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                                The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes.

We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community.

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 Bella, Pebbles, Rocky, Buster & Midnight


  • I have 5 pups, large breed, mixed.
    They were born in a litter of 7 pups. I was only able to rehomed 3 but 1 returned.
    Mom-  pit bull/labrador retriver mix
    Dad – German Shepherd mix.
    They are 8 months old.
    They are up to date on their vaccines and heartworm prevention.
    They all are spayed/neutered.
    Bella-female- 60lbs-the only fluffy hair of the bunch.
    Pebbles-female-74lbs-flat hair-loOKs exactly like mom.74lbs
    Rocky-male-flat hair- looks exactly like Labrador retriever, largest of the bunch weighing at 90lbs.
    Buster-male-66.4lbs- flat hair looks like Labrador retriever at 73lbs
    Midnight-male-66.4lbs-flat hair, he was rehomed at 2 months old, but owner had difficulties and the dog suffered due to this. He lost his hair due to severe allergy but now has mostly grown back.
    I have all 5 pups plus their parents and another adult dog. I tried my best to find homes since birth but now they are older, no one wants
    them older pups. I am exhausted and cannot keep them anymore. They are loving and playful dogs. Will bark at first sight but once you get to know them they are great dogs. Please see attached pictures.
  • Please contact Melissa at: 904-755-8832 or

  • Posted 5/28


  • I am looking for a home for Binxy. She is a 3-year-old short hair domestic small black cat. She is a loving, calm, and well behaved kitty. She gets along well with other cats. She loves to cuddle and rub on you. She has been spayed and microchipped. She is updated on her shot and currently lives indoors but in the past she has lives both outdoors and indoors.

  • Please contact Emily at: 904-624-9715 or

  • Posted 7/9

  • This is Lacy! I have been in a car accident and cannot care for her any longer. She is up to date on her shots, has been taking heart and flea medicine, she is chipped and spayed. She has a very protective nature and is house-trained  as well.  She is very strong and weights 52 lbs.  She is very loving to her owner, but does not like other animals in the same house, with no small children. She would love to have her own yard to play in full time as she sleeps a lot living in an apartment with me. She has the cutest thing about really soft blankets. I will provide her first one to any new owner, but you will have to have one as she tears them up in a couple of weeks.  They help her calm down and sleeps better at night. I will miss her dearly, but she needs a home with a yard and someone much stronger than I. She pulls when she walks and needs some training in that area. She loves men more than women!

  • Please contact Pamela at: or 904-321-6683

  • Posted 5/30

  • Hi, I am LeBeau. My foster family named me after the French character on Hogan’s Heroes because I am such a lover boy. My foster family found me at a McDonald’s on Normandy road. Thank god they picked me up! Fast food gets old after a while. I absolutely love to cuddle and be loved on. My favorite game is catch the feather toy! I am so good at it that I can jump and fly way high to catch that birdie. There is a dog at the home I live in, and he is really a nice guy. However, one of the cats over here isn’t as friendly to me as she should be. What a shame! She missed a good friend. Currently I weigh 13 pounds because my foster mom gives me yummy food, and I am somewhere between 2 to 3 years old. I am also neutered, but that doesn’t detract from my irresistible stud appeal! I can’t wait to find my forever home. I would be the best kitty you could ever have!

  • Please contact Dawn at: 904-894-7155

  • Posted 5/30

  • Monty is a 2 year old, short-haired black cat that walks and looks like a mini panther. He is the cutest cat ever and is so loving. I found out I am allergic to him and need to find him a good home. He loves to play fetch, snuggle and loves a good head/neck rub. He is an inside cat but loves to hangout on the porch when it’s nice out. I am hoping to find a great home for him with someone who would love to play fetch with him all day. Please let me know if you are Interested!
  • Please contact Constance at:
  • Posted 5/30

