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    The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes.

We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community.

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Lilly 1Lilly 2Lilly 3

  • Lilly is a playful, loving, housebroken, mix. She’s 3 years old, weighs 55 lbs, is fixed, and loves children. Her favorite game is chasing after balls.
  • Please contact Brandon Robbins at 904-382-4102
  • Posted 1/22


Bailey 17

  • Bailey is a lab mix that is approximately 60lbs. This boy is a HIGH ENERGY conpanion! He loves to go on walks and car rides. He loves to play with toys, particularly frisbees or anything squeaky. He gets along with dogs and cats, but would be best as an only dog because he gets very jealous and does not like to share his toys with other animals. He’s totally fine with people taking his things, but I’ve never pushed the issue with other animals. He does have food alergies, I can tell you about them if you like, but it’s simple enough to maintain. This is your next hiking buddy, he really is a fun dog to be around. He is nuetered.
  • Please contact Savannah Loertscher via Email or text (904)-477-9383
  • Posted 1/22


Chloe 17 1Chloe 17 2Chloe 17 3Chloe 17 4

  • My pets name is Chloé, she is a terrier mix. She probably has some pit in her. She is 2 years old and 40lbs. Chloé is a happy, energetic, lovable dog. She loves to go on walks and play chase. She also can be a lazy couch potato at times. Chloé lives with a cat, they chase each other but still get along.
  • My name is Mallory, you can reach me at 561-506-6997 or
  • Posted 1/22

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

  • She is 3 years old as of December. Her breed is Daschund mix. Current on her rabies and she is spayed. Harley is a super sweet loving girl. She’s shy at first (she tends to bark) but once she warms up to you she becomes your best friend. She would be best without other dogs around, she’s okay with cats that don’t mind dogs. She also prefers older kids to play with. She’s full of energy and spunk. She enjoys cuddles on the couch and head scratches. She is house broken and crate trained. She sits patiently and waits for her food bowl like a good girl. She will come with her crate and food bowl as well as what records I have of her shots.
  • Please email Ashley Daigle at for any inquiries
  • Posted 1/22

Moana and Maui

Moana and Maui

  • I have 2 cats which were left behind by their owners in the complex where I reside. I have been taking care of them & both have been neutered & spayed, received shots, de-wormed & receive a monthly dose of flea preventives. I initially had their ears tipped because they were going to be a part of the community cat colony that a few of us continuously feed on a daily basis. But these two…such love bugs & absolutely love human attention & snuggles. Currently they are both indoor & outdoor cats but do want to sleep indoors at night. Moana “Mo” – Female – DSH Black – 2yrs – mother. Maui – Male – DSH Black – 1 yr. – son. Mo is calm & laid back – she finds a spot to sleep & that is where you will find her every time. She usually follows Maui around as if to keep an eye on him. LOL. Maui is a little “Romeo”. He likes to look in your eyes & nose kiss. He pretty much will lie on you any which way he falls, whether it be upside down, sideways…Very playful & independent, but always looks for his mother when it’s feeding & sleepy time. I prefer to keep them together as that is how I found them, always together.
  • Please contact at Rhonda Shelton
  • Posted 1/25


Aphelia 1Aphelia 2Aphellia 3

  • “Phi Phi” is almost 4 years old. She is spayed and Utd on all shots. 70lbs, super sweet, and smart! I rescued her from a breeder. She is very social with excellent manners. Loves everyone except cats ;). Great with kids, other dogs, and is very deserving of a forever family with a fenced yard. Loves water, car rides, fetching, and fun! Loyal to a fault and only wants to please. Almost the perfect family member; if she could just vacuum! Not needy, entertains herself well, and very happy. My cottage is small & this disabled senior cannot keep her, yet couldn’t leave her behind. Bought crate, food, bowls, toys, and harness. She was a hit at Tractor Supply so you can take her out as she is a show stopper!
  • Kimberly and Aphelia 904 584 0723,  Best contact is phone/text
  • Posted 1/26


