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The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community.

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  • Brody  is 1 year old and he is a Chihuahua mixed terrier weighing about 14 pounds and neutered.He is a very energetic and playful dog, although he is small he likes to play with other dog.
  • Please contact Brittany Stewart at
  • Posted 8/25



Hailey 1 Hailey 2 Hailey 3

  • Hailey is close to 2 years old. Spayed and front paw declawed. She loves rubbing up on your leg and being held. Not much of a lap cat, but she will sleep at the foot of our bed every night. She LOVES belly rubs, getting brushed and playing with her toy mouse. She’s very playful! Not sure how she does with kids, but she’s wonderful in big groups. She just loves attention from everyone! She does not do well with dogs or other animals. She really needs to be in a one animal household.
  • Contact: Christina Jones / text: 309.531.6722
  • Posted 8/26




Simon & Chaton

Simon 1 Simon 2

Chaton 1 Chaton 2


Cooper Anderson

Cooper Anderson

  • Cooper Anderson is a 2yr old catahoula leopard mix and weighs about 75lbs.
    He’s very playful. He loves fetch, going for car rides, and going for a run. Loves to sleep in bed with me. He walks very well on a leash, will sit, lay down, and stay on command. He is potty trained and crate trained. Loves to give kisses and cuddle. Does need to be the only animal and no small children. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. He does have a food and plastic allergy but doesn’t need medication unless he eats something he can’t have.
  • Please contact Jennifer Unkle at email
  • Posted 8/26




Alley, Deenie, Dippie, and Cookie


  • I would like them to be adopted out preferably in bonded pairs. They have been indoor cats since they were born. They have been vetted, spayed/neutered, and had their initial shots. They are 4 medium-long haired siblings. They are aprox. 4 yrs old. 3 males and 1 female.
  • I can be reached at
  • Posted 8/26






  • Approx 5-6 yrs old
    Bob tail
    Very shy and would do well in a 1 pet household. Once warmed up to she you loves to be petted. Very independent and happy cat.



  • Approx 1.5 yrs old
    Russian Blue
    Great spunky personality. Loves to play with doggy and kitty siblings. Loves to lay with you and cuddle. Great with kids.



  • Approx 2 yrs old
    Russian Blue
    Your typical house cat. Loves laying around and looking out windows. Loves to play with her doggy and kitty siblings. Great with kids.
  • My name: Jessica Bennett
    Phone #: 904 382 4362
    All pets have been spayed.
  • Posted 8/26





Opal 1

  • This is Opal, she is about 8 years old and in need of a new home. Her owner passed away and her family could not take Opal back to Arizona. I have tried to find her a new home but been unable to do so. She has been declawed on her front paws (by her owner) and spayed. She would be better in a home with no dogs. Opal is litter boxed trained and loves to play with her toys. She is very shy but will warm up to you if given the chance. I have tried to find Vet records on Opal but have not had any luck.
  • If you think you can provide her with a loving home please contact me via email at
  • Posted 8/30






  • Sam is a 9 year old pure bred Mini Schnauzer (19-20 lbs). He is a well behaved companion. Loves to sit in your lap or in your chair with you. Owner died of brain cancer 2 1/2 years ago and I feel he bonds with men better. Hasn’t been around small children much. Hypo-allergenic fur. Sleeps in crate since his owner got sick but also likes your bed. He is neutered and current on all shots, even Bordetella.
  • Please contact Linda Moniz is at
  • Posted 8/30




Tiger 2Tiger 1

  • Tiger is 16 years old. Has a very calm personality. Tiger is an indoor / de-clawed cat.
  • Please contact Jessica Bex and Gary Porter at 904-535-8359.
  • Posted 8/30





Shamus 2   Shamus 1

  • I have a 8 year old Maine Coon. He is a pure breed Maine Coon, But he is neutered so no kids for him. Shamus is an amazing cat, amazing personality. He meets me at the door every day I come home. Loves to crawl under the sheets with you. He has been around dogs and other cats all of his life, so he is fine with both. I have to move into a new place and can’t afford the fees that are being charged for pets now, I also work way to much to give him the attention he deserves.
  • Please feel free to email Daniel at if you are looking for a great cat.
  • Posted 8/30




