You know what they say…a Lannister always spays their pets.

We have extended our cat spay/neuter special and are currently offering $40 cat neuter surgeries and $50 cat spay surgeries at our hospital. This special is only available for a limited time, so make an appointment for your cat today by calling 904-493-4611 (or send a raven if that’s more your style).

We will re-open Thursday, 9/14/17, for normal business hours. JHS appreciates your patience as we have been in disaster response mode after Hurricane Irma. All Storm Trooper fosters are welcome back!

Adoptions will be open from 8-12 on Friday, 9/15/17.

Weekend hours are to be determined and subject to change. We appreciate your patience!

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Earlier this year, we pitched a new idea to the first-ever Innovation Showdown by Petco Foundation and Jackson Galaxy Foundation, and our idea was selected a runner-up!

The competition called for animal welfare organizations to submit innovative, lifesaving ideas for the chance to win investment funds to make the idea a reality. Our Kitten Private Investigation Unit was selected to receive a $5,000 investment!

Watch our submission video to learn more about how focusing on kittens will save animal lives in Jacksonville!


We need $20,000 to get this idea off the ground and we’re already $5,000 closer to our goal. 
Now it’s your turn to invest! If you like our idea as much as the Petco Foundation and the Jackson Galaxy Foundation did, join us by making a donation to help bring this idea to life.

Make your donation today and join the Petco Foundation and Jackson Galaxy Foundation to help us save animal lives!

Become an investor in saving lives, Donate Today!

The Jacksonville Humane Society is pleased to announce that Points of Light has certified us as a Service Enterprise! A Service Enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills throughout their organization to successfully deliver on its social mission. JHS is one of only three organizations in Florida to earn this distinction.


Research conducted by the TCC Group, a national program and evaluation firm, found that organizations operating as Service Enterprises outperform peer organizations on all aspects of organizational effectiveness, and are more adaptable, sustainable and capable of scaling their work.


JHS completed an extensive assessment, over 20 hours of training and consulting and extensive internal planning and change to better integrate volunteers in our day-to-day operations. By achieving this level of excellence and certification, the Jacksonville Humane Society is now better equipped to leverage the time and talent of volunteers and better meet our mission.


Here are just a few examples of the changes made at JHS with the support of our Service Enterprise training:



For more information regarding volunteer opportunities with our organization, please visit click here.


For further information regarding the Service Enterprise Initiative, please visit:



Thank you, Best Friends Animal Society, for your support in helping the Jacksonville Humane Society become a Service Enterprise organization.



Jacksonville Humane Society Saves Kitten Found
on Top of Dames Point Bridge with Help from Construction Crew

Jacksonville, FL – (May 23, 2017) A five-week-old kitten is now safe in the care of the Jacksonville Humane Society after construction workers at the top of the Dames Point Bridge rescued him.

At approximately 8 a.m. on Sunday, May 21st, Good Samaritans Arthur Eatley and Jose Rosario were working on a construction project at the top of the Dames Point Bridge when Jose heard a kitten cry. They stopped work to locate the sound and found a tiny white and brown kitten huddled behind a large piece of concrete. The two men were able to grab the kitten and pull him to safety. They gave him water and the snacks they had with them – including string cheese, a piece of apple and a granola bar. They then brought the little kitten to the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Dames Point the kitten after he was rescued by a construction crew on the Dames Point Bridge.

Upon arrival, the kitten received a thorough examination, vaccines, flea treatment and a microchip. JHS staff named him Dames Point in honor of his journey. Our veterinarian determined that the kitten needed to gain weight but was otherwise healthy. He is now in a foster home where he will spend the next 3-4 weeks gaining weight before he can return to JHS for neuter surgery and adoption.

Dames Point the kitten with his foster mom, Meghan.

“This is just one example of the many acts of compassion that happen in Jacksonville every day,” said JHS Executive Director Denise Deisler. “Dames Point’s rescuers already have a dangerous job and knowing that they took a risk to save this kitten is generosity at its best.”

For more information about Dames Point and the many kittens in need at the Jacksonville Humane Society, please visit Anyone wishing to send a donation can do so by calling 904-725-8766 or Donors can also donate and ship gifts for the kittens right to our shelter by using this link: .

Dames Point getting ready for his close-up!

Click here to read more!


Special thanks to Kaitlyn Chana from Action News.

Malik Jackson of the Jacksonville Jaguars recently sponsored 181 dog and cat adoptions at our Spring Adopt-A-Thon here in Jacksonville! Read more …

With kitten season nipping at our paws, JHS is in preparation mode and we need your help! We’re assembling kitten packs that are designed to fulfill every need of a kitten who comes to our shelter without Mama. These include items like milk replacement, bottles and rice socks to keep the babies warm.


We have an Amazon wishlist that has every item we need, including which items are most needed and why. With your kind donation we can get through kitten season together!

If you’re interested in being a potential kitten foster or if a kitten falls into your hands, JHS has a few great tips:

You can also visit our foster webpage for more information on becoming a foster parent.

Last year, more than 11,000 kittens under the age of 5 months arrived at Jacksonville shelters. We can’t save them without your help. Thank you!



Join us for Petco’s National Adoption “Love Changes Everything” Event on Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. All adoptions are FREE, additional fees may apply.


Visit for more information!

Thank you to each and every donor who gave to our Build With Love campaign. Your generosity raised more than $194,000 in just one week for our new building. You are proof that this puppy will be built with love!

You can still donate to the building campaign by calling Development Director Amy Pierce at 904-493-4606 or email

Donations are still needed for this project AND our daily operations at the shelter.


For information about the new building, opening in summer 2017, click here.

#BuildWithLove #LetsBuildThisPuppy

The Jacksonville Humane Society believes that each dog is an individual and should be treated that way, so we’ve decided to stop identifying them by breeds as of January 1, 2017. Much like people, dogs have unique personalities and lovable quirks. The truth is that when a dog comes in, our staff typically just make their best guess about breed based on the physical characteristics they see. This is a pretty inexact science when you consider that a dog has approximately 20,000 genes and less than 1% of those determine what they look like. Appearance is only one tiny piece of the genetic puzzle. The majority of dogs that enter our shelter are mixed breed and to arbitrarily label them based on looks seems unfair to dogs and adopters. Looks don’t equal behavior. Besides, it doesn’t really matter once you lock eyes and fall in love with your new best friend. Love is love. We invite you to meet any of our dogs to learn about their individual personalities so you can find the perfect dog for you.

Click here to find out more information.


Click to watch the video.