Pumpkin 1Pumpkin 2

  • This calico is a super sweet female cat. I’ve has her since she was born and have to rehome due to child allergies. I am looking for someone to love and care for my sweet baby. Pumpkin is spayed.
  • Please contact Mary Roberson at 904 486 6540
  • Posted 1/26


Princess 17

  • This is Princess and she is looking for her forever home! She is very sweet and so pretty! Princess is about 2-3 years old. She is spayed and up to date on shots, also treated w/ revelation for flea control . Her ear is tipped, from the city. She likes to be an indoor and outdoor kitty.
  • My name is Jayne , I can be reached at 904 403-1613, or
  • Posted 1/26


Smokey 17

  • This is Smokey and he needs a new home. He is an neutered older gentleman. He loves to be rubbed and sit on or around your lap. He prefers to be indoors. He tolerates other cats but would do best he if is the only pet as he is a big kitty and can be bossy with other cats. He LOVES ATTENTION! Please help us find this big boy a new home!
  • You can contact Jo Hayes at: 904.358.2122, Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or at
  • Posted 1/26



  • Mila is a 8 month old blue-nosed pitbull. She is 50 lbs. and is full of energy, enjoys morning/afternoon jogs, and loves to cuddle at night. Knows how to sit, lay down, speak, nod head, and shake paws. She prefers to play tug of war with her chew toys. She loves to greet people with licks and is good around children. She is spayed and up to date on all her shots.
  • Please contact May Marquez at:
  • Posted 1/27


Django1 Django2

  • Django is a 5 yr. old, well-trained, energetic, 68 lb., neutered, AmStaff mix (50% American Staffordshire Terrier, 25% Great Dane, 25% Miniature Bull Terrier) who was a former Master level Dock Dogs competitor. Sadly, we are trying to find him a new home, preferably with a Dock Diving family. Django’s best jump has been 22’11”, but averaging around 20′.  He is OBSESSED with the water and spends most of his days swimming in our pool. He is very affectionate, friendly, and he definitely wants to be touching you at ALL times. He is crate trained and knows numerous commands. He is ok with other dogs. We have another male dog  and they are best buddies. He has always gone to doggy day care and not had any problems with other dogs, including very dominant dogs. he is not ok with cats. Django needs a home without young children. He is ok with children over 12, but is too high energy with younger children.
  • Please contact at:
  • Posted 1/27

  • Pal is an 8 yr. old French poodle. He has been fixed and he is paper broken. Pal is very spry, smart, affectionate, and loves toast!
  • Please contact Charlotte Garland at:
  • Posted 1/27



  • My name is Freddy and I have spent most of my life living at a veterinary hospital.  They love me there, but know I really need someone to call my own.  I am a lab mix, about 45 lbs and I am 1 1/2 years old.  I am house-broken, crate-trained ,neutered, vaccinated, and walk great on a leash.  I will look right into your eyes for reassurance that I am loved.  I have a lot of energy, but quickly calm down to cuddle.  I love to chase after balls you throw for me!
  • Please contact my friend Kathy at: to meet me any day, but Sunday!
  • Posted 1/31

  • She’s been my foster since August.  She had some issues with anxiety, but she is doing much better now that she’s in a stable environment and has been able to have regular training and human interaction.
  • Maple is a sweet little girl. She is 3.5 year old, mixed breed, up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed, and is 26 lbs.  She loves other dogs and does well with older children.  She hasn’t been introduced to cats in a controlled setting, but she has seen them on walks and is non-reactive.  She loves to play, but she is happy to relax on the couch with you, also.  She listens and is very good at basic commands.  She is a pleaser and a lover.
  • Please contact Katie at: 904-591-5562
  • Posted 1/31