  • Semper is a 40lb, newly 3-year-old, Boxer-mix who needs a new home due to no fault of her own. She is an absolute sweetheart and deserves the best possible home. I am housing her only temporarily as I have my own dogs to take care of. She absolutely loves children. She is good with smaller dogs, but not bad with larger dogs. She just needs time to get to know them. She is fairly good with cats and does not chase them or show any aggression. She is just very curious about them as she has only met them a few times in her life. She is spayed and up to date on her shots and will come with absolutely everything I have for her (crate, collar, leash, food, etc.)
  • Please contact Kaylin at 978-914-0534 or
  • Posted 5/30

  • Jake is very outgoing and lovable. He is 12 years old. He isn’t shy at all, and has never met a stranger. He is really a dog trapped in a cat’s body. He would be great for a family or a one person residence. He is a great buddy to have! He has been neutered and has his shots/vaccinations. I have to relocate to Hawaii and I can’t take Jake. Hawaii has a strict 120 day quarantine law and I can’t put them through that and I really don’t have the funds to take on that expense.
  • Please contact Dean at: 904-614-8119
  • Posted 5/30

  • Devin is 13 years old. Devin is a sweet girl, I got her as a feral kitty and she is affectionate on her own terms. She loves to be petted and sweet talked too, but doesn’t like to be held. She would do best as a solo cat in a residence and ideal for an older person or a senior citizen. She is honestly the easiest animal I have taken care of. She has been spayed and has her shots/vaccinations. I have to relocate to Hawaii and I can’t take Jake. Hawaii has a strict 120 day quarantine law and I can’t put them through that and I really don’t have the funds to take on that expense.
  • Please contact Dean at: 904-614-8119
  • Posted 5/30

Dash & Ember
  • I am looking for a good home for our two cats. We adopted them a couple years ago but our lives have become so busy that we’re not able to give them the attention they deserve. We are also moving into a home with 5 people and two dogs so we feel they will have better lives with someone who can focus on them. One male and one female that have been together since birth. Both are very friendly/loving and don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. The male is more active than the female. He loves to cuddle and is more like a lap dog than a cat. The female is a bit more stand off-ish but is also a good cuddle buddy when she warms up to you. They both love belly rubs and chasing things. Laser pointers are a plus if you want to have some fun. You couldn’t ask for two better cats, we just want them to have a home where they’re loved. Dash, male: grey stripped fur, breed unknown. He is tall, thin and energetic. Likes to sit up high on things. Couch, window sill, etc. scratching post is a must – he has not been declawed. Ember, female: orange with a spiral on each side that looks almost like a cinnamon roll. Breed unknown. Very calm, gentle but not as energetic as Dash. Doesn’t climb at all, prefers to be close to the ground and reminds us of Garfield in looks. Both have had all vaccines and shots. Both have been fixed. Litter boxes, scratching posts and several day water dishes included with cats as well as any food we still have on hand.
  • Please contact Valeria at: 904-404-6683 or
  • Posted 5/30

  • Bentley is a fun loving 14 pound Beagle/Jack Russell mix who loves snuggles and hugs and enjoys to play catch with his ball or bone. He is 2 yrs 4 mon old, is neutered, house trained and up-to-date with all his shots. Bentley is such a good and loyal dog that is great with young children. We love Bentley and will miss him, but feel he would benefit in a home with a big yard to play in and due to traveling frequently for work we have to board him a lot. We hope that we are able to find Bentley a loving home with a person (or family with children) that can foster his playful and loving spirit.
  • Please contact Henry at: 904-307-4657
  • Posted 5/30

  • Sassy is 2 years old. Sassy is very playful and loves one on one attention. Sassy is litter box trained and is up to date on her shots. She is currently on Revolution for fleas. Sassy is also spayed.
  • Please contact Carmen at: or 904-729-0358
  • Posted 5/30