Lucy and Leo

Lucy and Leo

  • We adopted both our kitties from the Jacksonville humane society July 2015. Both kitties are just over a year old. They have been spayed & neutered (one male, one female) and received all shots from the Jax Humane Society. We love them lots and hope you can love them as much as we do. Lucy is a loving ball of fur (plenty of it) who loves giving hugs and snuggling. Leo is like a flash of black & white but absolutely loves to be loved on a one on one basis. He’s a little scared of hustle & bustle so will hide. They’re both the sweetest and have so much love to offer. We have a huge cat tower as well that you’re more than welcome to have.
  • Please contact me at if interested. We need to find them a home as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Posted 9/1





Rorschach 1 Rorschach 2 Rorschach 3

  • Meet Rorschach (Rory), she is about 2yrs old and approximately 7lbs. I brought her home as a stray that was hanging out around my job because she was the sweetest cat ever! She has seen the vet and is free of diseases and has been spayed. She is super chill and very people friendly but she isn’t getting along with my cat (not entirely her fault, they just don’t like each other). I want her to have a home where she is safe and happy and that unfortunately isn’t at my house.
  • Contact me at 9042504179 or email at
  • Posted 9/2




Roxy and Mack

Roxy               Mack

Roxy and Mack

  • Roxy is a German Shepherd and Akita mix. She is 8 years old. She is spayed and about 59lbs.
    “Our silly girl,” she is a wonderful companion, loving, sweet, and smart. Talents: protector, can shake paws, sit, potty trained, amazing swimmer, loves to play in snow, tennis ball fetcher and Macks best friend. She has an umbilical hernia that vet has repeatedly stated is cosmetic.
  • Mack is a lab terrier mix. He is 7 years old. He is neutered and is 60 lbs. “Our Lover.” He is the kindest and most thoughtful dog, he knows when your sad and would lick until you are happy. He does not like water like Roxy. He loves to be under the covers with you, thinks he is a 5 lb lap dog. He will follow you to the mail box and not leave your side unleashed. Was a rescue who stole our hearts. Roxy’s best friend.
  • Please contact Joy Phillips at 904-338-4527
  • Posted 9/2





Luna      Luna2


  • Luna is approximately 14-15 months old. She has been ear-tipped and spayed, and was previously someone’s pet. We thought she was a feral and tried to catch her for weeks, but one day she decided she was done being outside and let us not only pet her, but pick her up and bring her inside. She went right to the kitty litter, and that night she slept next to me on the bed and has every night since! She loves to play with her foster siblings and any toy she gets hold of. She hates being alone and will “murr” when she wants someone to play or cuddle with. She would be a great addition to a multi-cat household or one with older children who can love her.
  • Please contact Brittany at 904-524-0893 or
  • Posted 9/5





Tux2       Tux

  • A beautiful male tuxedo cat, Tux was found outside during a rainstorm three months ago. He is somewhere between 3-4 years old, big and muscular, but very hesitant about his surroundings and scared of other pets. He would be happiest in a household with an owner who can give him lots of belly rubs! He is shy, but loving when he gets used to you and loves to sleep on the bed. Tux has been neutered, updated on shots, and will bring his favorite blanket and toys. He has tested FIV positive, but is healthy. Needs to be kept indoors in a single cat household.
  • Please contact Brittany. 904-524-0893 or
  • Posted 9/5





  • Catalie is a 3 year old super sweet kitty. I have only had her since about may but she is the best cat I’ve ever had. She does love to be around people so a home where people are there often would be best. I work all day and am rarely home in the evenings. She likes to be right on or next to you when watching tv or lounging around. She is spayed. Comes with a cat condo, 2 litter boxes and a bunch of toys.