  • Atticus is approximately 6 years old and is a beautiful Maine Coon mix. He is neutered. I adopted him 4 years ago.  He loves to cuddle, give kisses, and play with his catnip fish.   He loves everyone and has never met a stranger.  House guests are his favorite and he will let anyone pet him.  He has a cute little meow for such a big cat!  I’ve never been able to make him mad, even when I smother him with a million kisses.
  • He would do best in a one cat home or an apartment, where he has no access to the outside. We moved from a condo to a house and he did great in the condo. Any owners would be so lucky to have him.
  • Please contact Amanda Taylor at:
  • Posted 2/1



  • Turbo is a 4 year old, 75 lb blue-nosed pitbull that I adopted at 8 weeks old. He is highly energetic, friendly, playful, sweet, and loves to be around people. He is an only dog, but will do well with other big dogs who don’t mind rambunctious play. He loves car rides, playing tug, but not much of a fetcher. He is patient with small children, but should not be left unattended due to his high energy. He is crate-trained, baby gate-trained, housebroken, neutered, micro-chipped and up-to-date on all shots, heart-worm, and flea/tick prevention. His current vet is Cornerstone Animal Hospital. He will do well with a stern owner and is a sucker for treats. He is an indoor dog, but needs a yard to run off his excess energy daily. He doesn’t bark unless playing, but will whine for attention. He will come with records, food bowl, month supply of food, 8 month supply of Heartgard, and 1 dose of Bravecto (lasts 12 weeks, not needed until April).
  • Please contact Alyson at: 407-536-6294 or
  • Posted 2/1

  • Miss Sheba is a chatty cathy & loves to purr and meow if petted or picked up. She is 4.5 years old. She is a diva cat, best fit for a female owner with 1 other cat or no other cats/dogs. She loves her chin scratched and loves to look out the window every day. Beautiful calico-esque markings mixed with tabby stripes with bright green eyes. (:
  • Please contact Emily Cages at: 904-881-9235 or
  • Posted 2/1



  • Ginger is an 8 year old, amazing, laid back girl. She is spayed and treated with Revolution. She is great with other cats and children. She just wants a lap to lie on. She is also a great mouser!
  • Please contact Sandi at:
  • Posted 2/2



  • I have a very sweet, female pitbull who is also home-trained and very lovable and she is spayed. My children and I have very busy schedules and are unable to give her the attention she needs. It is with great sadness that we have to find her a new home. I can be reached by cellphone anytime.
  • Please contact Valerie Wilson at: 904-535-9605 or
  • Posted 2/2



  • Tucker is a great cat, loves to snuggle, play, and eat. He’s very healthy; has always been on flea and heart worm prevention, up to date on shots and vaccines. His only “special need” is urinary tract food (he is currently on the Purina Pro Plan brand). It breaks my heart that I can’t keep him and I want to find him a loving home. If you or anyone you know is interested, please give me a call!
  • Please contact Sarah Kirchner at: 407-221-1795
  • Posted 2/2



  • I am trying to re-home my 10 year old Tabby cat named Rexx. Rexx is an indoor cat who is up to date on shots and neutered. Rexx enjoys peace and quiet, lizard watching and the sun! He would do best with no children and no other pets. He is also a great traveler which is an added perk! Please contact me with questions or if you, or someone you know, would enjoy Rexx’s company. I will also supply his food.
  • Please contact Jennifer at:
  • Posted 2/3



  • My pet’s name is Mystic. She is a pit mix who is approximately a year old and weighs about 60 lbs, is chipped and has been spayed. She was a foster fail from Animal Care and Protective Services who, when she came to us, was a mere 20 lbs and nothing, but skin and bones. We fell in love with her and decided to give her a chance. She is super sweet, absolutely loves people and children, however, she does need to be an only fur baby. I currently have 3 cats and another dog and therefore, she spends most of her time in her kennel and my other dog has to stay locked in a room. It breaks my heart to have to rehome her, but she deserves to be with a loving family instead of a loving family who has to keep her in a kennel.
  • Please contact Brenda Mittias at:
  • Posted 2/7