  • Briscoe is 7 1/2 years old. He is an English Bulldog and he weighs about 50-60 pounds. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. (His last vet visit was to First Coast No More Homeless Pets on Cassat). Needs to eat grain free food, typically Rachael Ray’s Nutrish or Pet Supermarkets Call of the Wild.He is a fun guy and a five minute destroyer of all expensive and cheap toys except this $5 Big Lot orange toy. He needs to find a home where his family won’t be off at school and work from dawn until dusk. Best if he was the only dog. A bit of an attention seeker. He loves eating everything, so keep your food away from the counter’s edge! Sleeps in either his kennel or on top of your laundry, clean or dirty, or he may pull your cover off to make himself a bed. I will miss him dearly, but we know commitments are pulling us away and we can’t be selfish humans.
  • Please contact Jason at: 904-333-7334 – text only. (A phone conversation will happen prior to our decision.)
  • Posted 5/20

  • Hi, I’m Sake and I am a girl! I am a 6 year old American Short-haired Tabby cat. I was adopted at the PAWS Animal Rescue in Yokosuka, Japan when I was 10 weeks old. For the last 4 years I lived in Naples, Italy and I now live in Jacksonville, FL. I am loving, affectionate and cuddly. I need a new family with a quiet home and no children. My current family has two little boys aged 2 and 4 and they make me very anxious. Because of my family situation, I poop outside the litter box. I acclimate quickly, am very friendly and currently live with another cat. I am fully vaccinated and spayed. Please give me a new quiet, loving home.
  • Please contact Terra at: or 904-442-4960
  • Posted 5/20



  • Scrappy is a 12 year old neutered, male.. he is a very sweet boy.. loves drinking water out of the sink, loves attention and just being close to you. He’s a little shy at first.. he’s always been around other cats and dogs.
  • Please contact Sheila at: 904-330-8829
  • Posted 5/24

  • Waylon is 5 years old very sweet 3 colored male.. he’s a indoor/outdoor cat.. he’s been around another cats and dogs all his life.. he is a lover not a fighter. He will use a litter box.. very loving and sweet.. Moved and can’t keep him.
  • Please contact Sheila at: 904-330-8829
  • Posted 5/24

  • Willie is a sweet, neutered 5 year old male.. he’s always been around other cats and dogs.. he’s a indoor/outdoor cat but loves being outside… he is litter box trained.. I moved and can’t keep him anymore.. my neighbor left and left their cats and I’ve tried taking care of them, but I can’t any longer.
  • Please contact Sheila at: 904-330-8829
  • Posted 5/24

Lois Lane
  • Lois Lane was rescued from a local kill shelter in November 2017. I have 11 cats and 2 dogs and Lois Lane likes dogs, but not other cats. I am searching for a loving home for her as an only cat or with dogs only! Please give her a chance, the living situation for her now is hard with all my cats. She is a sweetheart and great with children. Lois Lane is super social! She is 8 years old, spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, healthy and talkative. She loves to play and is also a lap kitty. I will sponsor her to place her in a good home. I am attached to her and want her to be happy.
  • Please contact Kim at: 904-305-4105 (text or call) or
  • Posted 5/24

  • My dog’s name is Bo. He has been a good dog. I have had him since he was 9 months old. He is neutered, house-trained, obedient, loves his backyard and likes to play. He is an easy-going, loving dog. I work quite a lot of long hours and he is always happy to see me! His needs are simple: loves cookies and treats and loves being around me. Unfortunately, I am thinking about relocating and not able to bring Bo with me. I am looking for someone who will be good to him, as he has always been loyal and loving. He deserves a good home and would be a great companion for someone looking for a dog.
  • Please contact Jacki at:
  • Posted 5/24

  • Smokey is a grey and white cat. She is 8 years old and spayed. She is declawed and enjoys being loved and cuddled. She has never been with any other pets. She is looking for a good home!
  • Please contact Jess at:  904-338-1013 or
  • Posted 5/27

