Foster Parenting


Volunteer foster families help care for the animals admitted to our facility by providing temporary, in-home care to JHS animals. Fostering is a very rewarding opportunity because you get to prepare an animal for adoption into a permanent home. Plus, for every new foster family that joins our program, we add space to take in one additional animal. To become a foster family, please fill out our Foster Parent Profile.


Once your profile is complete, you will be emailed information on how to proceed with fostering for JHS.

If you have any questions, contact our foster office at

Are you fostering for JHS and have questions about caring for your foster pet? Please click here.

Donations Needed:

Please visit our Baby Registry on Amazon to donate items for the kittens in our neonatal nursery program.



Can I be a foster parent?

Yes! Any adult with spare time and space can foster animals for JHS.

What types of animals need foster care?

We are always seeking foster homes for:

  • Underage kittens and puppies
  • Nursing cats and dogs
  • Ill or injured animals that may need regular medication or medical attention
  • Long-timer dogs and cats benefit from Promote a Pet Adoption Ambassadors. Check out our Promote a Pet manuals to learn more: 
    Promote a Pet Dog Manual
    Promote a Pet Cat Manual

What pet care supplies will I need?

JHS provides all items needed to care for your foster pet including food, litter, etc., as well as any prescribed medication and all follow-up care.

What is my responsibility?

We request that you follow all guidelines on feeding and medicating your foster pet as given to you by JHS staff. Alert us about any medical or behavioral changes in your foster pet, and keep your scheduled appointments.

How long can I foster an animal?

The length of foster care varies with the needs of the animal and your availability. Depending on those factors, we will determine which type of foster animal will work best for you. We will make every effort to ensure your foster pet’s checkups fit your schedule.

I want to help but I don’t know how to bottle feed. Do you provide training?

We do offer classes and our staff is here to guide you. You can always start with puppies or kittens who are eating on their own and work your way up to bottle feeding. There are also excellent resources online. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

What if I fall in love with my foster pet? Can I keep it?

We would love for your foster pet to find its forever home with a family it already knows … yours. Remember that some pets may already have a home lined up before you take them to foster care. Foster parents who adopt need to complete all adoption paperwork and fees may be included.


How do I get started?

Fill out a Foster Parent Profile online by clicking here. Once complete, we will email you the next steps to take.

If you have any questions, contact our foster office at

More Info:

Existing foster parents looking for contact and emergency information, click here.

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Thanks for your interest in the JHS foster program!