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                                 The pets listed here are not animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society, but they are pets looking for new forever homes.

We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community.

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  • Jada is 2 1/2 years old. She is very sweet and purrs all the time. She loves to show affection and be pet and loved. She is spayed, also microchipped, with all shots and rabies vaccine.
  • Please contact Heather at: 904-226-2469 (text)
  • Posted 10/16


  • Joy is 5 years old and she is spayed. She is heartworm positive but she is also very energetic. She is friendly and gets along with other dogs and puppies.
  • Please contact Tianna at: 904-412-4699
  • Posted 10/19


  • Ginger is a very sweet, easy-going, and smiley 8 year old, 45 pound pup. Ginger would prefer a child-free home or a home with older children. She loves going on walks, lounging under the bed, chasing balls in the backyards and being pet by her family. She is house-trained, knows basic commands, and is spayed. She is on flea medicine and has no health issues. If you have no kids or older kids and you are interested in adopting Ginger, please contact me with your name, ages of kids (if any), and let us know why you think Ginger would be a good fit for your family. Thank you!
  • Please contact Lesley at:
  • Posted 10/19


  • Barkley is a sweet gentle puppy.  He is neutered, up-to-date on shots, flea and heart worm free! He still has some puppy, but he sits, lays down. He is eager to learn and LOVES to cuddle up! He likes his chew toys and is crate trained. He is house trained and absolutely loves playing with my 11 year old. He is gentle and doesn’t nip. He would love to have a child to play with and gets along great with dogs and loves to play! He loves to go the dog park and long walks.
  • Please contact Marisol at: or 352-410-2734
  • Posted 10/22


  • Colby is a 4 year old neutered healthy male. He is up to date with all immunizations and heartworm medication. Colby is loving and playful and would be a wonderful addition to a home as the only pet. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle and sit on your lap (all 50 pounds!)
  • Please contact Nan at:
  • Posted 10/24

Sheldon, Bubba and Elsa

  • Sheldon (neutered orange tabby) is 2 years old. He is loving, talkative, playful and wants some (all) of your attention. He is litter box trained and extremely low maintenance. He will never cease to amaze you. Bubba (neutered black and white male) is 3 years old. He is a talkative, playful boy who loves to be the center of attention. He only eats well food and would prefer to be an only cat. He gets along with dogs. Litter box trained. Elsa (brownish-grey spayed female) loves to snuggle. She is 4 years old and loves to be pet and get a good belly rub! She does well with other cats but would prefer not to live with dogs. Litter box trained.
  • Please contact Kathryn at: 912-227-0524 or
  • Posted 10/24


  • Pita is a 3 year old that weighs approximately 45 pounds. Pita is a very sweet, energetic, intelligent, playful and loving dog that loves attention. I adopted her from another family who originally got her from the Humane Society 2 years ago. Pita likes to play fetch and be around people and go on car rides. She is good with other dogs and people once she warms up to them. Pita has been spayed and is potty trained and is up to date on her vaccinations. Pita went to boarding school training for a couple weeks and knows the commands sit, stay, come, down, and shake. Pita would be a great companion for someone who spends more time at home and can give her the attention she needs.
  • Please contact Turin at:
  • Posted 10/24


  • Finn is a 2 year old neutered male. He is a sweetheart that loves to play and has a very warm personality.  We often play pillow-fort tag together on the couch, where he hides in the cushions to “ambush” us and then it is our turn to “ambush” him.  He often meets us at the door when we come home or wake up in the morning and loves to snuggle on a blanket with his person at night. Finn would love to be an only cat although he may be okay with other cats. Finn is current with all of his shots, FIV negative, neutered, and has been microchipped.  The adoption fee is $25 and I would need to do a home visit before the adoption was final.  Finn will have his food, litter, favorite toys, and a new cat condo.
  • Please contact Jamie at: or 904-997-6246
  • Posted 10/24

