settles and becomes comfortable. Because of this, small children may not be the best fit but older kids who can allow her the space she'll need to readjust would be more than fine! This little fur ball truly does love everyone she meets, given they allow her the time to get to know them.
Spayed or Neutered?: No
Your Name: Lexi
Contact Info: Email me anytime at or text anytime at (904)504 6099

Posted 2/19



Chuck the Chihuahua  is under a year, heartworm negative, neutered and chipped.

 He is sweet and extroverted, jogs with me and sleeps fine in a crate.  Under 11 pounds. 

Please email Linda at

Posted 2/19



Pet's Name: Buck (male)

Age: approx 1.5-2years old

Breed:St. Bernard/Shepherd Mix

Neutered: YES

Description: Buck is a 1.5-2 year old St. Bernard/Shepherd mix with a ton of energy. He's extremely smart and loves to play. Buck was recently rescued and due to an older dog in the house not taking a liking to him, he needs a new home. Buck loves walks, rope toys, and is great with kids and other dogs. He is a larger breed, but thinks he is a lap dog. He doesn't know his own size. He still has a lot of puppy in him and would do best in a fenced in yard as he loves to run. Buck would be a great addition to any home! He is currently up to date on all his shots, microchipped, neutered, and house broken. He does all his business outside and is learning basic commands. He can sit, paw (shake), and lay down. We are working on roll over. He is not a fan of the water, but is slowly working on that as well. If you would like to have more information on Buck or are interested in meeting him, please feel free to contact me! Thank you!

Your Name: Bethany Coombs

Contact Info: / 443-975-1763

Posted 2/20


 Indy & Lilly

Indy (standing) is a neutered 4 year old male black mouth cur. He is a big dog weighing in around 120lbs. However, Indy thinks he is a lap dog and loves to try and sit in your lap if you are on the floor. He also has his own pillow that he carries around and lays with when given the chance.


Lilly (laying down) is a spayed 4 year old female hound/boxer mix. She has a long nose and a brindle coat weighing in around 75lbs. Lilly is the most affectionate dog you could ask for. She is very quiet and seeks only to have you pet her.


Both dogs are very sweet and do very well with kids. Although they are big they are both very loving and do great with people after about 5 minutes of getting to know you. They are both kennel trained and both kennels would come with them. They do not get on furniture, chew things, or have accidents in the house. They love each other and if at all possible would do well to find a new home together. They play well together and really spend most of their time with each other in the house and outside.


They deserve a loving home/family with some room to stretch their long legs and unfortunately we are no longer able to provide what they need. If interested in becoming Indy and Lilly’s forever family please email or call James at 904-322-6351.

Posted 2/20




Her name..... Missy,and she needs a home. Lets talk about her! Missy is a Anatolian shepherd,8 years old,soft,healthy,cute,strong and fun! Seriously soooo cute,so cute upon walking her anywhere everyday so many people stop to see her. She loves the water,any pool any size,even the kiddie pools,the beach and the lake. Car rides are great as well. 

She is great with people even the kids, not so much with other animals. Very protective of anyone who she gets close to as well, always a plus. So sad to say the owner is losing her house and Missy needs a home to live in. I am the care taker of her and she is an amazing dog! She does great in the house but prefers to be outside during day and inside at night but doesn't matter, she does need a fenced in backyard for she is a dog who needs to be leashed on walks or runs or she will take off....of course will come back. She is spayed. PLEASE help her find a wonderful alcohol and drug free home. 

Please contact me, at who is interested in having a loving dog. Bless her heart. 

Thanks..... A small re homing fee req.

Posted 2/20




Nugget is a 8 year old sweet tiny 8lb boy that was rescued from a shelter. He is adorable as you can see! His is a champagne chi and would LOVE to go to a home with someone that are use to Chihuahuas. 

He is great with older (over 10) and adults only. He loves to give you kisses and belly rubs. Housebroken, neutered, fully vaccinated, and micro-chipped. He is good with other dogs and is looking for someone to love him. He is available for foster or adoption! 

Adoption fee and application applies. Serious inquiries only. 