  • This is Aries and he’s a 65 pound, 3 year old Lab mix. He’s a very loyal and calm dog. He does love to run around and get his energy out often. He’s better by himself or with another calm dog but great with all animals and people. He’s a very alert and smart dog and always alerts my wife and I if anyone is near our door or walking by.
    He would love to have a loving family that will care for him non stop! He is altered.
  • Please contact Jay at: 904-415-8747
  • Posted 5/27

  • I have a 2.5 year old Siamese mix cat that I need rehomed.  Her name is Belle and she is very sweet, loving and she loves to cuddle. She has been spayed and declawed. She has never been around other animals, but she would be great with children. She is very social and loves to be around people. She really doesn’t like spending a lot of time alone, which is the reason for rehoming. I also have an automatic litter box, as well as food/toys that would go with her to a new home.
  • Please contact Kristen at: 904-422-0222
  • Posted 5/27

  •  Here is his info.
    Milo is a three year old male cat.  We adopted him from Animal Care and Protective Services three years ago, when he was a small kitten.  The only reason we are re-homing him is because we are moving to Guam and it is too expensive to take him.  They have strict requirements, including quarantine and it is very expensive and hard on the animals. Milo has a very regal personality about him.  We have three young kids, two dogs and another cat, and he is great with all of them.  We have fostered tiny orphaned kittens over the last two years with ACPS, and he has snuggled and loved on these tiny kittens.   He really is super sweet.  He is used to going outside, but would probably adjust well to being an indoor only cat.  He loves to be loved on and has a great purr!  He really enjoys being in your lap and getting love.  He is very playful, plays well with other cats and loves to play with cat toys.  He doesn’t play with our dogs, but rubs all over them.  They’re definitely friends. Milo really is a great cat.  We truly wouldn’t be re-homing him if we weren’t moving to Guam.
  • Please contact Eric at:
  • Posted 5/27

  • Tyson is a Jack Russell/Corgi mix that I’ve had since he was a puppy. Tyson is 3 years old, weighs 29 pounds, potty-trained, neutered, and up-to-date with all vaccinations. Tyson plays well with children and has lots of energy to spare. His favorite game is fetching and hide and seek. Tyson is playful, lots of energy like most Jack Russells and is very smart. Tyson is shy in warming up to strangers at first but can be persuaded by playing a game of fetch with his favorite toy or offering him a treat. Tyson is a family dog or a good dog for an individual owner he’s pretty adaptable. I’ve recently accepted a new position which will require extensive traveling unfortunately that will keep me from home many nights and the ability to take spend time with Tyson. I’m hoping to find a nice loving family or individual for Tyson soon.
  • Please contact Denise at: 904-629-2080 or
  • Posted 5/27

Max & Bailey
  • Max is a black male  lab mix he is about 7 or 8 years old. Bailey is Brown female pekingese German Shepherd mix who is about 9 or 10 years old. Both Max and Bailey were rescued from the huamane society in Gainesville FL back in 2005.  Both dogs are up to date with shots. Both are house trained. Both are great family dogs. They both get along with one another. Great with people and loves children.  Both my husband and I are not home enough between work and our 3 year old daughter.  They both have been spayed/neutered.
  • Please contact Jessica at:
  • Posted 5/27

  • Layla is an 80 lb. spayed female German shepherd. She is sweet with people and kids but needs lots of exercise. She does not do well with other dogs.
  • Please contact Lisa at:
  • Posted 5/30

Shadow & Sebastian
  • Shadow and Sebastian are both over a year old and they are spayed/neutered.Sebastian (male) and Shadow (female) are brother and sister Russian Blue mixes that were found in a local neighborhood. They are over a year old and love people! Super affectionate and playful, they need someone to love and care for them! They are not declawed and would be better suited to a home with no other pets or cats only (not super friendly with dogs). They are up to date on all of their shots and healthy (but prone to worms, being feral once). Vet records, toys, food, litter + litter boxes, and more included in adoption fee. Please text me for more details if you are interested
  • Please contact Nicole at: 850-982-8117
  • Posted 5/30

