Animal Hospital Services

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Office visit required

 Canine Bordetella (kennel cough) $14.00
 Canine DHPP $14.00
 Canine LEPTO  $14.00
 Feline FELV $14.00
 Feline FVRCP $14.00
 Rabies* – 1 year $15.00
 Rabies* – 3 year $20.00

*Duval County residents must add an additional $20 for city license by law.

Spay & Neuter Saving Packages

Minimum age for spay/neuter surgery is 8 weeks and includes: Pre-surgery exam, surgery, pain med injection (both dogs & cats), bio-hazard disposal, and 3 days of take home pain medication(dogs).*

Dogs (price varies by weight)



 2 to 50 lbs.



 51 to 100 lbs.



 100 + lbs.



 Cats – any weight



 If testicles not distended, add  $15.00  NA
 In heat or pregnant, add  NA  NC
 Hernia repair, add  $25.00  $25.00

*Any surgery or procedure on a dog or cat 5 to 8 years old will require pre-anesthesia blood testing and when over 8 years, a geriatric screening blood test. 

Diagnostic Testing

Office visit required

 Feline Leukemia & FIV Test $25.00
 Canine Heartworm Test $25.00
 Fecal Test $15.00
 Urinalysis $20.00
 In-house Cytology – skin, blood, ear $15.00
 Glucose Curve  $100.00
 Senior Bloodwork (in house) $75.00

Other Services

Most services require an office visit

 Service Price
 Microchip $25.00
 Nail Trim $10.00
 Anal Glands Expressed $15.00
 Xray – Initial view  $75.00
 Xray – Addition views (each)  $25.00
Hospitalization per day $25-$40

Below is just a sampling of the other services and associated fees available at the JHS Animal Hospital.

 Wellness Exam $25.00
 Medical Exam/Consultation $35.00
 Technician Visit $15.00
 Emergency Visit $55.00

Flea, Tick and Heartworm Preventative Products


Click HERE for information on products and prices for these products at the JHS Animal Hospital.



Any proceeds from the JHS Animal Hospital will benefit

the mission and programs of the Jacksonville Humane Society.