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The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community.

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goliath-1 goliath-2

  • Goliath is a 4 yr old Male Boxer/Mastiff. He is Neutered/micro chipped. He has successfully completed 2 sets of obedience training. He is Up to date on all shots until 4/2017. Goliath loves to go for walks/runs and loves interacting with people. You can go anywhere with confidence knowing he will protect you. He’s good on a leash and understands commands. He will sit, stay, come, etc with both verbal and hand commands. Please consider taking Goliath into your life so he doesn’t have to go into a shelter. We can’t keep him.
  • Please contact Mary Estes 623-692-7381 or Skylar Estes 602-810-2450
  • Posted 9/20



kobe-1 kobe-2 kobe-3 kobe-4

  • Kobe is 3 1/2 year old Cocker spaniel. We adopted Kobe in February. He is almost completely blind, he has Juvenile Cataracts. He adapts well with his surroundings once he gets to know the place. He is good with kids, loves to play and run. He is not one that likes to be outside unless you are with him outside. He wants to be right beside you everywhere you go. He loves to sleep at the end of the bed. He loves to play ball, must be a squeaky ball that makes noise so he can hear it when he is playing. He appears to have allergies, we have him on allergy meds but have not determined what the allergies are. More than likely food. He needs a good home with people that can take the time he needs with him. He is up to date on all shots, has a chip, and is neutered.
  • Please email or call 904-534-4618
  • Posted 9/20




  • Diego is about 2 years old. He is a perfect medium of loving and playful. Diego is neutered.
  •  Please call (904)505-9141.
  • Posted 9/21


charlie-h-1 charlie-h-2 charlie-h-3

  • Charlie will be 4 years old in November. He is a shepherd mix and weighs about 35-40 pounds. He is an extremely energetic, loving boy. He does not have a bad bone in his body and gets along extremely well with kids. He loves my other dog (female). We have even gotten him to coexist with our cat. He needs someone who can give him the exercise that he needs. He is definitely not just a yard dog, he needs constructive work to stay manageable. He loves bike rides and trips to the beach. He does very well in his crate during the day and overnight. I adopted him from an adoption event 2 years ago from Lake City humane. He is micro-chipped and neutered.
  • Anyone interested can contact Hilary at 904-525-5038 or
  • Posted 9/22



booka-1 booka-2 booka-3

  • His name is Bwka (pronounced Booka). He is an 9-year old indoor housecat, he does not like being outdoors. I think he is part Maine Coon because he is so big. He is neutered but still has all his claws. He is up to date on all of his shots. He is a quiet and lovable guy who really likes belly rubs and head scratches. He gets along fine with children and other cats but is not too fond of dogs.
  • My name is Bryan Bommersbach. I can be reached via email at
  • Posted 9/27





  • Styles is a jack russell poodle mix (jackapoo). He is 3 years old. Styles is energetic, cuddly, smart, house broken, and spayed. She currently resides with a small child and 2 larger dogs. She loves to cuddle and she’s eager to please. She is a jack russell so her attention span isn’t there. She is kennel trained and will “go home” for treats and for her food.
  • Please contact Daisy Good at (904)377-6972
  • Posted 9/28





  • Polo is 3 years old. He is Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix and weighs 45 lbs. Polo is a goofy, fun-loving dog who loves long walks on the beach, snuggling for naps and netfilx-and-chill with his parents. He always finds a way to make us laugh everyday but unfortunately does not like sharing our attention with our newborn son. Polo has always been very close to my husband but we have found out that he is not good with small kids. He has a fur-brother that he gets along with very well, but he is also selective with who he befriends. Families with older kids or a single guy/girl looking for a comical companion with no cats would be perfect! He may not be the brightest dog, but he makes up for that with all the love he can muster. Polo is neutered and up to date with all his shots, plus had a check up Monday Sept. 19th, 2016 with a clean bill of health.
  • Owner: Please contact Kelli and Erik Overturf at Kelli’s cell # 904-307-0103
  • Posted 9/28



