Three Cheers for Volunteers!

The Jacksonville Humane Society is an amazing place, thanks to a group of amazing people called volunteers! Did you know that JHS has 200 active volunteers who selflessly give their … Continue

Great Expectations

Everyday Heroes – A Devoted Mom Ding! went the bell on our front desk in the administration building. “Hello?” called a voice. “Is anyone here?” I rounded the corner and … Continue

Waiting for the Right Family

Long-timer. It’s a word you frequently hear shelter staff use when referring to a dog or cat who has been waiting in adoptions for a long time. “She’s a long-timer,” … Continue

Keeping Our Pets Safe

In honor of National Pet Poision Awareness Week, the Jacksonville Humane Society has assembled a list of five ways to keep your pets safe from potential harm. 1.National Pet Poison Prevention … Continue

Giving Hope, Finding Homes

When a brown, scruffy mutt named Kato first arrived at the Jacksonville Humane Society, the staff all thought the same thing: “He’ll be out of here in no time.” With … Continue

Five Ways to Master Mutt March

So, you’re signed up for the Jacksonville Humane Society’s annual Mutt March. (Clearly, this means you are awesome.) But … not much has happened since you registered. You’ve shared it … Continue

Single & Looking?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day – adopt the furry love of your life. Make sure you check the Folio Weekly each week for eligible bachelors and bachelorettes of the pet variety! … Continue

The Right Home at the Right Time

You may remember Sallie. This sweet pup was transferred to us from our partners at Animal Care and Protective Services. When she was found as a stray, she was skinny, … Continue

Welcome to Our Blog

Generosity breeds joy. It’s not just our motto – it’s our way of life! At the Jacksonville Humane Society, our mission is to provide care, comfort and compassion to animals … Continue