JHS Wish List

If you’d like to help the dogs and cats at the Jacksonville Humane Society, please consider donating any of the items on our Wish List below. For questions or to learn how you can start your own wish list drive for the pets, please call 904-725-8766, ext. 4566.


Hosting a Donation Drive? | Our Wish List | Delivery Instructions | Motor Vehicles


Looking for an easy way to donate?

Ship right our front door using our Amazon wish list! Click here to start.

We want to thank you when you send donations from our Amazon Wish List, so be sure to check “this is a gift” before you place the order so Amazon sends your info along with the donations. Otherwise, we will receive your donation but not your information.

Don’t forget to use smile.amazon.com and select the Jacksonville Humane Society as your charity! That way, anytime you shop on Amazon.com, a percent of your sale, regardless of what you buy, will be donated to JHS from Amazon. It’s never been easier to give!

Do you need promotional products for your business? When you purchase from Promo180 using this link – promo180.com/jaxhumanesociety – a portion of your total will come directly to JHS!


Hosting a Donation Drive?

Click to download and customize your own flyer for group donation drives.

Click to download and customize your own flyer for children’s groups/school donation drives.

Instructions for Donation Drop-Off – Click Here

Go one step further and join our Pantry Pal program!

JHS Wish List

  • We are always in need of cat food – dry and wet – for our pet food bank.
  • Stretch & Scratch scratchers for the cats (you can order these online and have them shipped directly to JHS)
  • Pup-Peroni or other moist dog treats
  • Kong toys for dogs and cats
  • Puppy Milk Replacement (Esbilac) in powder form
  • Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR) in powder form
  • Breeder’s Edge brand Foster Care Feline Milk Replacer in powder form
  • Bully sticks
  • Kitten bottles (pet nursing bottles) – new in packaging only, please
  • Cat toys – plastic balls, wand toys, wobbler toys
  • New, adult-size tube socks or crew socks
  • Uncooked, non-instant rice (to make pet heating pads)
  • Towels and blankets without any stuffing
  • Laundry detergent (HE liquid or powder)
  • Ziploc bags – sandwich and gallon size
  • Amazon.com gift cards
  • PetSmart or Petco gift cards
  • Black Wing Farms Brave Balm – click to buy
  • Black Wing Farms Shelter Blend Spray – click to buy
  • Black Wing Farms First Five Calming Spray – click to buy
  • Dry dog food (prefer 8-13 lb bags)
  • Dry cat food (prefer 8-13 lb bags)
  • Cat litter (any kind)
  • New or gently used cloth leashes – no retractable leashes
  • New or gently used cloth collars – no harnesses, pinch/prong collars, etc.
  • Copy paper (8.5 x 11)
  • Sharpies
  • Pens (the kinds without caps are best)
  • Glue sticks
  • Washable markers
  • Q-Tips
  • Cotton balls

Yes, we do accept opened bags of dog and cat food. 

Underage Kittens

Underage kittens have special needs! Visit our Kitten Wish List on Amazon to donate items for the more than 4,000 kittens we take in each year.

Instructions for Donation Delivery

Donations can be dropped off at our facility 7 days a week, during regular shelter hours. We are located at 8464 Beach Blvd. At this time, we cannot pick up donations, but we can help you unload!

Donations of Motor Vehicles

Do you have an Auto, Boat, Truck or RV that’s no longer needed? Donate it to the Jacksonville Humane Society and receive the maximum legal tax deductions and possibly a partial cash payment. 

Cars Helping Charities
For more information about car, boat, RV and other property donations or to receive a “no obligation” evaluation of your potential vehicle or other property donation click here or please call toll free: (866) 2-GIVING or (866) 244-8464.

Vehicles for Charity
Learn more or call (866) 628-CARS or (866) 628-2277.

What Happened to the Thrift Store?

For many years, JHS operated a thrift store on the corner of Foster Dr. and Beach Blvd. The thrift store closed in March of 2015 and the building was demolished in October 2015. There are no plans to rebuild the thrift store at this time.