GracieGracie 3Gracie 2

  • Gracie is a shorthair domestic cat. White and orange. 11 lbs. 11 years old. Spayed as kitten. Still has claws, has never been a problem. All shots updated and teeth cleaned as of May 14th. Very calm and warm personality and would probably be better in a single pet home to enjoy full attention, although she has no trouble living with our 9 lb chihuahua.
  • Please Contact Doug Booher cell: 904 654 8074 email: Text for quickest response
  • Posted 9/9



bruno-1 bruno-2 bruno-3

  • Bruno is a 5 year old brindle English staffordshire and pit bull terrier mix. He is a wonderful dog. He loves any and everybody. He loves to cuddle at and all times. He loves walks and gets along with any dog. He does not bite/bitten anyone or any other dog. He is well trained and house broken. He loves to sunbathe for at least 15 mins a day. He is a little temperamental with toddlers but is excellent overall with a little older children or teenagers. He is UTD on all his shots and is neutered.
  • Please contact Lynette Odom 904-576-6772 or
  • Posted 9/9






  • Jasmine is a 15 year old Korat who weighs 6-7 lbs. She loves sitting on laps and getting attention. She gets along fine with small dogs and with the three other cats we had in the past. She is shy around strangers but comes around quickly. She is quiet except in the mornings when people stir around the house and the evenings about dinner time. She eats Blue dry food only. She is spayed and front claws removed. She is an indoor cat only. She comes with a heated bed, covered cat litter pan, kennel, self-feeding feeder, SS water bowls and kennel (plus unused dry food and dust-less litter).
  • Matt Tucker, 904-881-2353 (Call or Text)
  • Posted 9/9



abby-1 abby-2 abby-3

  • Abby is a 1.5 year old lab mix. She is update on her shots and has bed spayed. She is very playful and loving. None aggressive dog.
  • My name is Jessica and I can be reached at 904-994-8406.
  • Posted 9/9






  • Rollo is 8 months old and weighs approximately 65 lbs. He is a Black Mouth Cur and Australian Shepherd mix. He is sweet, high energy, great with kids, super curious, playful, housebroken. He is neutered.
  • Please contact Austin Kopach at 904-654-3838.
  • Posted 9/10







  • Jujube is an 8 month old, Black Mouth Cur and Australian Shepherd mix.  She is about 55 pounds and is spayed.  Jujube is high energy, great with kids, very curious, playful, and housebroken.
  • Please contact Austin Kopach at (904)654-3838
  • Posted 9/11




  • Salvador is a Black and white DSH male. He is 3 years old. Salvador is mostly black, with a milky white mustache. He is sociable and warms up to friends and children right away. He loves to follow you around and cuddle and lie in your lap for as long as you’ll let him. He is playful, bold, and adventurous. He’s a great little hunter and will take care of anything that does not belong in your house. He’s healthy and was neutered as a kitten. He’s one of three cats in our household, but the addition of a newborn to our family has put a strain on our resources and attention. We’d love to find him a caring home where he can get the love and attention he deserves.
  • Please contact Chris at or (904) 505-7627.
  • Posted 9/13


lily-1 lily-2

  • My dog’s name is Lily and I need to find a new home for her. I live in an apartment and it is too small for her to live a full life. She is 18 months old, mixed breed (beagle, hound, labrador). She weighs 40 pounds and has been spayed. She is in excellent health. All of her shots are up-to-date. She loves to run, swim, and play ball. She plays well with other dogs. Lily is very sweet and loves to cuddle on the couch. She is house trained. Lily needs a fenced in yard and a family to play with her.
  • My name is Dianne Nolan and my phone number is 912-695-0711.
  • Posted 9/14



  • This is Penny. She is approximately 3 years old. I am fostering her from ACPS. She has been at the shelter since April. She is the sweetest, most affectionate cat. Loves to be pet and will love you in return. Wants to be in your lap or laying right beside you. Big purr baby. She wants to be your one and only furr-ever cat. She is spayed, up to date on shots and micro-chipped. The fee is around $30. Depending on shelter specials.
  • If you would like more information about this very sweet girl, please text or call 904-705-6723.
  • Posted 9/14



