Going Green with Your Pets

You’ve replaced all the lights in your house with energy star bulbs and are unplugging household appliances and electronics when they’re not in use, You are even bringing a reusable bag to the grocery store, and now you are wondering how you can help your pet go green, Here are a few ideas that might get you on the right track to helping your pet become more environmentally conscious.

Make your own dog and cat treats! If you love baking for yourself and your family then you will love to bake pet treats tool! You can get some great recipes online and use all organic ingredients if you choose. Just make certain to check with your veterinarian to make sure your pets don’t have any major dietary restrictions or allergies.

Keep your pets clean–it reduces pet food waste and makes them healthier.

Make sure your pets stay chemical free by using natural pet-care products when giving them baths and grooming them. You can also clean up your pets’ messes with cleaning products that are gentle on the planet and your family pets.

Ss Compost their poop, This Is the least favorite part of being a pet owner but if we don’t pick up our pets’ poop it either winds up In a landfill or sits on the ground until the next rainstorm washes it into the sewer where it can make its way into our rivers and beaches. Try composting the poop–just don’t use it with your vegetable garden, because the compost doesn’t heat up enough to kill pathogens such as E. coil which could contaminate your homegrown produce.

Grow your own organic catnip or cat grass. Scrap yarn and fabrics you might toss can also easily be transformed into pet toys. Plus, this can be a fun craft project for you and your family or friends.

Do you take your dogs to the dog park every weekend, the pet salon once a month and make special trips to the pet store just for them? Try consolidating your trips, Take your dogs to the dog park and then to the pet store. If you are thinking about trading your car in, you might want to ask your dog what he thinks by checking out www.petconnection.com for suggestions on cars that are good for people with pets.

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