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The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community.

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Meet Jax! She is a 2 year old tabby-mainecoon mix. She is spayed and up to date on her rabies vaccination. Jax is a beautiful long haired cat looking for a quiet home with lots of love. She loves head rubs, belly scratches, and being brushed. She is a well trained indoor cat and doesn’t scratch/bite, but takes a bit to get acclimated to new surroundings and people. She is truly a sweetheart. She comes with a scratching post cubby, bowls, and food. She would do best in a household with no current pets or small children.

If interested please contact Amanda Arany at

Posted 3/25



Riley is a male Shepherd/Chow mix that is at least 4 years old. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. He is a sweet and loving dog who would do best in a home with no other dogs.

If interested please contact Ian Mortin at

Posted 4/7



Beau is a male lemon beagle. He is nine years old, neutered, and up to date on all his shots. He loves attention and having a yard to run around in. He gets along well with other dogs and is a great watch dog.

If interested please contact or 904-738-0067

Posted 4/7



Lokie is a medium-sized domestic short hair black and white that is 4 years old. She is well trained, has claws but is gentle with people. She is extremely smart, inquisitive, agile, and friendly. She has been given all of her shots and was spayed.

If interested please contact Paul Vetter at

Posted 4/7



Princess is a small-sized domestic short hair black that is 7-1/2 years old. She is well trained, has claws but is extremely gentle with people. She is extremely agile, and friendly. She has been given all of her shots and was spayed.

If interested please contact Paul Vetter at

Posted 4/7



Drake is a six year old lab/beagle mix. He is neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, obedient, overall sweet dog. He is also completely house trained and loves to play. He has been on Trifexis for prevention of fleas and heartworms. His health is excellent.

If interested please contact

posted 4/7



Bella is a five year old female American Staffordshire Terrier mix. She is up to date on all her shots and spayed.  She is very obedient and lovable. She weighs about 50 lbs and loves children. She has no issues with cats but needs to be in a home with no other dogs.

If interested please contact Ted Sweredoski at  904-235-3977

Posted 4/7



Blue is a 5 year old, male, brindle pit mix. He is an amazing sweet loving pet. He loves the sunshine, the beach tennis balls, chew bones and lots of petting and hugs. Submissive personality and only barks when the doorbell rings or at other dogs out the window. He is a people dog. He is not a fan of other pets because he like to be the center of attention. Completely house trained. Guarantee you will fall in love on first meet and greet!

If interested please contact Peggy Meola at 904-307-1385

Posted 4/8



Millie is 4 1/2 years old, spayed and still has her claws. She is up to date on her shots and has all her paperwork. She is a sweet and gentle girl and that wants a warm body to sit or lay beside. She is non-confrontational and would do best in a house without other cats, but gets along great with her foster parent’s 90lb Labradour mix.

If interested please contact Donna Broxton at 904-449-3647

Posted 4/9



Chance is a 2 year old, neutered cat. He is great with kids and loves other cats and dogs. He is litter trained and loves to cuddle.

If interested please contact Amber Tucker at

Posted 4/9



Sierra is a sweet girl that is 4 yrs old.  She is neutered and very healthy. She gets along well with dogs and is quite the lap cat! She has her claws but doesn’t claw the furniture.

If interested please contact Charles King at 904-254-3375

Posted 4/9



Gussie is a 3 year old pit mix who is spayed and current on her shots. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. She is very sweet with people but doesn’t do well with other dogs, and would do best in a home where she can be the only pet.

If interested please contact Lisa Rueckel at

Posted 4/11


louie dog

Louie is a 4 year old pit mix. He is about 60 lbs and neutered. Louie is a very friendly dog with lots of energy. He loves being outside, and around people.

If interested please contact Samantha at  904-859-9906

Posted 4/11



Guinevere is 1 year old and spayed. She is a beautiful and loving fluffy calico kitty. She gets along with our other cats and never causes any fights. She loves to sit in your lap and groom you. She is shy at first but will soon warm up to you and be your permanent lap ornament.

If interested please contact Heather Carr at

Posted 4/14



Dorian is 3 years old and neutured. He is a great cat but would be best suited for a home without any other cats. He is very affectionate and will follow you around talking to you. He comes when he is called and gives hugs and kisses.

If interested please contact Heather Carr at

Posted 4/14



Cecil is a wonderful lab mix who is male and 60-70 lbs. He is neutured. He is a friendly dog with a silly personality.

If interested please contact Rachael Hawk at

Posted 4/14



bruce 2

 Bruce is a 5 year old Amstaff/Bull Terrier mix. He is neutered, microchipped and is about 60- 70 lbs. He gets along great with people but prefers to be an only dog. He loves water and enjoys laying and playing in it on hot days.

If interested please contact Cristhel Lewis at 910-467-5737 or

Posted 4/14



Indie is a six years old Corgie mix. He’s just shy of 40 pounds and neutured. He loves people and he loves playing with other dogs (he will also try and get other dogs to play with him) He loves walks and getting close to your face to kiss you!

If interested please contact Zach Addair at 904-517-6435 or

Posted 4/14



Meet Ahri! This three year old cuddle bug is as sweet as they come. She has been spayed and doesn’t have a tail. She doesn’t let that stop her from being a great cat though!