  • Chad is a neutered male, dark-striped tabby, with white feet. He is an affectionate kitty who is both indoor and outdoor, but likes the indoors the best. He is not fond of other dogs, but he will tolerate another cat in the house. He is social and will approach people. He does not like to be teased with; however, he used to be a stray before I rescued him, so he might have had some bad experiences. I am looking for a good home for Chad as I am moving soon and sadly, cannot take Chad with me.  Please help me find him a good home!
  • Please contact Jackie Fenner at: 904-716-7451
  • Posted 2/8



  • Murphy is a 5 yr. old, 78 lb, energetic and loving chocolate Lab/Aussie mix. Murphy is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. He has been a part of our family for the last 5 years. He loves his brother (also a lab) very much and plays well with him. We are a military family who have moved a number of times. We feel it it best for our family if we place Murphy in a loving home with a yard for room to run and play ball. He loves playing fetch, brings it right back on demand! He also loves swimming and retrieving in the water. We would love for him to find a good, loving home. He would do best in a home with no small children or other alpha dog personalities. Murphy is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. 
  • Please contact Lindsay at:
  • Posted 2/8



  • Abby is a beautiful tabby/abyssinian mix female cat.  She is 11 years old, spayed, and is fully declawed.  She comes off as shy initially, but is very sweet and cuddly once she gets to know you.
  • Please contact Kyle at:
  • Posted 2/11



  • Zane is 6 years old and neutered. He weighs around 40 lbs. He is house-trained and friendly, even with small children. He loves car rides and playing fetch. He is calm and likes to sleep alot. He doesn’t jump up on you. He knows how to sit, lay down and he comes when he is called. He is a very good dog.
  • Please contact Marie Rodriguez at: 904-651-4572
  • Posted 2/11

Fin & Sin

Fin and Sin1Fin and Sin2Fin and Sin3

  • I am looking for a good home for my twin cats, Fin and Sin. I can no longer keep them due to allergies. I rescued them from the street when they were kittens and they were abandoned in my neighborhood. I need to find a home ASAP. They are 2 years old they both are fixed and love others pets. They also love water! I know, strange!
  • Please contact Tracy at:
  • Posted 2/14



  • We need to rehome our 3 yr. old female Bassett/Boxer mix.  She is spayed.  Lulu is very loving and loves a lot of attention and to cuddle.  She is housebroken and up to date on all of her shots.  She is short like a bassett and even has one front “bassett” foot.  She is about 40 lbs.
  • Please contact Greg at:
  • Posted on 2/14



  • Forrest is a 3 1/2 yr. old, neutered hound mix who is sweet, housetrained, and good with other dogs. He is up to date on all shots and on monthly heart worm preventive for just over 50lbs.  Forrest was found in December at a remote camping area outside of Jacksonville. At that time he was skin and bones and appeared to have been on his own for awhile.  He is chipped but the contact information led me nowhere so I have been caring for him since then. He loves his daily walks and he is smart and eager to please.
  • Please contact Julie at: 302-276-4492
  • Posted on 2/14



  • Marlo is 2-8 year old spayed retriever/chow mix. Marlo is extremely shy, but has become slightly less since being in our home since October. We brought her in as a foster and later adopted her. Unfortunately, we have learned that she cannot be in a home with any other animals. She needs to go to a home where she can be an only dog.
  • Please contact Carol at:
  • Posted 2/14



  • I need to find a loving home for my 4 yr. old tuxedo cat, Pharaoh. He is very sweet, but unfortunately my allergies do not agree with him anymore. He is very loving and chatty and gets along with other dogs. He loves to play.
  • Please contact Tiffany at: 904-343-7677
  • Posted 2/14