  • Our dog’s name is Lypsie & she is 4 years old. We’ve had her since she was a puppy. She’s a terrier mix & she weights about 60lbs. Lypsie is full of life and energy! She has such a goofy personality and will always keep you laughing. She loves being active and going for long hikes and taking a swim but won’t mind a relaxing lazy day. She also will never turn down a game of fetch . She’s very smart and knows sit, lay down, leave it, stay, as well as come. She is up to date on all her vaccinations and is also spayed. My husband and I are active duty military and unfortunately aren’t able to keep her anymore. This is the last thing we wanted to do but we are very confident she will find a loving home!
  • Please contact Abbey or Raymond at: 757-232-3829, 757-652-2369 or
  • Posted 6/1

  • Rocky is my 12 year old neutered, 6 pounds Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix. I have had him a very long time but now have to find him a new home. Ever since the birth of my son he has been scared of him. My son is turning 3 this year so it is clear things will not change. He is amazing in a home without small children. He is very loyal and good with obedience. His teeth are removed however the vet says he is fine to gum the small senior dog food I get for him. Loves to cuddle and give kisses!
  • Please contact Amanda at:
  • Posted 6/3

  • Harley is 6 yrs old She is a pit bull mix and weighs 30 pounds she is neutered and is update in all her shoots.  She very sweet love to cuddle she thinks she is a lap dog with amazing personality hardly bark and loves to nap.
  • Please contact Tracy at: or 407-902-5812
  • Posted 6/6

  • Hello, this is Adella! She is a 50lb, 5.5 year old Bulldog mix with brown/brindle coloring and white around the nose, chest and paws. We adopted her from the Jacksonville Humane society in February, she is fixed, is up to date on all her shots and is microchipped as well. She is fun, loving and a very energetic dog. She loves to run around the backyard and play with toys. She is great with kids of all ages, she will sit for food and treats and will come when called by her name. She enjoys walks and car rides. She is not too fond of cats but loves everyone else. We wish we could keep her and hate to have to send her away, but as a military family things change fast and quick, so we can no longer care for her due to being suddenly relocated once again. She has a bowl and a harness that we will also have to go with her. We just want a good home for such a sweet heart! We hope you will consider making her a part of your family so she may have a forever home that loves her dearly!
  • Please contact Reina at: 210-414-8955 or 210-996-7901
  • Posted 6/6

  • Gunner is a 11 month old ridgeback/husky mix approximately 60-65 lbs. He’s mixed with husky and ridgeback. Gunner loves eating, running, playing with other dogs, chew toys, rawhide and treats. He also loves the dog park! Because of his breed and size gunner needs someone who has plenty of time and space for him. He is UTD on all his shot,  he’s neuter, and currently on Trifexis to prevent heart worms, fleas,       and intestinal worms. If you would like to give Gunner a new home please contact Kim at 7048072288.
  • Please contact Kim at: 704-807-2288 or
  • Posted 6/6

  • This is Gladiator! This nice guy is very laid back, loves to play with other dogs, great with kids, very loving toward us. Looks like a pit/chocolate lab mix, 60 lbs., neutered, vaccinated, 1 year old.  We recently rescued him from a neglectful situation.  Even a bowl of clean water makes him wag his tail!
  • Please contact Mary at:
  • Posted 6/6

Peeps and Jellybean
  • Here to make your acquaintance is Peeps and Jelleybean. They are 10 months old and have been spayed and received their rabies shot. Their mission in life is to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Very cuddly and they have a part time job being toy testers with a PhD in Napping with a minor in Entertainment.
  • Please contact Aprile at: 904-482-7771
  • Posted 6/9

