Dog Obedience Instructor

Stacy Lege’-Strickland

Dog Obedience Instructor


Stacy joined the Jacksonville Humane Society in June 2008 as a volunteer instructor. Her intense drive to make the training experience not only a positive experience for both owner and dog has led her to consulting as the Dog Obedience Instructor for the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Stacy is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and is committed to Positive Reinforcement Training and the philosophy of stress free, fear free, training without dominance. Stacy’s motto in her class is “You can always fade the lure (treats) you can fade the Clicker, but do not ever fade the Praise!”

Stacy is from Bulldog Country, Athens, Georgia. Her entire life she has been involved with Rescue Groups and Humane Facilities and has worn many hats in their volunteer programs. In 1991 she moved to Jacksonville and after 18 years of Retail Sales and Management she decided to take her people skills and deep passion for animals into the Dog Obedience Instruction profession.

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