Shadow & Grey


  • Shadow and Grey are 1 year old brothers who have been together since birth, and we would love it if they could find a home where they could continue to be together, but I think they would adapt to living independently of each other if being together is not an option. They have both been neutered and microchipped and are all up to date on their vaccinations. They are very healthy boys and two of the sweetest little guys you will ever find. Grey is shy at first, but once he warms up to you he is incredibly loving and cuddly. He will follow you around chirping at you to let you know that he wants to be petted. He is the bigger guy of the two and doesn’t like to jump, but if you bring out his favorite toy, he will run and do all kinds of acrobatics to catch it.  Shadow is the smaller of the two and the more precocious.  He is incredibly curious and loves to play with new and old friends alike. Shadow is also very affectionate and when you get ready to go to bed at night, he will follow you and nuzzle into the crease between your arm and body to fall asleep with you. These two guys are incredibly special and need a loving family to take them home.
  • Please contact Kristen at: or 251-404-9379
  • Posted on 2/14



  • Zeus is a 2 yr. old, 75 lb. Louisiana Catahoula. He is neutered, microchipped, and has had all necessary vaccinations. Cats are a NO GO, which is why we unfortunately can’t keep him long term. He is super loveable and enjoys interaction with us, as well as strangers. He seems well socialized with adults and children will depend on age. He seems to be completely fine with other small dogs for. That being said a household with another dog would take some getting adjusted to. He hasn’t had one issue using the bathroom inside. He isn’t completely crate trained but we’re working on that currently. We use a gentle lead which has helped a lot on walks. Probably always going to be better as a dog to take for a jog/run rather than a walk. He’s getting good exercise and needs that more than most dog breeds. A family with a fenced yard will be ideal. He is a bit toy aggressive, but not always. He definitely needs a bone/chew to keep him stimulated during down time but hasn’t chewed up or torn up anything, but dog toys.
  • Please contact Luke Lovett at: 678-549-9183
  • Posted 2/14



  • Bella is a 3 1/2 year old mix breed. She is spayed and weighs around 40 to 45 lbs. She is the perfect dog for a single, determined and athletic person. She prefers to be the only dog in the house and neighborhood. She does have post-traumatic stress disorder because she hates thunder. She is a super sweet girl with a lot of energy. She is an amazing and funny companion.
  • Please contact Mikiala at: 904-802-3402 or
  • Posted 2/14



  • Diva is a 6 year old, beautiful, long hair domestic female cat.  She is spayed and front paws declawed.  She is shy initially, but once comfortable she is very sweet. She loves to cuddle, play in boxes and wrestle with your hand when she is feeling playful.  She is an indoor cat. I will supply food and toys.
  • Please contact Becky at:
  • Posted 2/14



  • Rory is the sweetest little lap cat, but is not compatible with my dog and small apartment. She needs a one pet home that can give her the love and attention she needs. If you sit down near her, she will be in your lap purring before you can blink. She’ll also cuddle up on your chest when you’re going to sleep at night. She’s definitely learned a few things from my dog! She likes to give your hand little licks while you rub her, and has been known to beg for a treat! Originally a stray herself, I’ve had her since she was 6-months-old. Now at a year-and-a-half old, she is declawed, spayed, and been under a pet plan with a local vet so up-to-date on all shots. She’s a great cat, but needs a better environment than I can provide.
  • Please contact Elliot at: 941-661-3955
  • Posted 2/16


Louie1 Louie2

  • My name is Louie and I am (obviously) a beautiful Ragdoll with gorgeous blue eyes! I’m 6 years old and I’m living with another cat, but I wish I wasn’t! LOL! I want all your attention so I can sit on your lap and love you!
  • I know how to sit and shake hands – I’m very smart!
  • I am neutered, so no bad behavior on that part!
  • I would really like to meet you! Just call my dad at 904-733-1005 and ask for Mike!
  • Posted 2/16

Blue & Rocky


  • Blue is a 1 year old black mouth cur. She is a 25 lb, very mild-tempered and lovable female
    Rocky is a 9 month old rat terrier mix. He is a 20 lb,  tough guy attitude, loves attention and has lots of energy male. Both are spayed/neutered.
  • Please contact Paul or Kandy Ford at:
  • Posted 2/17