  • My name is China and I am 1year old and am a spayed female that has a rabies shot. I am an elegant Chocolate Point Siamese.I have been known to be a little bit shy but, after a while I warm up. The position in your family that I am seeking is as a paper weight or to hold the bed down or you if you are under a blanket. It really hurts my family to part with me. My mom pets me and says I deserve so much more love and attention. She cries saying she is sorry to have to give me and some of my other furry family away but, she is having health issues and feels overwhelmed by having so many of us and wants to do what is best for all of us.
  • Please contact Aprile at: 904-482-7771
  • Posted 6/9

  • Dear Human, my name is Violet. I am a BEAUTIFUL Lilac Point Himalayan. I am spayed and have had a shot for rabies. I am about a year old. I would be very pleased to make your acquaintance.I would love to place my self perfectly on your blanket exactly where you would like to be. I also am a model, I have been known to showcase the bed or sofa and make them look beautiful. I am very lovable, you can ask my human family. My human mom has been sick a lot lately and she cries when she pets me. She has promised me another human will love me just as much if not more. She says my furry family and I should have the best of everything and most importantly love.
  • Please contact Aprile at: 904-482-7771
  • Posted 6/9

  • Ella is 8 years old and weighs 47 pounds. Ella is a very sweet and gentle hound mix that would make a great companion! She is fixed and up to date with all her medical needs and looking for a welcoming home. She is house trained and is great with kids as well as other dogs. We are currently fostering her and she has been nothing short of amazing. We would love to keep her, but our little chihuahua is very aggressive and has been constantly attacking her. Ella has never retaliated towards our chihuahua, even when she has been bit! The ideal setting for Ella would be to stay indoors in a house with a fenced in backyard. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
  • Please contact Keidi & Ashley at: or 352-443-1844
  • Posted 6/9

  • This is Montana. She is about 10 years old and weighs roughly about 72 pounds. She is a German Shepherd/Boxer/Retriever mix. She loves people and children. Even though Montana doesn’t swim, she does enjoy laying out with you outside in the sun – she sometimes even relaxes on the first step of a pool. If you want a happy-go-lucky dog that always enjoys being petted and cuddled, Montana is for you. Montana is up to date on her shots, spayed, and is given a monthly dose of Trifexis for flea/heartworm prevention. She has a bit of a breath problem that I usually cure with the green Dentastix. She loves all treats, by the way! I relocated to Clearwater about 2 years ago and didn’t realize she has anxiety during thunderstorms. It has been rough for her while I’m at work, with her going through anxiety fits alone when a storm rolls through. When I am present, it’s bearable and she just needs a cuddle session. As I can’t let her roam free throughout the house during the day, I need to find a home for her with someone who maybe works from home, a retiree, or doesn’t mind a dog that lays on your bed or couch during the day while you are at work. Although I live in Clearwater, I travel to Jacksonville frequently with her.
  • Please contact Jon at: 904-415-7295
  • Posted 6/9

Mabel & Bagheera
  • Mabel and Bagheera are both very sweet cats who just need time to get to know new people. They are best friends who want to stay together. Their adoption fee is $25, but we are willing to waive that fee for the right home. They are both spayed/neutered, up to date on their shots, and microchipped. They will go home with their litterbox, which they share, and a bag of their food. They eat Purina One.
  • Please contact Ashleigh or Debbie at: 904-651-1355
  • Posted 6/9

  • This is Smudge. We have been looking for a home for her for over a year. She is a very sweet, but shy cat, who needs someone who will give her the time she needs to get to know them. We can’t afford to keep her any longer due to her special diet – Royal Canin UR. She will go home with a bag of her food. She would do well with a senior person who needs a companion. She gets along with other cats. Her adoption fee is $25, but we are willing to lower or waive that fee for the right home. She is spayed, up to date on her shots and microchipped.
  • Please contact Ashley or Debbie at: 904-651-1355
  • Posted 6/9



