Group Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Jacksonville Humane Society. We are currently offering group dog walking volunteer opportunities on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 8-11am and on Sunday afternoons from 10am-1pm. These opportunities require all volunteers to be at least 18 years of age or older, and require all volunteers to be able to volunteer independently, exercise sound judgment, stand, walk, bend, and crouch unassisted. Volunteers should also be able to manipulate 50-60 lbs.

Groups must have at least 4 volunteers. The maximum number of volunteers we can accommodate is 12. The larger the group the more down-time there will be while waiting for staff to assist with getting dogs out of the kennel for each member.

If you have questions about the essential capabilities for these activities, please ask before signing up.

If you would like to book a volunteering session for your group, please email the volunteer office at

Upcoming available dates for dog walking groups:

Sunday, July 1st

Monday, July 2nd

Tuesday, July 3rd

Thursday, July 5th

Monday, July 9th

Wednesday, July 11th

Sunday, July 15th

Monday, July 16th

Tuesday, July 17th

Wednesday, July 18th

Thursday, July 19th

Monday, July 23rd

Tuesday, July 24th

Thursday, July 26th

Sunday, July 29th

Monday, July 30th

Tuesday, July 31st