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The Jacksonville Humane Society believes every pet deserves a loving home. The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community.

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Contact Cydney Campbell at (904) 210-0142
Posted 6/29
Louise and Theo
Louise 2    Theo
I am trying to find a good home for these two kittens, Louise and Theo. They are a very bonded pair and would want them to be adopted together. They are playful and healthy kittens. They are approximately 4 months old. Dog and cat friendly, when introduced properly. Spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines. Adoption fee is $20 for both together to ensure good home. If interested, and want more information , please call/text number below. Serious inquires only. Good, loving homes.
Please call or text Aimee P at 904-343-0138
Posted 6/29
Kitty 1  Kitty 2
 Daisy and Gatsby
Daisy and Gatsby 1Daisy and Gatsby 2Daisy and Gatsby 3
We are looking for a new home for our 2 cats. Gatsby is a domestic short haired male and Daisy is a domestic long haired female. Daisy and Gatsby are both cats are 2 y/o. Both cats are spayed/neutered and are pair bonded (so we would like to keep them together). We aren't looking for any exchange of money - we just want them to go to a good home! Both cats have great personalities and are very social (love to hang out on the couch with us)!

Oh - they also have a self-cleaning litter box! So if you were on the fence about having to clean that up all the time - its as easy as throwing a trash bag away!

Please contact Abraham & Lindsey Beates at or
Posted 7/2


Princess is 2yrs old. She is a red terrier mix. She is altered, up to date on shots, and microchipped. She does well with children and likes to relax around the house.
If interested please contact Arvina Thomas at
Posted 7/6
Bentley 1Bentley 2
Bentley is a Beagle/Jack Russell mix. He is 1 and a half years old and weighs 15 lbs. Bentley is a fun loving dog who is neutered and fully up-to-date with his shots. He loves to play catch and enjoys a good bone (rawhide). Bentley is great with children and is house and crate trained. Though he is an inside dog, he loves to be outside and would do well with a nice yard to run around in.
Please contact Henry and Krystal at 904-307-4657 if interested.
Posted 7/8
Stella 1Stella 2Stella 3

Belly rubs are my favorite! I like kids too. I get a little excited when people come to visit sometimes jumping for joy. It is probably the part Jack Russell in the almost 60lbs of six year old me. Stella was spayed and has a microchipped prior to us getting her in December of 2010 as a puppy. If there is a loud truck occasionally I will quickly tell them to leave. I usually stay inside laying on the floor by the door to the room you are in but love to go outside to chase lizards and squirrels with the occasional cat. Overall, I just need love and attention. I love water and not picky about food. Can't wait to meet you!

Call or text Angela Turner 904-235-8655

Posted 7/8

Snarf is a very sweet and affectionate 1.5 year old female. She is a great cat but our two year old is too rough with her and she occasionally responds by scratching. We feel she would be better off in a place where she is not tormented unfairly. She is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines.

If interested please email

Posted 7/8

George is 6 yr old, male DSH Russian Blue. George is neutered and recieved his rabies shot in April 2016. George is a sweet cat, very affectionate. He is an indoor & outdoor kitty. He uses litter pans regularly. He likes to lay in laps for naps. George would be a good addition to a home with no other pets & not very young children. He is used to a single, woman owner. He has 2 other cats in the home currently, but they were kittens when he met them, so he has known them for a long time. They all get along great. He has the Russian Blue disposition!

Please call 904-718-6235 if interested.

Posted 7/8


George 2

We are hoping to find a new, loving home for our cat George. He is approximately 3 years old and is a least some or all Turkish Van. George was found in a storm drain as a kitten and we adopted him. For the last two years he has been a wonderful member of our family and he got along with our other two cats. He loves to play and cuddle, and he has an independent streak! He can jump really high, likes to be vocal (he chirps) and is very agile. Unfortunately for the past 6 months, he's been acting out because the other cats are bullying him constantly. We want to find him a new home where he can be happy.

George was named after the royal baby. He is approx 13 lbs and healthy.

Please contact Katrina Lewis at 904-923-1829.

