Dolly’s Dream Dogs

Dolly’s Dream dogs are specially selected by the JHS for this amazing honor. Dolly’s Dream Dogs have sponsored adoption fees and also go home with some awesome dog supplies. For more information on a Dream Dog, email

Meet our Dolly’s Dream JHS Dogs


Brutus sounds like a tough guy, right? Wrong. Imagine puppy treats, long walks and kisses (but shh, you can’t tell the guys he’s like this.) He’ll be your softy if you’ll let him! He’s got a great deal of energy and is ready to be a part of your gang. Brutus’ adoption fee is waived and he goes home with a Dolly’s Dream Collar, Dolly’s Dream leash, an easy walk harness, and a wire crate.

This goofy gal is looking for that special someone to make laugh on a regular basis. If you’re in the market for a silly, snugly, sweetheart, then Carly is the girl for you! This little lady doesn’t just come with happiness when you adopt her, she also has a waived adoption fee, her own leash, collar and crate.


Frita’s got spirit as big as her smile! This active young lady loves her toys and playing, but she knows when it’s time to cozy up and binge watch something. Frita may be 4-years-old, but she’s a puppy at heart! Her adoption fee is waived and she goes home with a Dolly’s Dream leash and collar, and one private training session with a JHS trainer.

If you’re looking for a family dog, look no further because Red is the definition of family. He LOVES kids and kids love him (just ask our campers). Red is our wonder-dog because he can do all your typical dog activities, except he can do it with three legs! Red’s adoption fee is waived and he comes with his own leash, collar and $100 gift card to our Community Animal Hospital.

For more specific information on on any of our Dolly’s Dream dogs we encourage you to come meet them at our location, 8464 Beach Blvd. We’re open 7 days a week!
You can also email our adoptions team.


Adopted Dream Dogs



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