If interested please contact Madeline Benson at (941) 320-6398

Posted 4/14



Daisy is a 7 year old purebred pitbull. She is 55lbs and spayed. She is full of energy and loves to play so she needs to go to a home that has time for her. She is house trained and crate trained. She is good with other dogs her size but I have never had her around smaller dogs and she can’t be in a home with cats. She loves to cuddle and thinks she is a lap dog! She can be very protective over her home, like most pits, but she will definitely keep you safe from intruders!

If interested please contact Amber Diaz at

Posted 4/14



Chewbacka is a 65 lb male retriever/chow mix. He is 11 years old and neutered. He’s a very sweet and loving dog who is good with older children and adults, but not with cats. Chewy needs a good home and a family to love.

If interested please contact Heather at 904-635-0724

Posted 4/14



Rascal is 7 years old and loves the outdoors. Her ideal home would be a place that allows her the freedom to come and go. She is a very easy going cat and will even use the bathroom outside. She does like to come in when it is cold and hang out on your lap to get warm. She will ignore most dogs unless they mess with her. She is friendly around kids but mostly hides as she gets older. She is current on all shots and has been spayed.

If interested please contact Rikki Wittman at

Posted 4/14



Molly is a 3 years old black cat. She is very affectionate and loves to be petted and curl up next to people. She is spayed and has been declawed. The owner has everything she needs when she is adopted, including a litter box, food and water dish, scratching post and toys.

If interested please contact Mike Yeager at

Posted 4/14

Chester is a very special five year old cat. He is neutered and is missing his right front leg. Despite his missing limb, he’s a very sweet and happy cat who gets around just fine!
If interested please contact Colin at 315-272-8202
Posted 4/18
Coco is one year old. She has a very playful personality, and is so smart! She plays fetch and even sits when offered a treat. She has her claws and is spayed. She is also up to date on all her shots. Coco would do best in a house rather than an apartment because she loves to explore and loves having a lot of room to do that. She is good with kids and has grown up in a home with a 3 and 4 year old.
If interested please contact Brittany at 9045202413 or
Posted 4/18
Pierre is a big 3-year-old male orange tabby cat.  He is neutered and current on all of his shots.  He is super friendly and always gentle around people.  He loves kids.  He is very vocal (in a good way). He has been an outside cat but would love to be an inside cat.
If interested please contact Evette Radisky at or 904-625-2818
Posted 4/19
Lucy is still searching for her forever home! She is about 2 years old, spayed, microchipped, UTD with vaccines and heartworm negative. She is the sweetest love-bug who gets along with everyone she comes in contact with, including cats and children. She LOVES giving kisses and would do very well in a home with kids.  She also loves her morning sprints in the yard which burns some of her energy!
If interested please contact Ashley at (904) 962-0013
Posted 4/19
Sheba is a gorgeous six year old female cat with one gold eye and one blue! She loves people, and is very affectionate. She doesn’t do well with other cats, however, and would be best suited to being an only cat. She had dental surgery recently and had to have some teeth pulled, so now she needs a softer diet and should be an indoor kitty.
If interested please contact Carol at or (904) 821-4069
Posted 4/19
Tucker is a male German Shepherd mix. He is four years old and neutered. He is about 40 lbs and up to date on his shots. He’s a very quiet and affectionate dog, who deserves a wonderful home.
If interested please contact Kim Wright at (904)-654-3753
Posted 4/23
Zoey is a brown and white female German Shepherd mix. She is four years old and 40 lbs. She is spayed and crate trained. She loves to be outside and to explore.
If interested please contact Kim Wright at (904)-654-3753
Posted 4/23
Sadie is a female Pitbull Mix. She is 13 months old, born 3/23/15. She weighs 45 lbs and is spayed/microchipped/UTD on vaccines. She is currently on Sentinel Spectrum every month and has 5 pills left. She is a very playful and affectionate dog that loves to play outside and gets along well with other dogs.
If interested please contact Tiffany Wilson at 904-615-7920.
posted 4/23

Henry is a 29 lb Corgi/Bassett mix. He is neutered and current on his shots. He is a sweet boy who needs a good home with someone who can spend more time with him. He loves his walks, children, and other dogs but not cats.  He is house broken, crate trained, and an excellent guard dog.

Contact Pam if interested at (904) 304-9293.

Posted 4/26

 Gilda                                                           Gladys
Gilda           Gladys

Gladys and Gilda are 7 years old and are both spayed. They are up to date on their shots, de-clawed on their front paws, and about 8 lbs each. They are great with kids and litter box trained. They will have cat food, their igloo litter box, and carriers for each. I would prefer they are re-homed together but understand if they need to go to separate homes.

Contact Cindy if interested at (904) 591-1689

Posted 4/26



Silvergirl is an 8 year old Lilac Himalayan. Her coat is variations of gray and white and she has blue eyes. She is sweet natured and loving. She likes to rest on your chest. She is shy around new people and children until acclimated. She prefers canned food 2 times daily and eats Friskies brand foods. She gets along with small dogs and other cats. She enjoys playing with yarn and feathers. She is current on shots, spayed, and de-clawed (front).

Contact Info: Vanessa Taylor (904) 480-2756 or

Posted 4/26



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