Are you ready for some SPOOKTACULAR savings on our dog and cat adoption fees? Come to JHS this Friday, October 28th, through Monday, October 31st, for an all treats, no tricks adoption party!

Adopters will pick a treat from our cauldron to discover the price they will pay for adoptions … all the way up to FREE. That’s right – $0 adoption fees! Happy HOWL-oween!



Location: 8464 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32216

For more info on adoptions, click here. Additional fees may apply. 

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When she first arrived at the Jacksonville Humane Society on a sunny afternoon, Samira wasn’t sure if she was ready to adopt a dog. But she didn’t think it would hurt to take a look around …


Meanwhile, inside the kennels, a black and white terrier mix named Gloria lay on her bed and wondered if today would be the day that a family decided to take her home.  Gloria had been left in the yard when her owners moved away, and was taken to the shelter.


Since then, she had spent many nights in her kennel, waiting for a family. The shelter was stressful for Gloria, and she would bark almost endlessly as if to say, “Hey Guys! Pick me!” Once she was out of the kennel, Gloria blossomed into the loving, goofy, playful dog that the staff knew and loved.


However, after so many days at the shelter, Gloria was starting to lose hope. The kennel began to put a strain on Gloria physically and mentally. She started to refuse going back in the runs, and her BFF staff member, Dylan, would lovingly carry her inside every time.


Glloria & her BFF Dylan.

Would this afternoon be any different for Gloria?  It had been a long 359 days since she first arrived at the shelter, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could wait …


Samira was moved by how many animals were in need, and asked the staff how she could help. We mentioned that we were hoping someone would take Gloria, even just to give her a break from the shelter for a few days. With just one look, Samira decided to take Gloria home for a trial sleepover.


She called her boyfriend, Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Tackle, Sheldon Day, who immediately agreed. The staff wished Gloria good luck on her adventure, and Dylan reminded her to be a good girl.


After a few weeks, Sheldon and Samira decided that Gloria absolutely needed to become a permanent addition to their home! They completed her adoption paperwork and sweet Gloria now spends her days cheering for her dad and her favorite team, the Jaguars!


JHS sends a big round of a-paws to Sheldon and Samira for opening their hearts and home to dog that no one else wanted. Generosity truly breeds joy.


Gloria’s Facebook Video
Gloria’s Facebook Plea
Gloria as the Poster Child
Gloria’s Selfie
Gloria & Her BFF Dylan
Gloria’s Adoption Picture
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Here is an easy Do It Yourself project for your pets that can be made with items in every household! If you are looking for a way to keep your dog or cat warm, a rice sock is a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution. Follow these easy steps:

Gather Materials:

Then, make your heating pad:

  1. Fill the sock about halfway with uncooked rice.
  2. Tie the remainder of the sock with a knot.
  3. You’re done – that was so quick, you can make some more!

Your finished product will look like this:


To use, heat the rice sock for 1-2 minutes in the microwave. When using with your pet, make sure that your dog or cat can easily move off or away from the sock.

We use these homemade heating pads to help our dogs and cats keep warm after spay/neuter surgery. You can help us by making & donating them to our shelter. For more in-dept instructions, check out this post.

Rice Socks are just one of the many items you can donate to the Jacksonville Humane Society. For a complete list of items, check out our wish list. Thank you from the animals!


Curiosity cured the kitty! Did you know that engaging your cat’s mind will help him or her alleviate stress, and can help to eliminate behaviors such as scratching, clawing, or litter box issues? Give it a try with your very own puzzle box! Puzzle boxes are easy to make with a few common household items. They will keep your kitty entertained, happy, and healthy.

Materials Needed:



Step 1: Prep the box!

Step 2:  Fill the box!


Step 3: Give the box!



They may not like to play fetch or go for a run with you, but cats still need mental stimulation and physical activity to stay healthy. The healthier the cat, the happier the cat. And cat owners know how important it is to keep your cat happy! For more great DIY ideas that you can do for your pets, check out the JHS Pinterest.

Join us this Saturday and Sunday for FREE pet adoptions! It’s going to be two groovy days of peace, love and pet adoptions that you don’t want to miss! Hundreds of cats and dogs for a $0 adoption fee! (Additional fees may apply.)

What: Free Dog, Cat, Kitten and Puppy Adoptions!

When: Saturday, September 10th and Sunday, September 11th – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day


The Jacksonville Humane Society, 8464 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32216

Animal Care & Protective Services, 2020 Forest Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204

This event is sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society! #SaveThemAll


Check out the event on Facebook and invite your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have puppies, kittens, or small dogs?
If there are puppies, kittens, or small dogs, they will be adopted quickly, so we advise you to come early.

How can I see the pets who will be available for adoption?

Jacksonville Humane Society Pets: Click Here

Animal Care and Protective Services Pets: Click Here

Please remember – things change hourly at each shelter so there are no guarantees that a pet will still be available when you arrive.

What does the “Free Adoption” or “$0 Adoption Fee” include?

