Pet Disaster Preparedness


In case of an emergency, being prepared is always the safest bet! Here’s a check list of items that you can include in your disaster kit for your pets:

  1. Food & water for at least 5 days, per pet
  2. Medications & medical info in a waterproof container – if you are planning to board your pets or go to a pet-friendly shelter, bring up-to-date vaccination records.
  3. Sturdy leashes, collars with identification, carriers to transport your pets
  4. Cat litter, litter box, scoop and garbage bags – don’t forget poop bags for dogs!
  5. Current photos of your pets with descriptions
  6. Written information for your pets that includes medication and behavior info, in case you have to leave your pets in boarding or foster care

Other useful items include:

  • Bedding, blankets, towels
  • Grooming tools
  • Newspaper
  • Food bowls
  • Toys and treats

Click here for a printable version of this checklist.

If you are a Duval County resident and need to evacuate, please click here to find your government-operated pet-friendly shelter. Pet-friendly shelters include Mandarin Middle, Landmark Middle, Legends Community Center, Atlantic Coast High School and Chimney Lakes Elementary School.  Please bring proof of vaccinations and supplies (crate, bedding, food, water, bowls, leashes, litterboxes, litter, and any prescribed pet medication) with you to the shelter if at all possible. *

In Duval County, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (buses, skyway, trolley) will allow certain animals on their vehicles during state of emergency situations. Click here for more information.  *

Jacksonville has a city guide and an app to help you during a hurricane. Download it now and be ready. 

Click here to find or provide foster help before or after a storm.

Below is a list of websites to help you find pet-friendly motels:

Do you care for feral or community cats? Click here for a guide on how to best prepare.

Click here to read more about preparing for disaster with your pet from the ASPCA. Thank you for keeping your pets safe during storms!

*  This information is subject to change – always verify with the City of Jacksonville website.