Mr. Miyagi

  • Mr. Miyagi is five years old. He is a sweet and cuddly cat and loves to lay on the couch in your lap while relaxing and watching Game of Thrones. He loves to have long conversations! He is perfect for an owner with no dogs or children. He is neutered and up to date on all shots.
  • Please contact Alana at: or 904-735-1685
  • Posted 10/28


  • Liam is around 2 years old. He loves to play and is a great dog. He knows basic commands and is housebroken. He is not food aggressive. He would prefer not to live with small dogs, other male dogs or cats. He is kennel trained and gets along with female dogs. He is great with children. He loves to cuddle and sleep in bed with you and all around will completely melt your heart.
  • Please contact Grace at:
  • Posted 10/29


  • Frank is 8 months old and 40 pounds. He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Frank loves to play and cuddle. He is very protective and very smart.
  • Please contact Calvin at: 917-342-5175
  • Posted 10/31

Mr. Manx and Stripes

  • Both kittens are 5 months old. Bold Mr. Manx is a silver-colored male (tailless with a “stump about 1 inch). Golden Girl Stripes is a gold and black stripped female shorthair. Both are spayed, neutered, up to date on shots, and microchipped. They are healthy, sweet, and true bundles of joy. They are affectionate, playful and not destructive or aggressive. They would prefer to go to the same home.
  • Please contact Steve at: 904-309-3860
  • Posted 10/31


  • Campbell is a house-broken 8-9 year old 55 pound neutered male. Campbell has a super sweet personality, he loves walks, playing with other dogs, sunning on the porch, and can never get enough belly rubs. Campbell is working towards a healthier weight and is becoming more active so a home with another dog would be ideal. He would prefer not to live with cats. Campbell is not food aggressive.
  • Please contact Duane at: or 904-534-8447 (text)
  • Posted 10/31


  • Mystic is approximately 1.5 years old and weighs about 60 pounds. She is chipped, spayed and up to date on shots. She is super sweet, loves people (including children) but would prefer to be an only pet. She loves to play and run around a yard and she’s a snuggler. I will be charging a rehoming fee of $100.  If someone who is not local is interested in her, I will waive the rehoming fee if they are willing to pay for her transportation.  (I’m trying to make sure intentions are good).
  • Please contact Brenda at:
  • Posted 11/2

Marilyn Monroe

  • Marilyn is a spayed 4 year old female cat. She is the sweetest little kitty in the world but she prefers not to have her belly touched! She loves being outside and laying in the sun. She does an adorable thing where she will meow at you until you follow her to her food and she likes having her butt scratched while she eats. She loves tuna!
  • Please contact Julya at: 256-682-5579
  • Posted 11/8


  • Flex is a 2 year old neutered male. He is up to date on vaccinations and weighs 55 pounds. He has a ton of energy. He would love to be an only pet in a house with a lot of land to roam. He is energetic, needs attention and play time. He loves to be held, play fetch and cuddle. He can sit, stay, lay down, shake. If you put a blanket down and tell him to “place” he will lay down and stay.
  • Please contact Jessica at:
  • Posted 11/8


  • Chopper is 2 1/2 years old and 22 pounds. He is neutered. He is a very lovable dog and gets along well with other dogs. He has not had experience around cats. He loves to be outside and bask in the sun but then loves to come right back when he has had enough and is ready to cuddle. He is great with kids and is kennel trained.
  • Please contact Jennifer at:
  • Posted 11/8


  • Winston is 3 years old, 70 pounds, neutered and up to date on vaccinations. He is a playful, sweet, loveable dog. He loves to play ball and run around the back yard!
  • Please contact Erin at: 904-330-6370
  • Posted 11/8

Max and Boo

  • I’m looking for a home for my two male cats named Max and Boo Radley. They are both neutered, black and white,  they are brothers. They are wonderful with children and all adults. All they want to do is snuggle. They are house pets (never really been outdoors). I’ve trained them to be good with nail clippings,  to never bite,  and they are comfortable on a leash.  They get along with other cats,  mostly females.
  • Please contact Delanie at: 904-881-1361
  • Posted 11/8

