Pawsitive Reading

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Pawsitive Reading – a program in which children visit the shelter to read to the animals – is designed to provide enrichment for kids, dogs, and cats.

How to participate:

In order to become part of the Pawsitive Reading program, children AND parents/guardians must first attend a one-time info session. We offer several info session dates each month. Upcoming info session dates and sign-up links are below. We ask that you register in advance due to space limitations.

Due to COVID-19 Pawsitive Reading is currently operating by appointment only. If you are a current Pawsitive Reader, you can sign up to read online. If you did not receive the password via email, please email us at

We are NOT taking on new Pawsitive Readers at this time. To be notified as soon as new info sessions are scheduled, please complete this form.

Info sessions will take place in either the JHS Multipurpose or Conference Room (both are located upstairs, above the Adoption Center). Our address is 8464 Beach Blvd. Please arrive on time. The info session will be around 40-45 minutes in length.

After attending an info session, children may participate in Pawsitive Reading anytime our Adoption Center is open (12pm-7pm on weekdays, 10am-5pm on weekends). Participants must sign in and out at the front desk when visiting JHS to read.

To ensure that our animals benefit from the program, we ask that readers spend at least 30 minutes reading – there is no maximum time limit.

Children may read to either dogs or cats and may bring their reading materials or borrow books from our Pawsitive Reading library.

Participants will receive a free book courtesy of The Jim Moran Foundation while supplies are available.

Who can participate:

Children of all ages can participate in Pawsitive Reading. Parents/guardians MUST attend and stay with their child throughout the reading session.

How the Pawsitive Reading Program helps the animals:

This kind of interaction with the animals is the highlight of the animals’ day. It makes their confidence levels sky rocket and helps them be more comfortable around people. This will eventually help them in their new homes or around potential adopters! These kinds of interactions also lower the stress levels of the animals, which helps them feel more comfortable in the shelter.

How the Pawsitive Reading Program helps youth readers:

This program also benefits the children involved, as it allows them to practice their reading while in a safe and fun environment. This helps to make the children feel like their homework isn’t really homework! It gives them more practice, so that they can gain confidence in their ability to read aloud. The readers also will benefit from the incredible feeling of helping and spending time with an animal in need.

If you have any questions, please contact our Humane Education department at 904-493-4573 or email us at