Beckham and Baxter

beckham-and-baxter-1 beckham-and-baxter-2


  • Beckham and Baxter are a bonded pair that have been BFF’s for the majority of their lives. They love to snuggle with each either, bathe each other and chase each other around the house. They have two big brothers (60lb Olde English Bulldog and 60lb Basset Hound) that they tease during dinner time and nap with throughout the day. Both cats have their claws and and are neutered. They have regularly attended their vet appointments at Dames Point Animal Hospital and all of their shots and tests are up to date. The cats are extremely social and love nothing more then introducing themselves to any strangers lap within 5 minutes of sitting on our couch. We have recently had two daughters and the cats social nature has made it difficult to deter them from laying in and on the babies things and chewing on the babies plastic toys from time to time. We have not been able to provide them with enough attention and have had to limit their free roaming space in our home. We very much love our cats but know that rehoming them would be best for them and for our young children. Beckham: (Orange Tabby) 9yrs. Baxter: (Black Tabby) 6yrs.
  • Please contact Lorenzo Flores- Phone: (904)402-3755 Email:
  • Posted 9/30






  • She may walk like she’s had a few drinks,but she’s otherwise healthy – fully vaccinated, on heartworm and flea prevention, spayed, parasite free, crate trained, house broken, very affectionate, and good with dogs and cats. We have grown quite fond of her, but three pups and a kitty is a lot to handle. If you have room in your heart and home for this sweet old gal, please let me know. If you think you’re a good fit, but not local, I’ll bring her to you.
  • Please contact Kimberly at 615.479.5564 or
  • Posted 10/13




 Lily is four years old and a terrier mix, weighing about 60-70 lbs. Lily is a sweetheart with a lot of love to give. She loves to play and to be petted a whole lot as soon as you pet her she’ll be begging for more. She likes to shake your hand when she sees you and occasionally gets a little jumpy when you come home. She is the sweetest dog. She had hip surgery when we adopted her but the only thing it really affects is her ability to jump ( she just kinda hops a lot-its adorable). But ultimately my girlfriend and I just don’t have enough time to give her and we feel she would be better suited for someone (or a family) who has more time in their day to give her more attention we just work long hours in the day and don’t have enough time. Through everything Lily is a wonderful and caring dog who just needs a little more attention then we can give her she has all of her shots and is spayed.

Please contact Croix Bruns at or preferably at (904)444-1250

Posted 10/4



My name is Aimee. I was suddenly left with my roommates dog Daisy when he had to unexpectedly move out of state. I travel for my job a lot and do not have the time to spend with here that she requires. She has only been in this home for about three weeks. She gets along with other dogs and she is good around kids. She can get a tad territorial so I wouldn’t recommend her to a very social home with a lot of guest coming and goig. She is house broken. She is about a year old terreroir mix 45lb all shots up to date and is spayed. She needs a quit loving home where she will receive a lot of attention.

Please text Aimee at (570)702-7021

Posted 10/4







The fire department rescued Simon from a tree in Boone Park! He is a beautiful white cat, part Siamese, young male, neutered.  He was a little skittish at first but has calmed down a lot now that he is accustomed to our house.  He has turned into an affectionate and playful boy.  He is not scared of our dogs.  I have not introduced him to any cats.  He should be in a fairly calm home, no young children.

Contact Mary at

Posted 10/9




Batty and Bolt


Batty            Bolt


Batty (black) and Bolt (tabby) are approximately five months. Both kittens were born to a feral mother at my job.  I rescued them to get them tamed down, spayed, and vaccinated before seeking homes.  They have been indoor-only, living with two adult cats and two medium dogs.  They will tolerate baths and nail clipping.  I prefer that they go to indoor-only homes who will not declaw them.  Nail trimming is easy and much kinder to the cat – I’ll happily show the new owner how.  These two can go together or separately.

Batty is a VERY active cat – I suspect she has some Siamese in her ancestry.  90% of my attempts to photograph Batty are just a motion blur as she checks out the camera or anything else moving in the vicinity.  She loves to play and explore.  Her favorite toy is a feather wand … or the ends of my hair (she’s gentle), or some faux flowers carefully plucked from the vase on the shelf she’s not supposed to be able to reach.  Batty is also very affectionate and chatty.  She likes to lie on my desk and vigorously knead my arm while I type.  She also likes to lie with one paw and her chin over my wrist.  Clearly Batty thinks I work too much.  She will chirp and murmur to you whenever she feels you should be paying more attention to her.  Her purr is also very loud.

