Happy Tails Testimonials

We receive so many wonderful stories about our furry faced JHS alumnae from their new families, we thought we would share the good news! Hearing from our adopters is always such an inspiration, and we love knowing that these special pets have finally found their forever homes. Enjoy these happy tails!



This is Zeus. We adopted him in May. He was surrendered because his previous owner passed away. He hid under my bed the first couple weeks, but that has changed. He's the most mischievous cat I've ever owned. He loves to clear countertops and open cabinets ~ lol. Here he's cleaning his paws of the mess he created while we were outside in the pool. We love him & would never consider any option other than pet adoption. Thank you for all you do :-)!

After fostering Metro we officially adopted him in January 2011. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. We commonly refer to Metro as the "world's best dog!" Your personal pet matching really helped us to pick just the right addition to our family. Metro is relaxed when we want to relax and plays when we want to play. He is with us nearly all the time. He takes car rides to Starbucks, ice cream, the beach, dog parks and soon dinners out. At 8 years of age he still has a bit of 'selective hearing' but has managed to learn a few more tricks and even two hand signals. He came to us housebroken and in a year he has only had one accident and now brings us his favorite toy to let us know that he wants to go outside.

Metro's hip replacement has allowed him to play as much as he wants, although we don't let him overdo it. Metro still gets daily walks to keep his leg muscles strong and loves to catch up with his dog friends! The walks have allowed us to meet all sorts of new neighbors who often comment on how cute he is. We could not have imagined the last year without him so we decided to include him in our family photo which I am attaching. Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect dog for our lifestyle we love Metro!!


We adopted Cali, at JHS she was known as Nana, in early February. She's such a sweet girl! She has learned to use the potty outside, how to sit and shake, how walk better on the leash, and many other things. She loves to take over the bed and sleep right in your face. Sometimes she's a little trouble maker and chases the ducks and cats in the neighborhood, but she's always kind enough to let them go. She has never been aggressive about food or toys. She has a best friend across the way that she likes to play with, his name is Charlie and he's about her age. She loves to explore and go on walks. She loves water :) and never hesitates to jump into any lake she comes across. Her favorite treats are DentaStix.  We would like to thank you for this sweet little princess. She has certainly found a forever home <3 - Jade



Your sweet pal Lucy (who we have re-named "Tildi" since she is a strong girl and needed a strong Viking name with her fresh start) is doing so, so, so well! She has learned her new name and can come when called. She is best friends with Elsa and seems to adore her. Elsa is a good big sister. They lay back-to-back together in the sunshine. We have no feeding issues - after a few weeks of training, they can now eat together with their bowls side by side. She loves her new luxurious life with naps on the bed and walks by the lake. She initiates cuddles and tug and recently discovered the joy of licking humans on the cheek. She is a goofball! Her eye is well and the vet is pleased with her health. We are so happy and just wanted to check in to let you know we are doing very well. - Erin and Anthony

I just wanted to let you know Bo is doing sooooo well at my house. He is a great dog. He has calmed down so much that you would not believe it is the same dog...not pulling on the leash or anything. He is my constant companion follows me everywhere in the house, love the car and the dog park and is an amazing dog. Thanks for your help and I promise to give him a great home and lots of happy years just as I know he will do the same for me. I will send some pictures and keep you all in the loop. Take care and thanks for helping me to get Bo to add some joy and happiness back into my lonely life since losing my other dog and then my job. - Ed

Junior and Swift have adapted very well to their new home and new playmate, Yellow Eyes ("Yellow"). Swift and Junior easily find their food and even understand the word "food." Swift is very independent navigating throughout our home without the help of Junior. We do keep the bell on Junior's collar so Swift has the security of knowing where he is. One would never know Swift is blind, as he is so spunky and playful. He wrestles with Junior, and our larger black cat, Yellow. We use the living room sofa as a "home base" for Swift, so he can easily re-orient himself in the house. We started warning him about walls and furniture by saying "bump" if he approaches, since he does often walk into walls – but only since he is so confident and freely roams throughout the house. Junior is amazing too, as he is a tiny thing that holds his own wrestling the big boy cats (Yellow and Swift). Since our daughter is legally-blind and hearing impaired, and our son is somewhat of the "junior-guide" I thought these cats were a perfect fit for us and our family's motto that "it's okay to be different." - Debbie

We adopted Coco on May 18, 2009. She has gained two pounds since the adoption, and she is so pretty and healthy. She is such a good watch dog for us since my husband is gone all week trucking, and she especially loves him when he is home. Probably because he takes her on the longest walks and can run with her when he is home. I think she understands that I can’t run with her because of my back. She is very protective of me when I am out with her. I don’t feel afraid to take a walk at night anymore. She loves children and playing with my cats (until they've had enough). She's such a sweetheart. Thank you for saving her life and giving her a chance to get an adoptive family. Unfortunately, I have no pictures. She is terrified of cameras of any kind. It’s such a funny thing, but I can’t figure it out. But she has worked her way into our hearts and our family. She is such a joy to us, especially her eyes. - Colleen

It's been two and a half weeks since we adopted Liberty (formerly Mandi) and things are going fairly smooth. She has gained a lot of confidence and has grown so much! She no longer insists on being carried everywhere and is doing fabulous on the leash. There is so much out there to sniff! Housebreaking is still going very good. We’ve had just a few accidents in the house, and they were all my fault! I just thought I would update you. Thanks for doing what you do. When my daughter starts school in the fall, I plan to do some volunteer work at the JHS! - Stacie