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ALL of our adoptable pets are special. But occasionally one stands out as extra special! Maybe they have a funny, quirky personality, they have been with us a long time or we feel their "special-ness"  has been overlooked. Take a look at who we have in our spotlight today!




Meet Glenda! It’s hard to imagine that this intelligent, beautiful brindle girl has been at the shelter for so long. She’s been walking the earth for 4 years and carries 67 pounds of pure love. She is housetrained, and loves to show off the basic commands our volunteers have taught her! Glenda is the kind of dog who, if she could talk, she would be telling corny jokes all the time. She’s always got a goofy smile on and is ready to play. With all that personality, you won’t need anyone else- which is good, because Glenda has only child syndrome and would prefer to be without any other furry family members. If you want to make your life a lot more fun, stop by and see Glenda! Glenda's adoption is sponsored by Peaches Pays! Watch her video at:



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