The adoption fees that we collect help us provide food, shelter, important medical care and inoculations for the animals. Each adoption fee includes the following for your new pet (retail value is approximately $400):

  • Cost of spaying and neutering
  • Initial inoculations
  • Microchip implant (all animals)
  • FeLV/FIV Combo Test (Feline Only)
  • Occult Heartworm Test
  • Flea and Tick Prevention
  • Monthly Parasite Prevention

Are the pets fixed? Vaccinated?
Yes, every pet available for adoption will be fixed and given their vaccinations, including rabies. The only exception to the rabies vaccine is kittens and puppies under 4 months of age.

What should I bring?
Please bring your photo ID and cash/credit card for any additional fees. (See below.)

Can I bring my own pets to meet potential new ones?
Shelters and busy events can be stressful for pets! Ask our staff about the sleepover program.

Where can I see the pets who will be available?
Shelters do not know in advance which pets they can bring because we will be doing adoptions at our facilities until Friday. You can always view adoptable animals at and

What does “Additional Fees May Apply” mean?

The city of Jacksonville requires all adopters under the age of 62 living within Duval County (excluding Jacksonville Beach) to purchase a rabies tag at the time of adoption for any pet that has received its rabies vaccination. The cost for the tag is $20. Some exceptions to apply: click here for more information on pet licensing.

All dogs must go home on a collar and leash and all cats must be in a carrier. You can bring these items with you, or they are available to purchase at the Jacksonville Humane Society boutique for a minimal cost.

The purchase of heartworm prevention may be added to the adoption fee for dogs over six months. Prices vary from $30 to $40 depending on the weight of the dog; this is a deeply discounted price available only to adopters. If you’d prefer, you may purchase up to a one-year supply for the dog you adopt.

Special Parking Instructions:

Parking is limited at the Jacksonville Humane Society due to construction. We will have staff on hand to help you. Extra parallel parking spaces are located along the fence

Tired of the dog days of summer? Looking for a cool way to beat the heat? With our easy, 3-step Do It Yourself “Pupsicles” you can easily make a tasty, frozen treat that will have Fido drooling for joy.

Pupsicles are yummy, inexpensive, and easily made with items you have around the house. As a time saver – make multiple pupsicles at once and you’ll have a freezer full of tasty treats for your furry best friend.

Materials Needed:


Step 1 – Prepare the Bottle

Step 2 – Freeze the Bottle



Step 3 – Remove the Bottle & Enjoy!

A crate, patio, or grassy lawn is a great place for your dog to enjoy a frozen pupsicle and makes for easy cleanup. Make sure you check out our blog for more DIY projects that you and your pet can enjoy – like our D.I.Y. Busy Boxes – and follow us on Pinterest.

Click here to watch a video of JHS adoptable dog, Rudy, enjoy his pupsicle!



Join The Jacksonville Humane Society, Animal Care and Protective Services and Petsmart Charities for THE DOG AND CAT DAYS OF SUMMER Adoption Event. Bring home your new best friend for only $20!


Two Days, Two Locations!

Location 1:
The Jacksonville Humane Society
8464 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Location 2:
8801 Southside Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.
NOTE: These are special hours, different from our normal weekend hours at JHS. We will be open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Aug 21-22, for this event only.

Adoption Information:

All pets are spay/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated prior to adoption.

1. Will you have small dogs, puppies, or kittens?

It is difficult for any animal shelter to predicate what animals will be available, however, we do bring these types of animals if we have them. The best advice we can give you is to arrive early for small dogs and puppies! (This time of year, we almost always have kittens.)

2. What are the fees to adopt?
The only fee during this event at each location is $20. Ordinarily, additional fees may apply, but thanks to Petsmart Charities, those fees have been waived.

3. What should I bring?

Please bring ID and cash. (Cash is much faster than a card – checks are not accepted.) For dogs we suggest a leash and collar, and for cats a carrier. We can provide these, but they will be for temporary use only. You can pick some out at Petsmart or bring your own from home! Parking is free.

4. Where do I park?

Parking at the Jacksonville Humane Society is allowed in our lot. You may also parallel park along the fence down the access road. Please enter through the main gate on Beach Blvd. Parking is free.

There is a parking lot at the strip mall where Petsmart is located. Parking is fee.

5. Should I bring my own pets?

Cats – no. It’s just too stressful. Dogs can also be easily stressed at these events. Dogs are not permitted in our kennels or adoption room, so if you do bring your dog, please bring someone else to hold the dog while you visit our adoptables. Staff at both shelters know which dogs go to playgroups, so please just let someone know if you’re looking for a companion for your canine or feline!

6. Are sleepovers available?

Yes. For adult dogs and cats, you may do a sleepover (trial adoption) to see if the animal is a good fit. The price will be $20. Policy is different for each shelter group, so be sure to talk to staff members.

7. Where can I see the adoptable pets?

Jacksonville Humane Society

Animal Care and Protective Services

As dog lovers, we all want to spoil our pups. Toys are great, but can be expensive and easily destroyed. Why not use a few items you’ve got around the house and DIY not just a toy, but an engaging activity for your beloved pooch? Introducing … busy boxes!

