Give $10 to JHS for FREE!

Here’s an EASY and FREE way for you to donate $10 to the Jacksonville Humane. All you need to do is click on this link and complete the online profile for Goodworld, Inc. This will make it faster for you to give to JHS using Facebook in the future, using #donate. You will be asked to give your credit card information to complete the profile, but you do not have to give anything for JHS to get a $10 donation from Goodworld, Inc!

Although an additional donation is welcome, it is not necessary for us to receive the $10 gift. And, as an added bonus, if JHS collects the most online profiles via our link, we will win an extra $1,000 for the animals.

Click here to give $10 – FREE!

Please note, you do need a Facebook or Twitter profile to complete the online profile.

Thank you!