Bolt is quieter and used to be the shyest kitten in the litter.  Now she’s discovered that humans have toys, can open cans of food, and best of all, make nice soft pillows.  She likes to be cradled in my arms and purrs loudly when held.  Being picked up is not her favorite thing, but since it leads to petting and belly-rubs, she’s fine with it.  Bolt will mew for attention, but is generally much quieter and less talkative than her chatty sibling.  She LOVES her toys and will chase anything that moves, from a fancy feather wand to a spare shoelace.  She also likes balls and other toys she can roll and bat around.

I have more pics and videos available on request.  Thank you!

Please contact Anissa Roy at (904)607-6174 or

Posted 10/9







Brooklyn is a 60lb Staff Terrier. She is a 3 year old and loves to cuddle and play. She’s as sweet as can be. She has not been around many dogs, but has been around children.. We are unable to take her into our new apartment complex and would love for her to go into a loving, caring, home that can give her the love and attention she needs.

Please contact Shekyra at (443)633-7983

Posted 10/9


akita-1 akita-2

Akita is a 6 year old Tennessee Brindle. She is a very sweet dog. Is potty-trained and has a good temperament around people. She is not really good with other dogs especially smaller breeds. She was adopted from the Jacksonville Humane Society. I do not have the vet records. I can get her updated, if necessary. She is spayed. She needs a loving home.

Please contact Chad at 904-759-5868 or

Posted 10/11



  • Hula is a Catahoula-mix and she is 2 years/ 55 lbs. She up to date, spayed, and Microchipped. She loves to run and play, loves to cuddle and attention/great with kids/sweet/smart/crate and potty trained/smart. I am having a newborn baby in 2 weeks and CANNOT take care of her or afford her by myself. I need to find her a home ASAP.
  • Contact CASSI JAMES at or 904 347 6468
  • Posted 10/13



sampson-1 sampson-2 sampson-3


  • Sampson is 9-10 yrs old. Yellow Labrador retriever, 70 lbs. Sampson was found wandering our busy street this summer. He was micro-chipped but owners could no longer keep him. He’s such a sweetie that we decided to foster him through The Old Dog House rescue. ( He is extremely well behaved, house trained and loves to learn. He knows basic commands and walks well on a leash. He’s an older lab, so he just wants to chill out and hang with his people. Easy houseguest. He loves people, car rides and gets along great with our cat. He does, however, get overly excited when he sees other dogs so we are working with a trainer on his doggie manners. Otherwise, Sampson is the perfect companion. He is neutered and up to date on all shots, as well as heartworm and flea preventative. When found, he tested positive for heartworms, but he recently completed heartworm treatment with no problems. He has had x-rays and blood work all showing he is a healthy guy. Sampson is now ready for his forever home.
  • Kim Lamb Preferred contact: email or call 904-234-9044
  • Posted 10/15



mulan-1 mulan-2

  • Mulan is 2 or 3 years old. We found this beautiful long haired black cat crying at our door. She seems to be someone’s pet as she is very friendly with people and loves attention. She does not seem to enjoy being with other dogs or cats though so we can’t keep her. She is healthy, spayed, and has her shots, all provided by the humane society in September 2016. She comes with a nice large crate and toys.
  • Please contact Lesley at 904-651-0192.
  • Posted 10/15



  • Nana, I was told 8-9 years, French Bulldog. She is very calm , mostly sleeps all day. She is spayed.
  • Shana Friar 904-563-4418
  • Posted 10/15




  • Max is 7 years old. He is a Plott Hound Mix and weighs about 55 lbs. Max is looking for a new loving home! Max is a big goofy hound dog who loves people and playing fetch. This handsome boy turned 7 years old in January. He does not socialize well with dogs outside of our home but adores our smaller dog and even gets along great with cats. He’s very eager to please and would love to play fetch and run in a yard all day. Max is fairly active for his age but also loves snuggles and naps after a long day. He is up to date on all of his shots, neutered, and we can provide the remainder of his monthly heartworm and flea prevention.
  • Please contact William Hentschel via email:; Secondary contact by phone: (904) 401-0188
  • Posted 10/16



