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ALL of our adoptable pets are special. But occasionally one stands out as extra special! Maybe they have a funny, quirky personality, they have been with us a long time or we feel their "special-ness"  has been overlooked. Take a look at who we have in our spotlight today!



All hail Queen Erica of Kittyburg! 

 Most of Erica's days are spent on the top of her throne, keeping the peasant felines under control in our- er, her- community cat room, Kittyburg. She likes to be pet- but only a few times. More than that and you'll mess up her fur. It took her all morning to lick it down to the proper texture and she just can't have that nonsense! 

If you're looking for a cat to rule your kingdom, Erica is your lady. Just remember to always call her "Your Majesty"... or else!


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