Molly and Gideon

  • Molly (light brown with dark stripping) is just over 1 year old and is spayed. Very sweet girl and is probably the softest cat you’ll ever touch. Vets say she will be petite forever. Prefers to not be picked up but will come to you to cuddle, especially at bedtime. Loves playing. Paper balls and laser beams are her personal favorite. She makes the most adorable chirping noise when she is excited, but otherwise very quite. Loves her naps. Gideon, is around the same age and is neutered. The most lovable little guy you’ll ever meet. Tall and lanky with plenty of soft fur. He loves everyone, especially cuddles. He is definitely a lap kitty. He is vocal when hungry and excited. He cannot get enough of a good windowsill nap with the sun coming in. Both are litter trained, and up to date on shots.
  • Please contact Heather at:
  • Posted 11/11


  • Abby is 2 and half years old abd well mannered. She is spray. House trained and regular sit, stay, lay, roll over, stand, speak, and shake commands. All paperwork up to date. She is great with other animals and cats.
  • Please contact John at: or 918-636-9658
  • Posted 11/11


  • Gimble is 10 years old, 30 pounds. He is neutered. He is a gentle dog and loves snuggle time indoors and play time outdoors. He does great with other dogs but would prefer not to be around cats. He loves stuffed animals.
  • Please contact Brittany at:
  • Posted 11/11

Barry and Cisco

  • Barry (the darker one) and Cisco are very sweet cats that love to play. They are indoor cats that are litter box trained. They cuddle with each other and with whomever is home. They are both up to date on their vaccines, neutered, on flea medication and have their Duval tags.
  • Please contact Allyson at: 904-631-7145
  • Posted 11/11

Jimmy Fallon

  • Jimmy is a 2 to 3 year old neutered male. He is heartworm negative, current on rabies, and other shots.  He is lovely and gentle and perfect; good with other dogs (after being properly introduced) and lives here with three others.  He is great with grandchildren.  He is learning after neuter to not mark objects inside, but has never had a stool inside.   Does not much like cats or the crate, but needs it at night.  Jogs on an expandable leash with me 2 miles and loves it!  We will ask reimbursement for his vet care, and would love to speak with you to answer questions.
  • Please contact Linda at: 904-894-4219
  • Posted 11/12


  • Zoey is 1 year old with all of her shots and she is spayed. She was raised in the house with my 3 daughters and another companion (male dog) so she’s very good with other dogs and kids. She’s still young so she has a lot of energy and a lot of love to give and take. She likes to run around and play. She’s young and doesn’t have any bad habits which is good for anyone wanting to teach her new things.
  • Please contact Latonya at: 904-576-7898
  • Posted 11/15


  • Tiara is 10 years old, 43 pounds spayed and microchipped. She is a very calm and gentle dog. Good with kids and other dogs and cats.
  • Please contact Deborah at: 904-322-4111
  • Posted 11/15


  • Fergus is very sweet and playful.  One of his favorite games is “fetch.”  He would prefer a home without children.  We have worked with our vet to try to get him happy again, but nothing has worked.  He wants to be away from children.  He only comes out to play when they are in bed or out of the house. We want him to be happy so we are offering him to a loving home without kids.  He has only been an indoor cat and still has his claws.  Fergus comes with a carrier, litter box, and toys.
  • Please contact Gage at:
  • Posted 11/21


  • Bayou is a 3.5 year old neutered male that we have had for over 3 years after rescuing him as a puppy. He is up to date with vaccinations and weighs around 50 pounds. This pup is energetic, playful, fast, an escape-artist, and a massive shedder. We love him deeply but unfortunately he also has behaviors that we cannot manage with a busy household. Bayou can be possessive over items such as food or toys. Therefor he would do best in a home that does not have children and is willing to work with a trainer to manage this behavior. We are happy to answer any questions you have! Thank you!
  • Please contact Angela at: or text at 305-298-0846
  • Posted 11/21

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