  • Jasper is big, lovable kitty who gets along with other cats and is good with calm small dogs. He would love to have a home of his own. We are fostering him for Rescue Junkie. He is neutered, up to date on his shots, and microchipped.
  • Please contact Summer at:
  • Posted 6/9


  • Jack is a 6 year year old mix breed. 72lbs, neutered, and house trained. Jack is very affectionate and loves people, is great with kids, and cats. He would do best as an only dog, in a home with access to a yard. He loves to go for walks and relax in the sunshine. Jack hates rain and is afraid of storms. He really is the sweetest dog and has come a long way since we rescued him last year. Unfortunately, we live in an apartment and can’t be home with him enough to help him work through his fear of storms.
  • Please contact Sabrina at:
  • Posted 6/13


  • I am looking for an amazing new home for my cat Winston. I am relocating for a new job that will require extensive travel. He is an all black, short hair, mixed cat with a white tip tail. He is four years old and has all of his shots and has been neutered. He’s a very social and loving cat and enjoys cuddling and loves new people.
  • Please contact Carlie at: 828-676-5175 or
  • Posted 6/14

Ruby & Riley

  • I need assistance re homing our 2 cats as it turns out my son is allergic. We adopted them from JHS less than a year ago. They both just turned 1 in May. Ruby is the black cat. She’s super sweet and loves food! Riley is the tabby and loves to snuggle and soak up the sun! They are such sweet and loving cats. They must go together!! They will go to their new home with (2) cat condos, (2) litter boxes, toys, treats, a tub of food, and a tub of litter. They get along with dogs and children. And they absolutely love to play!
  • Please contact Stephanie at: 904-719-1681 or
  • Posted 6/16


  • Olive is 3 years old. She is spayed and weighs about 67 pounds. She is up to date on shots and she has been on Trifexis all her life. Oliver is very high energy and loves affection. She is a typical Lab and needs her exercise. She is sweet. She tolerates cats and some dogs. Probably best if she is the only pet. If you have children, make sure they are 8 and up. We love her, but cannot give her the attention and love she needs. She does get skittish during thunder storms.
  • Please contact Jim at: or 904-504-4050
  • Posted 6/16


  • Mark is a 3 legged lover!  He is a 6 year old, Labrador Retrieve mix. He absolutely loves his people!  This is why he needs a new home.  We aren’t home to give this big baby the attention and love he deserves.  He has energy and loves to run and play, however he doesn’t get the chance to do so often enough in our home.  Since the kids have gotten older, much of our time is spent away at dance or the ball field, and poor Mark is left by his lonesome far too often.  While Mark loves his people dearly, he does NOT love cats.  He gets along ok with other dogs once he’s warmed up to them.  Mark is crate trained and is neutered.
  • Please contact Stacey at:
  • Posted 6/16

Sheeba & Riley

  • Sheeba is an 8 month old calico, that has been spayed, and loves indoor or outdoor life. She can be shy while getting to know people, but gets along very well with other cats. She’s very playful and loves to cuddle at night. Sheeba is a stray that showed up on our doorstep, whom we want to find a loving home to go. Connie is a 4 year old black cat, that has been neutered, and loves being indoors. He is very playful and very curious. He loves to be around people, whether playing with you or sitting with you to watch TV. He does well with other cats, once they have a chance to get to know each other. We are moving and are unable to keep them with us.
  • Please contact Cindy at:
  • Posted 6/16


  • I have a 2 year old mixed breed available for adoption. He has been neutered. He weighs about 40 lbs. He has lots of energy. He needs a yard or someone that can exercise him alot. He loves to snuggle and thinks he is a lap dog. We are moving to an apt and will not be home enough for him.
  • Please contact Cindy at: 443-619-6240
  • Posted 6/22