Posted 7/9

Tank is a beautiful 6 1/2 year old neutered/chipped American Staffordshire Terrior. He weighs about 70 lbs. Tank is housebroken and leash trained. He knows sit, stay, shake, lay down, up (as in on a bed) and down. Tank is very sweet, pretty mellow, and loves to cuddle! He is great with children and adults!! He currently lives in a home with a submissive female dog and prefers to be dominant.
If interested please contact Jeni Voiselle at
Posted 7/13
Hello, my name is Milo… are some things to know about me…..
About three years ago I was rescued from a high volume kill shelter after I was an owner surrender. I even came with all of my vet records since birth. I was 3 years old and had an expiration date on my cage when I was adopted. My name has been Milo since birth (my current owner attempted to change my name but it didn’t work so…I am and always will be “Milo”). I have lived in a home with my owner, her three kids (boys), and two cats. I’m not anti-cat but you won’t ever see me cuddling with them. My owner’s best friend has a 4 year old lab mix female and I get along with her very nicely. We play together, eat together, and sleep together. I am leash trained and LOVE long walks. I am also very well trained (including house trained). I love to play - - I like tug of war and REALLY like my tennis balls.
I am on Trifexis and I also LOVE treats! My owner thinks I was abused &/or neglected in my past. I don’t like loud noises….loud noises scare me and I will scurry off into a closet to hide.
I am a HUGE goofball and a total lover. I am an approved camper at Camp Bow Wow in Baymeadows (Jacksonville, FL) and love, love, love going to the groomer once a month for a bath and nail trimming.

If interested please contact Carrie Djabanor at  Cell: 904-307-4059, Work: 904-390-1019, Email (personal):, or Email (work):

Posted 7/13
Daisy is a 3 year old Coon Hound this is 45 lbs. and spayed. Daisy is a sweet and energetic dog. She is great on a leash and lives to the go for walks. Would do beat in a home without small children or other pets.
If interested please contact Megan Judy at or 904-903-1031
Posted 7/13
 LeoLeo 2
Leonardo DaVinci, we call him "Leo" is 9 months old. Leo is neutered
and MicroChipped. He is a terrier mix on paper but, he we think he is a black mouth cur. He weighs around 50lbs. Leo is a relaxed dog, loves to snuggle and gives a bunch of kisses. Leo loves to meet new people outside the home. Doesn't bark much, loves to run and have frequent out burst of energy but, last for less then 2 minutes. Leo is awesome around kids we have a 3 and 8 year old girls.
Please contact Bryttany Torres by Phone 904-563-5952 or email
Posted 7/13
WillieWillie 2
This is Willie.
Willie is about 9 months old, is neutered, and up to date on all his vaccinations. We have a neighborhood cat that likes to birth under our shed and last November this sweet little guy was left behind at two weeks old when mama cat moved the litter. He is on the smaller side so I'm assuming he was probably the runt of the litter. Me being pregnant at the time, my motherly instincts kicked in and my husband and I couldn't resist taking him in! Unfortunately, having a newborn, a dog, and a kitten has proved to be too difficult for me and we need to find a new home for him. He is very sweet, playful, curious, and LOVES to snuggle. His favorite place to lay the last 9 months was on my pregnant belly and he would purr when he felt my daughter kick. He's just the sweetest little thing!
To adopt this little ball of love please contact:
Steve 646-326-8504 or
Kelly 239-370-2144
Posted 7/14

We are looking for a loving new home for our dog, Isis. She is a spayed 10 year old and loves the outdoors, but likes to be inside when you are. She is a chow mix who is great with children of all ages and cats. She is leash aggressive with other dogs who are not on a leash, but overall a fun-loving, happy dog who loves to play tug-of-war, fetch, go for walks, and play at the dog park! She was afraid of the vets office when she was younger, but was no problem at all at her last visit. She is up to date on her Rabies and DHLPP shots. She's a very sweet dog and is an excellent companion animal. Please contact us if you think she is the right fit for you or your family.