Busy boxes are an exciting and easy way to mentally exercise your dog’s mind as well as give him some yummy treats! Not only do dogs love receiving these boxes, but they provide an appropriate opportunity for your dog to think, chew and enjoy. Busy boxes are simple to make, inexpensive and entertaining to watch!

Materials Needed:



Step 1- Prepare The Box


Step 2 – Freeze The Box



Step 3- Give The Box



Remember, mental stimulation for your dog can be just as beneficial as physical exercise. Busy boxes are just one way to exercise your dog’s brain. They are great in summer months, when taking an hour long walk just isn’t possible in the heat. Providing your dog with fun and engaging ways to use his mind is great for your dog, and fun to watch!

For more ideas about D.I.Y. treats and toys, visit our Pinterest page. Have an idea? Share with us in the comments.

#diy #diyfordogs #dogs


Join The Jacksonville Humane Society and Animal Care and Protective Services in a one day goal of clearing the shelters! This national event can be followed online using #cleartheshelters .

Two Locations:

The Jacksonville Humane Society
8464 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32216
View Pets:

Animal Care & Protective Services
2020 Forest St.
Jacksonville, FL 32204
View Pets:

Adoption fees have been waived for this event. Adoption fees range from $50-125, and have been reduced to $0 on all animals for one day only! This covers the cost of having your pet spay/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Additional fees may apply. Download the printable flyer here.

Pets are adopted on a first come, first served basis and no holds are permitted. If you are looking for puppies or small dogs, we suggest you arrive early!

Clear the Shelters FB IG Size

Additional Fees & Costs:
The purchase of heartworm prevention will be added to the adoption fee for dogs over six months. Prices vary from $30 to $40 depending on the weight of the dog. If you’d prefer, you may purchase up to a one-year supply for the dog you adopt.

The city of Jacksonville requires all adopters under the age of 62 living within Duval County (excluding Jacksonville Beach) to pay the city licensing fee at the time of adoption for any pet that has received its rabies vaccination. The cost is $20.

All dogs must go home with an approved leash and collar; all cats must go home in an approved carrier. You may bring these items in with you, or we have them available for purchase at the time of adoption.


What form of payment is accepted?
Both locations can take cash or charge.

Is there an entry fee or fee to park?
Nope! There is no fee to look and no fee to park. (Please note: JHS is under construction so the parking lot is limited – there is extra parallel parking along the fence!)

How long does an adoption take?
During these events, you may experience wait times. We ask that you use the animals as inspiration – they’ve been patiently waiting for YOU! Your paperwork can take at least 30 minutes to complete.

Do animals go home the same day?
Yes, most animals go home the same day with only a few exceptions. Please be prepared to take your pet home the same day.

Will there be puppies, small dogs, and kittens?
Animals shelters cannot control their inventory, as we are in the business of saving the animals who need us. While we do get puppies and small dogs, they are usually the first adopted. We encourage you to arrive early! Typically, animals shelters have an abundance of kittens in the summer but they are also usually the first adopted. Adult animals make great pets, too!

What if I’m not 100% ready to adopt?
Some pets are eligible for sleepovers – mainly animals over the age of 1 year and (for dogs) above 30 lbs. Talk to any staff member or volunteer about the ability to “try before you buy!”

How can I see which pets are available?
Please visit each shelter’s website.

Sierra – a sweet, playful one-year-old terrier mix – was transferred to the Jacksonville Humane Society from another shelter in May 2016. When she arrived, staff and volunteers immediately noticed that she was extremely shy in and out of her kennel. Not only was she afraid of the leash, but she had to be carried around the shelter because she was too afraid to walk! Our behavior team swept into action and made a behavior modification plan for Sierra.

Our staff and volunteers worked with Sierra to build her confidence so that she could be placed up for adoption and find a forever home. She really enjoyed spending time with other dogs, so we paired her up with other pups when being leashed, leaving her kennel, and even during walks. Slowly, staff saw improvements. A tail wag here, a gentle nudge there. Sierra was on the right path!

In addition to using a companion dog during her training, the staff and volunteers patiently fed her stinky (but delicious!) wet food by hand and enticed her with other high-valued treats like spray cheese and peanut butter. Using these high-value treats verses a common treat really gave Sierra the incentive to push past her fears. These techniques helped her to build confidence, build trust in people and even look forward to spending time with them!

Soon, this one shy girl became the life of the party. She actively sought out attention from staff, volunteers, and even adopters! Her new mom came to JHS looking for a best friend and after one look at those big brown eyes, she decided that Sierra was the one. Proudly sitting next to her new mom while the adoption paperwork was completed, Sierra was a totally different dog. It took time, patience, and a whole lot of treats, but thanks to the help of our staff and volunteers, this once timid and fearful pup is now a confident dog who makes a new friend wherever she goes!

Our behavior team is here to not only help the dogs and cats at JHS. Do you have a behavior concern or need guidance? Make sure you  visit our website, complete with a behavior library, resources, training schedule and contact information to help guide you and your furry family member in the right direction.