JHS Spay and Neuter Programs - Frequently Asked Questions

Fix 32216

Why is the free spay/neuter package available only for this ZIP code?   The PetSmart Charities® grant requires a zip code targeted approach to spay/neuter efforts and we are very appreciative of their support to help make make Jacksonville a no-kill community.  We hope to receive other grants in the future that will allow us to offer additional programs and services for our community.

There is a cat in my neighborhood that I put food and water out for but don't let it inside my house.  May I bring it in for spay/neuter under this program?   Yes you may!  As long as you provide care for it (food, water, shelter etc.) than this is a perfect animal to benefit from this program. 


How many animals can I bring in?  There is no limit on the number of animals as long as the owner resides in zip code 32216 and provides proof of residence (drivers license or utility bill).

Are rescue groups able to make use of this program?  No this program is offered to assist individuals whose pets need to be altered. 

I have some friends and neighbors that should be interested in this program.  Is there a flyer I could print to give to them?   We have created a flyer with the details and contact information.  Click Here to print the flyer.  And thank you for helping us spread the word!