Rio, Grady & Gypsy


  • Rio, Grady and Gyspy are looking for their forever homes.They have been around other cats, but not dogs. The long-haired black and white cat is Rio. He is 10 years old, neutered and front declawed. Grady is 4 years old, gray and white, neutered and front declawed. Gypsy is the baby at 2. She is fixed and has her claws. They will come with food, litter, boxes, bowls and toys. Rio is a social butterfly who likes to talk and lounge in front of a window watching the world go by. Grady is shy, but loves to love when he warms up. Gypsy is the clown. She loves to play, loves pets and gives love bites.They do not have to be rehomed together.
  • Please contact Julie at: (please put cat’s name in subject line)
  • Posted 2/18



  • “CARA” has not found her family. Cara is great with my Rotties and our kitty, Colby. She is an “easy keeper”, house broken as far as I can tell and willingly stays in a crate. She is older, probably about 7 years old. She is around 5o lbs….PLEASE HELP ME FIND HER A FURR-EVER HOME….my hubby is disabled and preparing for some surgery and I’m having a difficult time caring for him and all 3 dogs….clean-up from the tornado…no backyard fence….on and on…PLEASE HELP!!!
  • Please contact Lisa at: 904-200-7766
  • Posted 2/18



  • Bailey is a 4 year old , 50 lb. border collie. Bailey is a very well behaved dog. She is very loving and gentle, and mostly lays around the house all day. Bailey will still get up and play and is great at fetch. She has lived with other dogs (large and small), cats, children and babies. It breaks my heart to leave her, but I am moving out of the state for a job and she would not get the attention she deserves. She is spayed and up to date on shots.
  • Please contact Austin at: 904-480-1371
  • Posted 2/17



  • Sugar is a 2 year old American Bulldog mix He is neutered and weighs about 55lbs. Sugar is a sweet energetic boy. He’s very toy motivated and loves to please. Suge has gone through extensive long term training and is very well behaved as well as crate and house-trained. He’s a cuddler who has lived with cats and dogs and would probably do well if introduced slowly and properly. He would do best in a home with no small children.
  • Please contact Ali at:
  • Posted 2/21


Coco1 Coco2 Coco3 Coco4

  • Coco is a 2 year old, female cat. She is up to date on her shots and she is fixed. She is an indoor cat at the time being, but I feel like she could learn to be indoor/outdoor. She is so smart. She plays fetch using hairties. She will go get them and bring them back to you to throw again. She is really playful and very sweet. She is good around kids, I have 2. I am not sure about other dogs or other cats because she is our only animal. She comes with some food, some litter, toys, hairties, a cat tower, litterbox, food and water bowls. Please someone just take her in and love her!
  • Please contact Brittany at: 904-520-2413
  • Posted 2/21



  • Jujube is a 1 year old Black Mouth Cur. She is about 45 lbs. and she is spayed. Jujube is very energetic and will need plenty of room to run around and explore.  She is playful with her owners and loves attention.  She is housebroken, crate-trained for sleep or alone time (which isn’t much since my wife works from home), and will bark if someone approaches the house.  She will be an even better dog once she is socialized and has more contact with other dogs and/or people.  She is waiting for her forever home with a family that will love her as much as she is going to love them!
  • Please contact Harold at: 904-557-8180
  • Posted 2/21



  • We are looking to rehome our 8 year old male cat, Sam. He is a very sweet boy and loves attention. He will talk and lay on you if petted. He is good with children of any age and dogs (although he will probably stay away). He is up to date on his rabies shot and is neutered and front declawed. We simply cannot give him the attention he deserves and would love to give him a great home!
  • Please contact Amanda at: 919-601-6361
  • Posted 2/21

Marley & Zek


  • Marley and Zek are well-trained pitbull mixes and they each weigh around 55 lbs. They are full of energy and crate-trained. They were just recently spayed and neutered. Marley is about 4 years old and is great with kids. She knows how to sit and lay down. Zek would be best in a home without kids. He knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, finish, high-five, and paw.
  • Please contact Kari at:
  • Posted 2/21


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