Ivan 3Ivan 2Ivan 1


india-1 india-2 india-3

  • India is about 2 years old,  35-40 lbs, and a black Shepard mix. India was found near the trails on Fort George Island, either lost or dumped off and starving. We posted signs on the Island and contacted vets in the area to find her owner. After no response from an owner, India was spayed, dewormed, micro chipped, and given all her shots. We have three other dogs, two elderly and one cranky terrier and they would prefer that India have her own 'forever" home. Also, we are expecting a new baby in January with special needs and we will not have enough time to "dote" on India. She is a playful dog and needs plenty of attention to keep her busy. India would do well with someone active, as she loves to run and play. India is crate trained and will "sit", "wait", and go in her "house" with a treat reward. She is working on leash walking but uses a gentle lead right now to prevent pulling on her human.
  • Please contact Tera Baird at
  • Posted 9/17



duke-1 duke-2 duke-3

  • Duke is roughly 5 yrs. He is a Treeing Tennessee Cur, Brindle, and weighs about 50 lbs. Duke is the sweetest, softest dog I've ever met. He loves to relax on his doggy bed, on the couch, and sometimes with his tummy against a cold wall. He smiles all the time and craves pats on the tummy and walks. He never jumps on people. He's passed beginning and intermediate obedience class. He is up to date on all of his shots and he's in excellent physical condition. Duke needs someone who can stay at home with him and would prefer to be the single pet or with another quiet dog.  He is neutered.
  • Please contact Danielle at 703-861-3468
  • Posted 9/17


max-t-1 max-t-2 max-t-3

  • Max is a 7 year old Jack Russel/ Terrier mix and he weighs 14lbs. Max is super friendly. he loves kids, cuddles, and of course belly rubs.Max enjoys naps and sitting on the proch enjoying the sun. Max has a skin allergy and perfers for his owner to rub his itchy spots as he falls asleep. He also enjoys all types of visitors, he loves to be around humans. Max is neutered
  • Please contact TaMia by Phone call at (904)236-8488
  • Posted 9/17




  • This is Cooper. We think he is around 3-4 years. He was abused from previous owners and was found on our door step about 2 years ago. He weighs approx 50 lbs. He loves to play outside with his soccer ball. He is a big baby and a very sweet pup. Cooper is fixed. This sweet pup does have a skin disorder but it doesnt stop him from being a loving pup. He has been around other dogs big and small with no problems. He has not been around cats. He does know how to sit, wait and is leash trained.
  • Please contact at
  • Posted 9/20


goliath-1 goliath-2

  • Goliath is a 4 yr old Male Boxer/Mastiff. He is Neutered/micro chipped. He has successfully completed 2 sets of obedience training. He is Up to date on all shots until 4/2017. Goliath loves to go for walks/runs and loves interacting with people. You can go anywhere with confidence knowing he will protect you. He's good on a leash and understands commands. He will sit, stay, come, etc with both verbal and hand commands. Please consider taking Goliath into your life so he doesn't have to go into a shelter. We can't keep him.
  • Please contact Mary Estes 623-692-7381 or Skylar Estes 602-810-2450
  • Posted 9/20


kobe-1 kobe-2 kobe-3 kobe-4

  • Kobe is 3 1/2 year old Cocker spaniel. We adopted Kobe in February. He is almost completely blind, he has Juvenile Cataracts. He adapts well with his surroundings once he gets to know the place. He is good with kids, loves to play and run. He is not one that likes to be outside unless you are with him outside. He wants to be right beside you everywhere you go. He loves to sleep at the end of the bed. He loves to play ball, must be a squeaky ball that makes noise so he can hear it when he is playing. He appears to have allergies, we have him on allergy meds but have not determined what the allergies are. More than likely food. He needs a good home with people that can take the time he needs with him. He is up to date on all shots, has a chip, and is neutered.
  • Please email or call 904-534-4618
  • Posted 9/20



