JHS Spay and Neuter Programs

The JHS Community Animal Hospital has low cost dog and cat spay / neuter surgery available to all of our clients.  The minimum age for surgery is 8 weeks and includes:  pre-surgery exam, surgery, pain medication injection and biohazard waste fee.  Dogs will be sent home with 3 days of pain medication and cats will receive a pain med injection.  For details on the prices for our surgery Click Here.


Fix 32216 Project

JHS has been awarded a grant from PetSmart Charities® for a high impact grant focused on spay / neuter of owned cats and dogs whose owners reside in zip code 32216. 

Qualifying criteria:

  • Resident of zip code 32216 - proof of residence (drivers license or utility bill) required when pet brought in for surgery. 
  • Owned cats are defined as non-feral cats that an individual cares for and includes porch and neighborhood kitties.

Spay / Neuter package includes surgery and pain medication, and if required, rabies vaccine, city tag and microchipping (including registration) at no charge.    

Call the JHS Community Animal Hospital at 904.402.8787 to make an appointment today!


Thank you to PetSmart Charities® for funding our Fix 32216 program. You can read more about PetSmart Charities here.




Questions?  Check out our FAQ page.

Click here for a Fix 32216 Flyer