  • Eddie is a 12 yr old chow and shepherd mix. He weighs approx 40 pounds. Eddie is a loving, quiet and friendly dog. He is quite content just to sit by your feet and loves to go for walks.
    Eddie does not like cats but gets along well with other dogs. He is neutered and has all his shots up to date. I am fostering Eddie as his owners moved and did not take him.  I already have adopted 3 large dogs which makes my home very busy. Eddie would be perfect for a home with no small children as he is getting older and moves kinda slow. This little guy is ready for a forever home!
  • Please contact Linda at: 904-330-5138 or
  • Posted 6/22


  • Daisy is looking for a new home! She is an indoor, one-eyed black cat. She is micro-chipped and spayed. She comes with all toys and accessories, as well as litter and food.
  • Please contact Aria at:
  • Posted 6/22

Vinny & Elsa & Loki

  • I need to rehome some of my dogs. We have 7 currently and it is too much. I have a 3 year old American Bull dog mix, named Vinny, who is good with cats, kids and other dogs. Has never met a stranger and loves everyone. He is crate trained and neutered. I have a 4 year old Lab mix, named Elsa, who is good with cats, kids and other dogs. She is high energy and loves to be outside or go on walks. She is crate trained and spayed. I have a 4 year old St Bernard Mix, named Loki, who is good with cats, is dog selective and likes older children. He is neutered.
  • Please contact Heather at: 717-623-7979
  • Posted 6/22


  • Norman is a 4 year old, brindle mix. Norman has a very outgoing and confident personality; he is truly a gift to any household. We adopted him from the Jacksonville Humane Society and have had him for only a few months. In that time, we’ve learned that he loves to explore in our fenced in backyard, he is a loyal companion, he does really well getting bathed and groomed, he can catch a fly mid-air, he is a protector and will bark to alert you of a situation – I could really go on and on about how unique and wonderful he is. He is also house-trained and crate-trained. We need to find him a home that will make him happier, as he is afraid of our children and gets frustrated with our other dog.
  • Please contact Amy at: 772-528-1090 or
  • Posted 6/22

    Max and Molly

  • I have 2 Cockapoos that are brother and sister, blonde and 3 years old. They are up-to-date on vaccinations and fixed. They’re sweet, lovable and crate-trained. They need to stay together, preferably in a home with a fenced yard and where someone is home most of the day. Unfortunately, my two year old daughter has eczema and it is not getting better. She is highly allergic to dogs and cats. We have no other option, but to find a new home for Max & Molly.
  • Please contact Sarah at:
  • Posted 6/24


  •  I am interviewing mature, retired or semi-retired individuals/couples to find a new loving home for my Yorkie, Daizee.  She is approximately 6 years old, spayed and sweeter than sweet. Daizee needs a home where her parents are home most of the time to spend quality time with her.  A home with no children, but small dogs would be great so she could have a canine friend to play with.  We have other small dogs and she tends to be the boss.  She does like to vocalize, so if you don’t like a vocal doggy, then please don’t respond. Daizee is house trained, but if left alone for too long, accidents have happened.  She needs a fenced yard and is used to doggy doors.  We lived on 3 acres, so I never collar and leashed trained her, but with a little love and patience, I’m sure she would learn quickly. She weighs 6-7 pounds. I am going to be traveling a lot for work and am sad to find her a new home, but I love her so much, I want her to be with a companion to spend time quality time with and someone who doesn’t mind a little dog in the bed sleeping with them. Please, only serious inquires and mature adults who are home most of the time and who are willing to take her with them if away from home.
    Interviewing, so I can take a little time to find her the best home.  She is free to the best home I can find. I live in the Ponte Vedra Beach area.
  • Please contact Wanda at:
  • Posted 6/24

  • Frederick is a Cocker Spaniel mix. He is 4-5 years old and weighs about 33 pounds. He’s a loving dog that loves to go outside and really loves attention. I hope he has a better home that I couldn’t provide to him due to losing my job and taking classes, all in the meanwhile. He is neutered.
  • Please contact Jon-Michael at: 904-521-2985
  • Posted 6/24


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