Pawsitive Reading

Pawsitive Reading will be back and better than ever after the grand opening of our new building in November! Additionally, we plan to offer new and expanded humane education programs for youth. If you would like to be among the first to receive updates on Pawsitive Reading and our other youth programs, please click here to sign up for our education email list.

Pawsitive Reading is designed to provide enrichment for kids, dogs, and cats. This program is for children in grades 3-8 to visit the shelter to read to our shelter animals.

Children may read to either dogs or cats, and should bring suitable fiction or non-fiction reading materials including school books. Parents MUST attend and stay with their child throughout the reading session.

How the Pawsitive Reading Program helps the animals:

This kind of interaction with the animals is the highlight of the animals’ day. It makes their confidence levels sky rocket and helps them be more comfortable around people. This will eventually help them in their new homes or around potential adopters! These kinds of interactions also lower the stress levels of the animals, which helps them feel more comfortable in the shelter.

How the Pawsitive Reading Program helps youth readers:

This program also benefits the children involved, as it allows them to practice their reading while in a safe and fun environment. This helps to make the children feel like their homework isn’t really homework! It gives them more practice, so that they can gain confidence in their ability to read aloud. The readers also will benefit from the incredible feeling of helping and spending time with an animal in need.

If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Layendecker at 904-493-4560, or