If you are interested in Nugget, please call or email Julie at 

(904) 607-2961

Posted 2/20



Age: 8 months
Breed: chocolate lab/short haired pointer mix 

Spayed or Neutered: YES
All vaccinations and rabies shot good until Jan 2016 

Tucker is a great dog. He loves people and is very active. He is a still a pup so he has lots of energy and loves to go on long walks and play fetch for hours. He is good with our small dog and cat but wants to be the alpha in our household. I'm too passive of an owner for Tucker and he needs a dominant personality to love and train him and show him that he doesn't have to be in charge. He is very protective of our little one and would be great for a couple who is active or has older children as he can get very excited. He needs someone who has more time and attention to give to him. He loves table scraps and cuddles and sleeping in your bed :) he is potty trained, crate trained, and knows all basic obedience commands. He is a great dog and would be an even better dog to someone who can give him the authority he is looking for. We love him but can't seem to be the owner he is looking for. It isn't settling well with our other animals. Please give Tucker a chance to show you how great he is!

My name is Katie, contact phone is 904-704-4050

Posted 2/21



Pet's Name: Gale

Age: 2 years

Breed: Lab/ Am. Staff Terrier

Description: Very sweet and loyal. Loves to cuddle. Ok with cats and other dogs. Crate trained (goes to kennel when you say "cage"), Very agile. Knows basic commands. Updated on all shots. Microchipped. Loves to swim and play catch. Could be a great family dog.

Spayed or Neutered?: Spayed

Your Name: Christina

Contact Info: 707 803 3266

Posted 2/26



Pet's Name: Ruby

I found Ruby as stray and it’s been 3 weeks now and no-one has claimed her despite my efforts. She is about 1 year old, spayed and will be UTD on shots. She is super sweet, a little timid/anxious as I think someone has been mean to her previously. She gets on great with my two female lab/pit mixes. She is good around children, she loves them (even the 2 year old!). She is not at all aggressive as far as I can tell. She loves her food, but not food aggressive. She would do best in a home with another friendly dog, who is also not food aggressive as she tends to finish up all the leftovers!

She is fully house trained and well behaved, know basic commands. She likes to play with other dogs but she doesn’t bound around and jump up.  Like all young dogs, she does chew if she finds something lying around so lots of toys required.  She does not like the crate and gets quite distressed if you put her it, but so far she has been okay left out in my house. This sweet girl will lay next to you on the couch and be loved on all day. She deserves a chance 

Posted 2/26



Pet's Name: Berry

Very energetic and loving young lady. When I, her third adopter from the humane society, I was in the middle of moving to a house and thought she would do well in the house and back yard but she is too energetic for me to have her inside. I would love to find her a home with a big back yard to run around in and with a person that loves to run and needs a partner. When she does come inside and calms down she is more than happy to lay beside me on the couch and lay her head on my lap. She does well with my schnauzer even though the two of them do get rough sometimes but it is all play. She deserves more than my little back yard and someone that is home more to play with her and train her.

Robert Sholmire
Cell phone (409)926-9452

Posted 2/26



Pet's Name; Cuzo

PLEASE HELP. This 4 yr old pit spends everyday in a backyard in a abandoned house.   NOT JOKING. 

The owner feeds the dog every two days and thats it. 

He dosent see a soul,dosent play,get pet and has not had a bath in over a year. No toys back there,no bones no nothin! How do i know,ive seen the dog/house myself. Ive got all the details of this.      

HOW SAD, HOW LONLEY to stare at a fence month after month in the dead quiet backyard. 

The owner has givin me permission to help get a home for cuzo,who loves people and does know how to play with other dogs too! 

Again only 4 years old and with a life givin too him im sure he will fall in love with the first person or family to come along.    This situation is bad.    Help.   

The owner lost his house and works 70 hours a week,gone all day and has no where to put the dog. 

email me at

Posted 2/26



Pet's Name: Sol

Age: 2 years

Breed: Lab/ Am. Staff terrier (looks more like Vizsla)

Description: Very goofy dog. Loves to play catch. Loves the frizbe. Knows how to swim. Has a unique howl. Beautiful coat and eyes. Great with cats and other dogs. Knows basic commands. Crate trained (goes to kennel when you say "cage"). Updated on all shots. Microchipped.

Spayed or Neutered?: Neutered

Your Name: Christina

Contact Info: 707 803 3266

Posted 2/26


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