  • Meoww, my name is Socks. I am a middle aged male feline seeking a cat loving human who has the time for me. I am a Leo who loves taking naps and window watching. I adore a good back scratching as well as my scratching post, especially when there is cat nip involved. My favorite thing is to be cradled like a baby and make “dough” on your chest as I purr unconditionally.
  • Socks used to be a stray on the streets; it took me five years to gain his trust. One day he decided to move in on my front porch, he was equipped with a waterproof shelter and even given a heating pad for the colder months. I managed to get him fixed and his rabies shot through a TNR program with FCNMHP. Shortly after, I realized he needed K-9’s pulled and that was when we discovered that he is FIV+. Felines carrying FIV can live long healthy lives indoors. FIV+ cats can also live with FIV negative cats if introduced properly. Unfortunately his current owners lack the ability to take proper care of Socks, so I am seeking a new home for Socks. I will be seeking an experienced feline owner as well as vet references. Please help give this boy the life he deserves.
  • If you are interested in Socks please contact me at (904)576-3466 or
  • Posted 10/20



  • Luna is a female black lab Rottweiler mix (73 lbs) named Luna who will be two in February. Luna has all of her shots, spayed, and takes months heart guard and flee & tick medicine. She is extremely loyal, sweet, loving, cuddly, and definitely a good guard dog. She barks at strangers and small children which is interfering with my lifestyle and I can no longer keep her. She is a great companion and needs a loving home.
  • Please contact Stephanie Jenkins (904)868-5224 (text only) or email me @
  • Posted 10/20


bear-1 bear-2 bear-3

  •  Bear. Polydactyl/ Hemingway cat with a lot of toes. He is 5 years old, orange and white, very sweet, and playful and listens almost like a dog. Gets along with all people and animals. He is neutered and up to date on all of his shots.
  • Please contact me – Shannon at
  • Posted 10/20




  • Pixies D.O.B. 01/05/2015. She is a Lab Chow Mix, Approx weight 50 lbs. She is Spayed. Pixie is a gorgeous family companion. She is kennel trained and does great on a leash. Pixie knows all basic commands and knows to always use her mouth softly. Pixie loves rope toys and dog parks. She enjoys car rides and fun events with the family. Pixie is good around kids and dogs. She loves snuggles and is very attentive. She would be a terrific watch dog. Please make pixie a part of you family. She needs a home as soon as possible. God bless.
  • Please Contact Heather Thomason 904-361-1267
  • Posted 10/20




  • Cheeto is a female cat a little over the age of 1 and is Spayed. She’s the sweetest girl and loves attention. She also loves to cuddle and play with her toys. She is a very relaxed cat that just likes to hang out. She’s in need of a lovable home and a little attention!
  • Please contact Christine Williams at cell phone (727)-560-0151
  • Posted 10/20


mack-1 mack-2


  • Meet Mack, an adorable five year old male purebred Labrador with the looks and temperament we love! He has a beautiful burnt sugar eyes and a nice yellow honey coat. He is neutered. Mack loves to walk and is really good on leash. He pulls just a little but certainly nothing serious. He will be a perfect walking companion and will be fine passing other dogs on lead. Mack is bright and wants to please. He picks up everything about the house and environment quickly and wants to fit in. He is a great dog. Mack is housebroken. We have a good size back yard and leave the door cracked open. He comes and goes through out day. He does prefer to be inside on hot summer days. Mack will do fine with kids, other non-aggressive dogs, or have the whole house to his self. Mack is on the calm side in the house but is also playful. He’s the perfect mix of fun and easy.
  • Please contact Gary Hartman 904-485-0628
  • Posted 10/21


cobi-1 cobi-2


  • Cobi is a tiny one year old, male cat who has been neutered and all shots up-to-date. He is loving and curious purring machine who loves to play with cat dancer toy. He is great with kids and loves his nap time. I am deeply saddened to let him go but my son’s allergy has been so severe that my family has made this difficult decision. We have no doubt that he will be a great addition to any loving family. Please email with any questions.
  • Please contact Helen Palomino at
  • Posted 10/21