  • Diego is about 2 years old. He is a perfect medium of loving and playful. Diego is neutered.
  •  Please call (904)505-9141.
  • Posted 9/21



  • Lady came wondering into the neighborhood, Villages of Pablo, about a week ago. She appears to be fairly young. Maybe less than 2 years old. She is healthy. She is very sweet. Very domesticated. Does not mind being picked up. Loves being petted. Will follow you around much like a dog. She does not appear to be intimidated by dogs or cats. Comfortable riding in the cars. She has a clipped ear. So, we know she has been spayed. Help us find her owner, or help us find her a good home.
  • Please contact Tim Reach at
  • Posted 9/22


charlie-h-1 charlie-h-2 charlie-h-3

  • Charlie will be 4 years old in November. He is a shepherd mix and weighs about 35-40 pounds. He is an extremely energetic, loving boy. He does not have a bad bone in his body and gets along extremely well with kids. He loves my other dog (female). We have even gotten him to coexist with our cat. He needs someone who can give him the exercise that he needs. He is definitely not just a yard dog, he needs constructive work to stay manageable. He loves bike rides and trips to the beach. He does very well in his crate during the day and overnight. I adopted him from an adoption event 2 years ago from Lake City humane. He is micro-chipped and neutered.
  • Anyone interested can contact Hilary at 904-525-5038 or
  • Posted 9/22


booka-1 booka-2 booka-3

  • His name is Bwka (pronounced Booka). He is an 9-year old indoor housecat, he does not like being outdoors. I think he is part Maine Coon because he is so big. He is neutered but still has all his claws. He is up to date on all of his shots. He is a quiet and lovable guy who really likes belly rubs and head scratches. He gets along fine with children and other cats but is not too fond of dogs.
  • My name is Bryan Bommersbach. I can be reached via email at
  • Posted 9/27



  • Styles is a jack russell poodle mix jackapoo. He is 3 years old. Styles is energetic, cuddly, smart, house broken, and spayed. She currently resides with a small child and 2 larger dogs. She loves to cuddle and she's eager to please. She is a jack russell so her attention span isn't there. She is kennel trained and will "go home" for treats and for her food.
  • Please contact Daisy Good at 9043776972 cell.
  • Posted 9/28




  • Polo is 3 years old. He is Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix and weighs 45 lbs. Polo is a goofy, fun-loving dog who loves long walks on the beach, snuggling for naps and netfilx-and-chill with his parents. He always finds a way to make us laugh everyday but unfortunately does not like sharing our attention with our newborn son. Polo has always been very close to my husband but we have found out that he is not good with small kids. He has a fur-brother that he gets along with very well, but he is also selective with who he befriends. Families with older kids or a single guy/girl looking for a comical companion with no cats would be perfect! He may not be the brightest dog, but he makes up for that with all the love he can muster. Polo is neutered and up to date with all his shots, plus had a check up Monday Sept. 19th, 2016 with a clean bill of health.
  • Owner: Please contact Kelli and Erik Overturf at Kelli's cell # 904-307-0103
  • Posted 9/28




  • My dog Mac will be 2 years old on December 7th. He is a beautiful pure bred black lab. Mac had a great life in Ohio. He had a big backyard and lots of room to play and exercise. We have recently relocated to Jacksonville and we now live in a small one bedroom apartment on the second floor. He is not happy. I have arthritis in my knee and need a knee replacement. I can't walk him. I have trouble getting down the stairs just to get him to a place where he can use the bathroom. I love Mac dearly and it breaks my heart to think of rehoming him, but I know he isn't happy. If I take my feelings out of the equation and think only about what's best for him, I know he would be better off with an active family that has lots of room for him to run. Mac is neutered. He has lived with both cats and other dogs his whole life.
  • Please contact Shelley Kelly at or 904-571-7067
  • Posted 9/28


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