Christina Matos at or (904) 563-3798

Posted 7/14
Trixie 1Trixie 2Trixie 3
Trixie is 1.5 years old, is a terrier mix, and weighs about 38lbs. Trixie is a fun-lovin' pup that is not only beautiful, but will bring you much joy. She is very playful and loves to socialize with humans as well as other dogs. She enjoys long walks and is the perfect balance of peaceful and alert. Also her cute ears will melt your heart. Trixie is spayed and up to date on all her shots/flea medication/heartworm
If interested please contact Laura Sura(904) 891-1584 text is preferable but call also
Posted 7/14
Princess Poodles 
Princess Poodles 1Princess Poodles 2
I have a black DSH who was adopted from the San Diego humane society and she has been spayed. I still have all of her adoption documents. She is four and her name is princess poodles and she is a sweet loving cat who is great with kids and never scratches furniture! She does better by herself but she did live with two dogs. She's black with beautiful green eyes. Please please help us find our princess a good home!
My Mamie is Jennifer and my preferred method of contact is by text 619-578-8276.
Posted 7/19
Family of Society Finches
Finch 1 Finch 2 Finch 3 Finch 4
 Looking for a new home.
Ziggy- white/fawn male, 4 years old
Petri- chocolate male, 4 years old
Lady- chocolate female, 2.5 years old
Mogwai- chocolate female, 1.5 years old*
Baby- fawn female, 1 year old*
Peter & Rufio- fawn males, 1.5 years old*
*The 4 younger birds were raised by the 3 older birds at owner's home.
They all love taking baths, fixing up their nests with timothy hay and eating crushed boiled eggs and fresh broccoli along with their seed diet. They need to go to their new home together as a family and sing for you every day!
Please contact Katherine Williams at if interested.
Posted 7/19
LuLu and Hamilton
LuLu and Hamilton 1
LuLu and Hamilton 2LuLu and Hamilton 3
Up for adoption is a bonded pair of papillons. These are both beautiful dogs! They came into foster when their owners passed away. They are both 4 to 6 years old and spay and neutered and up to date on shots. Lulu is a princess and the prettiest little girl you will ever see walking on a leash. She wants to have her person to love and adore. Hami has some anxiety, we were told that he was used as a breeder, so it takes him about 2 days to warm up to someone, but once he does, he is a love and a comedian. He gets the zoomies and will do air flips for you. They would do the best in a home without children.
For more information you can contact Amy at 360-296-1935.
Posted 7/19
Roxy 1 Roxy 2

Roxy is a high energy, 11 month old pup that loves to play and will do anything for a treat! She is about 47 lbs and is spayed and up to date on all shots/vaccines. She knows how to sit, lay down, shake, "speak", "leave it" and "off". She is crate trained for bed time and when you are not home. She will come with lots of toys, food, and treats. She is a true mutt, as in I have no idea what she is a mix of. All I know is she has the cutest face! We believe there is a mix of shephard, pit, maybe some doberman, though she is not super tall. She does not play well with cats as she loves chasing squirrels and other smaller animals. She has never been aggressive toward children but when she gets hyper she may jump up and therefore unintentionally knock over small kids/toddlers. She absolutely loves being outside and would make a great running partner - she pulls me on my bicycle. She would play fetch all day long if you let her.