  • Rajah is a 7-year-old small, timid tuxedo cat with short hair. She
    is a good cat, who doesn’t show any aggression. In fact, she’s
    fearful of most people. She has not spent much time outside, but
    is curious about it. She’s also good at catching bugs and lizards
    that get inside. She would be very happy with one adult owner, who
    would let her cuddle up to them, but she is fine with calmer
    children as well. She is so vocal that she seems to hold
    conversations with people. She is socialized with both cats and
    dogs, and does well as long as she’s got a good hiding place. She
    does not harm furniture, and is accustomed to a scratching post.
    She uses a litter box without issues. Rajah is spayed, doesn’t
    have fleas, and has been vaccinated and been to the vet regularly.
    She eats no seafood because of a stomach sensitivity, and is given
    hairball formula food and supplement. She’s a great cuddler who loves to be petted and brushed, and loves to sleep with her owner.
  • Contact by phone or email: Randi Vicente – owner 904-318-7155 (call or text)
  • 10/25


gypsy-1 gypsy-2 gypsy-3

  • Gypsy is a 2yr old Bengal mix cat. She’s very very friendly ! She loves people, kids, preferably anyone who gives her attention. She’s very chatty. She loves attention, sleeping with people, and cuddling. Definitely a lap cat. She Is a one person cat, she does OK with other animals, it takes her a long time to warm up to other animals in the household. But she is preferably better with people who have no animals at all. Since she is a cat who likes to have the attention on herself instead of other animals. But she is fixed, and has all her shots updated of as 6/7 months ago. I would love for her to go to a new home for someone to love her as much as I do, also ! She is very goofy and entertaining.
  • If you are interested in gypsy please contact Julia at 904-402-3826.
  • 10/25

MooMoo and Martian 

moomoo         martian

  • MooMoo is a very loving, sweet natured cat that constantly wants to be loved on. She is a 2 year old Tuxedo cat. She has a lot of energy and loves to play with anything that jingles. Be warned though, if she sees a ponytail laying about she will steel it and you will never see it again. She was named MooMoo due to how often we had to tell her to move. She will race in front of your feet and flop over. She does talk, and will argue with you when given the chance. She is spayed and chipped.
  • Martian is a large ball of fur and energy. He is a 1 year old long haired mix. He was a rescue at 5 weeks old and can sometime be very skittish and timid but give him a chance to warm up to you and he will be your new best friend. He is very talkative and will chirp at you any chance he gets. He will tell you when he wants food, water or just plain lovins. He tends to act a little bit like a dog and will wag his tail when happy. Give him a laser light and he’s the happiest cat in the world and will chase it for hours. Rub his belly and listen to him purrrr.  He is neutered and chipped.
  • Please help us find these two lovable cats a new home preferably together but can be separated.
  • Please contact Kelsey E. Mullis via e-mail or telephone (904) 208-0845
  • Posted 10/25



  • This is Oliver! He is approximately 2 1/2 years old. He has a wonderful personality and gets along well with other cats. He likes to go outside but doesn’t go too far. We are moving and not able to take him with us. We are heartbroken and would love to find a good home to give him lots of love. He has been neutered and is up to date on his shots.
  • If you would like to know more about Ollie, please call Kim Conti at 904-505-0663 or
  • Posted 10/25


duke-bw-1 duke-bw-2 duke-bw-3

  • Duke is a 2 and a half year old pit bull/ bird dog mix that is neutered and weighs about 50 pounds. Duke has an awesome curious personality. He is super smart and loves to please! He loves to swim and play fetch. He is super good around children and would do well with a home with Children. Unfortunately I am moving to a place that does not allow bully Breeds and honestly Duke deserves a home with a large yard or farm that he can run and play. Though he does very well in a apartment setting it isn’t fair to him! Please help Duke find a good home!
  • You can email Brandi Hunter at or call me at 912 602 5442
  • Posted 10/25






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