Please contact Rachel at or text (904) 673-2353

Posted 7/19
This is Ms Rica, she around 4 years old spayed sweetheart. Loves to play with her favorite toy. She sits on her cat house every morning looking at the traffic she loves to be nosey .
She likes to sleep in the closet during the day. She was a stray that a church friend of mine found. We love her but I'm moving.
You can reach me at thank you
Posted 7/20
Mina 2 Mina
Mina is a 10 year old playful cat that loves to snuggle. She gets along with both cats and dogs and loves children. Simply put, she is the perfect cat for some lucky individual or family out there. She is spayed and declawed.
Please contact Ray Ratliff at or 9046771445 with any questions.
Posted 7/21
Precious and Rusty  
 Precious catRusty
Hi, we are Rusty (orange) and Precious (darker stripes). Our mom has entered a nursing center and can't take care of us anymore. We are living alone at her house right now, and although we have a nice person coming to check on us, we would really like to be with someone who can love us all the time! We have both been with Mom since we were little (Precious is younger and a few years old, Rusty is older than that), we are both fixed and have our claws. Unfortunately, Mom isn't real good at communicating anymore and can't give you much more information. We were up to date on shots a year or so ago, but the last year has been kind of rough for Mom and we don't think we're up to date now. But we never, ever go outside and there have been no new cats in the house in a long time. We are both attentive and affectionate. We like living with each other but we don't have to stick together. Precious is more inquisitive and playful, Rusty is more mellow and laid back.
Please contact Mom's granddaughter, Colette, if you'd like to take one of us or both of us home with you! paxrose at
Posted 7/21
Hunter 1 Hunter 2 Hunter 3
His name is Hunter and he is 10 months old. He is a mix breed and he is 50 pounds. He has had $1800 worth of professional basic training and is great with children! He loves playing fetch and being outdoors. He is neutered and would make an amazing best friend for anyone!
Please contact Bailey through my phone. 561-578-1374.
Posted 7/21
 Mama Dog 
Mama Dog 1 Mama Dog 3
I have a 50 lb pit mix named Mamadog. She is 3 years old and spayed. It has become a challenge to care for her because I'm always out of the house. She is very sweet, but needs a firm owner. She has been gentle with my toddler, but will occasionally bark and scare him. She needs lots of love and exercise, but is a great dog!
Please Contact Laura Hoffman at (850)508-3801.
Posted 7/21
Stoney 1 Stoney 2Stoney 3 Stoney 4
Stoney is a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix estimated age of three to four years old. Puppy at heart. Stoney is an amazing dog. Loves to cuddle, give kisses and sleep in bed with you. He is amazing with children's and other pets. He loves long walks but he Must have a fenced in yard. Stoney was rescued from Jax humane society about seven months ago and unfortunately our work schedules have changed and are no longer able to give him the time he deserves. Stoney is house trained, knows commands such as sit, shake, lay down, down, no and off. He is not much of a barker unless some one is at the door. He is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. Stoney needs a home with a loving and dedicated family. Preferably and active one or with a stay at home parent. We are not asking for an adoption fee. Just the right fit for him. He is the perfect dog in every aspect and it breaks out family's heart to give him up.
Please contact Ashley Taylor at
Posted 7/22
Georgia is Approx 1-2 yrs old. Domestic short hair, tri-color tabby. I recently found Georgia (along with her 4 kittens) at my office. She was sweet and friendly immediately. I tried taking her to the pound but they said they would just fix her and turn her loose in the “approximate vicinity” of where I found her. I was not about to do that to the sweet mama. So I immediately took her to the vet and had her spayed  and vaccinated (rabies only because she was so underweight). She is recouperating nicely along with 2 of her 4 kittens (3 months old now) and is in desperate need of a home. I have 7 cats in my 800 sq ft condo! I am at risk of being evicted because of the by-laws that only allow for 2 pets. I am looking for a loving, lifelong home for her. P.S.- I called her Georgia because she is sweet as a Georgia peach!
Sara Blackburn Cell-Text (904)772-4372
Posted 7/24
Savannah 1Savannah 2

Hi This is Savannah she is a sweet girl who loves to cuddle. She is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on shots. She is around 60lbs. She is 10 months old and great with kids, cats and other dogs. She is shy around new people but after a few minutes to say hi she is all love. She has lived all her life as an inside dog with a pet door to the back yard and is an excellent watch Dog. She is house trained but still in the puppy stage so she loves to have lots of chews around. She has the potential to be the best dog you ever had. She will already will, sit, shake hands, and lay down. Do to unforeseen health issues we are not able to keep her. She will need a home with a yard and hopefully be able to come inside and be part of the family.

Contact Information Randy Lloyd 904-228-7223

Posted 7/24



Ivan 1 Ivan 2

Ivan 3
Ivan was a stray, now needs a home. He is neutered, around 8 or a bit more, very quiet. He is house trained, allows my grandkids to carry him around, and insists on sleeping in the bed with us. He gets along well with my other small dogs. He wants a quiet existence with someone he can follow from room to room.
Contact Linda at or 904-894-4219

Posted 7/24


BusterBuster 2

Buster: Black and White Pit Mix, 2 years, Neutered. He is a gentle giant. I nicknamed him Lenny from Of Mice and Men. He is a big snuggle butt who thinks he is a lap dog. Very smart and loyal, loves kisses and cuddles. Potty and Crate trained. Needs a yard because he loves to sun bathe, if given a tennis ball he will entertain himself for hours. Does well with kids. He seems to get along with my dog but that is it. He needs to be in a one dog home. He is up to date on shots.

If interested please contact  Javana Messersmith at Cell (757) 202-9385

Posted 7/25



Marcello 1 marcello 2 Marcello 3 Marcello 4 Marcello 5

Marcello, as I have been calling him is a total lover, he loves to take all the attention that you can bear to give him. he gives nudges and purrs and cuddles so hard. I have been fostering this sweet boy for the last 5 weeks but it is time he finds a purr-ever home. He is super affectionate and loving and cuddly. I got him his shots, had him tested for FIV and Leukemia (both neg) and had him neutered. He is litter box trained as well. Marcello is a rescue, approx 7mo old, I think he would do great with other kittens that have young energy, and has been playful with dogs too! However he would also love to be someone's one and only to steal all the attention and love.

Please contact Amy Ellis at

Posted 7/25


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